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Vendetta Red - Shatterday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shatterday' by Vendetta Red. Our days are numbered 666 / And I'll begin the countdown by calling off the circus / Somewhere in these cryptic.
Vendetta Red - Opiate Summer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Opiate Summer' by Vendetta Red. Never mind me I am just a moron in disguise / Posing as the poet with these incandescent eyes / Illuminate your.
Vendetta Red - Silhouette Serenade Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silhouette Serenade' by Vendetta Red. The last thing I wanna do right now is read your stupid poetry / Why can't you just tell me what you really.
Vendetta Red - Gloria Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gloria' by Vendetta Red. Took half your face and both your eyes. / It left you nothing but paralyzed. / And mushroom clouds, they left behind / Our.
Vendetta Red Cried Rape On Their Date With Destiny Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Vendetta Red Cried Rape On Their Date With Destiny' by Vendetta Red. Alright! / When you're broken from the breakup, / and those cold tears smear.
Vendetta Red - Accident Sex Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Accident Sex' by Vendetta Red. I was fast asleep dreaming I was rain / I fell from the clouds to touch your frame / But you just hid your face.
Vendetta Red - Coital Improv Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Coital Improv' by Vendetta Red. hey miscarriage i was hoping you'd catch my white knuckled wave / but the umbilical bars of your seraphant cell.
Vendetta Red - Shiver Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shiver' by Vendetta Red. Fear in a frame? or the picture of a girl? / With a gorgonesque stare her scale covered hair / Has got a snake in every.
Vendetta Red - Ambulance Chaser Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ambulance Chaser' by Vendetta Red. In fiscal flight from the ravenous cavemous orifice asphyxiated form / Washed in wolves blood sterile and.
Vendetta Red - There Only Is Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There Only Is' by Vendetta Red. Reminiscent screams like womb dreams / From ridding yourself of your own existence / The pendulum sways like an ...
Vendetta Red - Run Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Run' by Vendetta Red. Shoot to kill, / she wrapped her legs around my face stripped down she she went down and that's all. / And where is art? / It's.
Vendetta Red - Por Vida Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Por Vida' by Vendetta Red. So I spilled out my guts to look past my regrets / And I sang to the heavens as I bled from my neck / I said thanks for.
Vendetta Red - Stay Home Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stay Home' by Vendetta Red. A song to soothe you son of mine / Your broken bones heal in due time / Another day in silence suffer such a bitter pill.
Vendetta Red - Depressionesque Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Depressionesque' by Vendetta Red. Imprisoned in perfume / I smell her in my blanket when I'm sleeping / Strange how they hurt you / stinging ...
Vendetta Red - Seconds Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Seconds Away' by Vendetta Red. Lead in your chest halo in water watch me drill holes in my head / Misunderstood? Meet me in moonlight with your .
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Vendetta Red - The Body And The Blood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Body And The Blood' by Vendetta Red. sister insomnia my eyes weep worms for you / angel anathema i'll drink your blood / the blood you shed ...
Vendetta Red - A Dark Heart Silhouette Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Dark Heart Silhouette' by Vendetta Red. I've got a secret. A terrible secret. / And if I told you would you promise to keep it secret? / I just put.
Vendetta Red - P.S. Love The Black Lyrics
Lyrics to 'P.S. Love the Black' by Vendetta Red. Make a wish upon your middle finger / wasting your affections on another dark haired girl / with skin so pale /
Vendetta Red - Lipstick Tourniquets Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lipstick Tourniquets' by Vendetta Red. Something soulless told you it hates you / They wear the sheepskins, but you are the monster / Breathing men.
Vendetta Red - The Bruise Vaccine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Bruise Vaccine' by Vendetta Red. Let's pretend we're in the movies and kiss me with the tongue / And I'll become carcinogen and blacken up your.
Vendetta Red - Great Castration Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Great Castration' by Vendetta Red. He drew a question from a curtain of flies, / 'Are there colors in the dreams of the blind?' / He knew the answer.
Vendetta Red - Caught You Like A Cold Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Caught You Like A Cold' by Vendetta Red. Hey I am sure to fall this time around / and I could look you in the eye but you never show your face /
Vendetta Red - The White Nightmare Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The White Nightmare' by Vendetta Red. allergenic to your atmosphere / a tidal wave of frozen fear / careening down to blanket all / serenade / our.
Vendetta Red - Banshee Ballet Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Banshee Ballet' by Vendetta Red. Shame rests in the hollow circles under all of our eyes. / You stole the living air from me and payback is a bitter.
Vendetta Red - A Joyless Euphoria Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Joyless Euphoria' by Vendetta Red. A scream engaged to peel your eyelids back. / Her skin like silk, my lips like knives. / A marriage of art and.
Vendetta Red - Three Chord Valentine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Three Chord Valentine' by Vendetta Red. She said she liked the way I kissed / So cutting edge I slit my wrists / I need to vomit disappear / and kill.
Vendetta Red - Close to Me Lyrics. The mirror cuts a ghastly shape all hollow eyes sunk in a mask of pallid flesh peering back at me the hours vanish empty ...
Vendetta Red - Maud 'Dib Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Maud 'Dib' by Vendetta Red. If this is your jihad then I am maud 'dib / If caution cuts your cord I'll sever everything / Cause I can't stand hanging.
Vendetta Red - Something Visceral Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Something Visceral' by Vendetta Red. They were carving caskets out of baby cribs today / When they sized me up I failed to make the grade / When ...
Vendetta Red - Mended Every Feather Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mended Every Feather' by Vendetta Red. If I made a suit / From human flesh / To hide all my little flaws / Then could you / Stand on the side of me /
Vendetta Red - Shoot Up With God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shoot Up With God' by Vendetta Red. I'm poking jigsaw vein with a rusty syringe. / Like a pinch on the arm, baby, keep it surreal. / Stand beneath.
Vendetta Red - Always Lyrics. light in your eyes i lie awake yet i dream captive no will of my own lost in time aeons fade and i will be here by your side phantoms ...
Vendetta Red - In Lieu Of Dead Brides... Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In Lieu Of Dead Brides...' by Vendetta Red. Fucked on the gurney 'til you 're black and blue, / by beheaded banshees who cackle and coo. / Who'd let a.
A Joyless Euphoria Lyrics - Vendetta Red
Full and accurate LYRICS for "A Joyless Euphoria" from "Vendetta Red": A scream engaged to peel your eyelids back, Her skin like silk my lips like knives, A ...
Vendetta Red - Sparks Lyrics. love to you this gift i bring on our light year anniversary a universe collapsing in upon itself at the speed of a billion dying galaxies.
Vendetta Red - The Long Goodbye Lyrics. Winters like a plague I fill the emptiness inside with broken glass Johnny's got his gun And mamma's still cleaning up ...
Vendetta Red - Cardboard MS Fire Lyrics. Screaming kamasutra at the brothel We walk alone because we walk the line Never should repeat a rattled message  ...
Vendetta Red - Fuck Me On Star Tours Lyrics. teach me cruelty's meaning show me the depths of your depravity why did you leave him in the trunk so long? you ...
Vendetta Red - Something Visceral Lyrics. They were carving caskets out of baby cribs today When they sized me up I failed to make the grade When they stole ...

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