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Adair - Vanity And Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Vanity And Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away)' by Adair. Blacked eyes and blood red skies, / It's colour that you lack. / Your malignant life, a.
adair - vanity and death (their faces crumbled away) lyrics
Adair - Vanity And Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away) Lyrics. Blacked eyes and blood red skies, It's colour that you lack. Your malignant life, a malignant knife, ...
Bodies littering the streets Hear the sadness filter through the trees Makes its way ... Dead to one and all ... 6, Vanity and Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away).
it's so strange to find home in the face of a stranger. For so long it felt ... and its driving Me After everything ... 6, Vanity and Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away).
In this cheap hotel room an empire crumbles ... Lock me up in Guantanamo Bay and throw away the key ... 6, Vanity and Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away).
And as this clock strikes twelve I'll finally walk away... Here's to you. 00:00 ... 5, The Last Night Of The Year. 6, Vanity and Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away).
12, Not A Single Word About This. 13, The Ghosts Of Who We Were. 14, The Last Night Of The Year. 15, Vanity and Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away) ...
Adair - Alone In The City Of Robots lyrics
There's nothing there. This is a box ... There you can add structure tags, correct typos or add missing words. ... Vanity And Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away).
OF GRAVES AND GODS LYRICS - "Slit Throat Andromeda" (2006 ...
A thousand years, a distal suffering (our noble scars) forever away (I will never have ... Buildings crumble into ash of art, there is nothing here for us. Pushing for a .... So dear, while I'm watching the faces of vanity with death of today. Nothing so ...
Adair The Destruction Of Everything Is The Beginning Of Something ...
... Mouths Join In The Cold lyrics · Vanity And Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away ) lyrics · The Ghosts Of Who We Were lyrics · The Beginning Of Something New ...
on this night this thing you call love dies your face disgusts me, smile and bear your lies this broken trust .... 1, Vanity and Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away).
I'd push you away but you are the only thing I know I can't help believing in you... the idea of beauty leaves ... 1, Vanity and Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away).
billions of bodies away from you. billions away from you. I lost my hand. ... 1, Vanity and Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away). 2, The Last Night Of The Year.
ALESANA LYRICS - "On Frail Wings Of Vanity And Wax" (2006) album engulfs the dying light as he falls on frail wings of vanity and wax. .... Why would you leave me to die, turn, and walk away? Alone, ... I never even got the chance to see her face...) .... Watch her crumble so true as mayhem cuts her down
DIMMU BORGIR LYRICS - "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia ...
Perfection Or Vanity 12. Devil's ... To those suffering from their own satisfaction ... The apparition of two faces in disgust ... To crumble into such nothingness ... Make sure to be pleased with the ways of your death ... Has now been drained away
Say you will be there. Always. Say you will ... A smile, a giant fist. The bloody face of bliss. ... 1, Vanity and Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away). 2, The Last Night ...
Jealousy rears its ugly head ... Goodbye, goodnight, for good...remember my face when you feel the pain .... 1, Vanity and Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away).
turn away. look inside and you will find there's nothing there. this is a box and it is ... 1, Vanity and Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away). 2, The Last Night Of The ...
DUST BOLT LYRICS - "Mass Confusion" (2016) album
A drift away from anything inside that once seemed real ... Look at me - see the eyes of a dead man's face. Marginal ... Allergy - there's no choice you see ... Vanities get shut, hear the starting shot .... But yet another day we are crumbling away
DECADENCE LYRICS - "3rd Stage Of Decay" (2006) album
The philosophy of life is flawed. Vanity of time; past, present, future ... Screaming in horror, mind in fear, take me away from the hell that's here ... Ordered when it's crumbling away ... I want to see your smashed face ... Death takes its toll on me
BREAKDOWN OF SANITY LYRICS - "Perception" (2013) album
Crumble 3. Hero 4. The Writer 5. Blind 6. Scissorhands 7. Perception 8. The Gift 9 . ... But in reality you can't run away. In the end the ... Almost dead inside. Look at the ... Their empty faces with these glossy eyes. Trying to .... Envy and vanity
AVANTASIA LYRICS - "Angel Of Babylon" (2010) album
Death Is Just A Feeling 5. ... Crumbling worlds behind. Reason is what ... Oh yeah take me away. Far away [Scarecrow] Don't you turn your face to the night sky. Said the ... And the flame's burning their lucidity. Babylon ..... Vanity machinery
HATEBREED LYRICS - "Perseverance" (2002) album
And how it takes everything that you have to face the day. The virtues you possess .... Has died and rotted away. I've lived with this ... are choking you. Wrapped in vanity, you're dying ... But I never crumbled in the face of adversity. And I always ...
METALLICA LYRICS - "...And Justice For All" (1988) album
And Justice For All" (1988) album, including "Dyers Eve", "To Live Is To Die", "The Frayed Ends Of Sanity"... ... Take her breath away ... The ultimate in vanity
KREATOR LYRICS - "Past Life Trauma" (2000) album
Now I see your true face. Behind your ... Now rain shall wash away sad remains of man. Cities once so proud will crumble into sand .... Your vanity is all you ever show .... Total death - death in its perfect form, when even the soul has died.]
PANDEMONIUM LYRICS - "Whispers" (2008) album
Cast the spell of tyranny and fade away the day. Oh I wish that ... Time to face the secrets of Eden that never were told. I defy the eyes of darkness around. Far away in a distant future. She will show her passion for the six-six-six ... The woods will crumble and ... The screams of vanity ... The horrors of death appear in my eyes
CRYSTALIC LYRICS - "Persistence" (2010) album
A single wave of simple reason can wash it all away ... How much I'll enjoy to watch it all crumble down. A serpent-race swallowing their tails. The fangs piercing their own flesh. A symbol for the ... Instant access, into vanity ... Dead end this madness you behold ... Until only power exists, showing the ugly face of this world
LIZZY BORDEN LYRICS - "Appointment With Death" (2007) album
LIZZY BORDEN lyrics - "Appointment With Death" (2007) album, including ... Battling demons can't face them alone ... Beware away into the night ... Crumbling walls in there you won't survive. ... Drowning in your vanity you're disintegrating.
VISION OF DISORDER LYRICS - "Vision Of Disorder" (1996) album
You keep away from their ingenuity ... Here's a taste of death here's your taste of death. And I wish that I could ... did die. I've seen their faces as they took them to their helm ... Level, Crumble Level by .... Pulling at the walls of that vanity. Melting  ...
WORDS OF FAREWELL LYRICS - "The Black Wild Yonder" (2014 ...
In time these majestic doorways will crumble. Insidious ... Desperate not to be forgotten, a token of their vanity ... Sometimes I feel like the end of the road is just one step away ... With tired eyes I see your smiling face ... Hauling the nets of death
THEOCRACY LYRICS - "Mirror Of Souls" (2008) album
Babel, are you really all that far away? Sometimes I ... When the vanity fades. The illusion gives ... We watch our towers crumble ... The tears stream down her face onto the cold hospital bed ... You hold the keys to all life and death and all time
SYLOSIS LYRICS - "Conclusion Of An Age" (2008) album
The truth became so clear to you, and so your faith has died. Now see what waits for you ... There is no light to see beyond the blackest skyline. First the sound ... As we face the end of days... as the lifeline drifts away. We're left to face ... We see the nations crumbling to ash .... Was it ever more than anything but vanity within
BLEED FROM WITHIN LYRICS - "Empire" (2010) album
6. Dishonour 7. Vanity 8. The Healing 9. Empress 10. Welcome To My World 11. Legion ... There's more to this story than meets the eye. The signs are all ... Our fellow man will be the death of us. There isn't a ... as your words crumble in my ear. This makes ... You're throwing everything away ... Never to see their face again
GRAILKNIGHTS LYRICS - "Across The Galaxy" (2004) album
Dice With Death 7. ... And now as your face is wrinkled with age ... Vanity Won't bring us down. Like streams flow. And trickle away. Like every single breath
FOREVER STORM LYRICS - "Tragedy" (2013) album
FOREVER STORM lyrics - "Tragedy" (2013) album, including "The Leaving", " Death Comes Alive", "Flames Of Reason"... ... Their burning minds of dust. We are dust ... So we'll face the end of our road ... This is the time to spread your wings and fly away ... To this demon called vanity ... Crumbling down, destruction bound
CREATIONS LYRICS - "Unworthy / Humility" (2013) album
I am the one clinging to dead weight / Up until this point on time / In the back of my ... For there is no one good / We all hide evil in our hearts / I've lost touch as I ...
SUICIDE LYRICS - "Deaf Mute" (2016) album
don't let her die so fast born into a ... watch your loved ones fade away ... all the ruins crumbled by hate ... mask it's face ... minds are slaved by book of vanity.
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE LYRICS - "Reincarnate" (2014) album
Death march, let everyone know. This is the ... That is bringing the rage straight to your face. So send in ... There's just hate in the hole where my heart used to be. I want you ... Well if I take the pain away, you'll come back for more some day .... Bathing in your vanity ... The wall that I have to keep you out has crumbled to dust ,
KREATOR LYRICS - "Coma Of Souls" (1990) album
Faces the end of time. As we plunge ... Now rain shall wash away sad remains of man. Cities once so proud will crumble into sand. Buildings ... Your vanity is all you ever show .... Worlds have risen, lived and died under its obscene command
DARK FORTRESS LYRICS - "Ylem" (2010) album
Time has crumbled. The seams ... Of how the death never rose from their graves. When, like ... Where the half-eaten faces of coranthon grin. And the ... Still quetching away, splitting heads with their drone ... Even crap will succumb to vanity its ...

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