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Liam Payne Lyrics - Familiar
Lyrics to "Familiar" song by Liam Payne: J Balvin, man Liam Payne My G It's simple, you dip low Your hips roll, you do the Calypso An intro...
KES the Band - Waistline Roll Lyrics
Lyrics for Waistline Roll by KES the Band. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points
Anisha Nicole - Wind Your Waist Lyrics
Rap. Hook Up down side to side wind your waist girls Step up dip it low let your hands roll Rock your waist like your going off girl Take it right back to the top
Sean Paul Lyrics - Rolling
Lyrics to "Rolling" song by Sean Paul: ... When me roll a me waistline roll-a A nuh di benz or Toyota Corolla Cock me up and roll me like stroller
Meghan Trainor Lyrics - Roll
Lyrics to "Roll" song by Meghan Trainor: When you hear my bom bom Boy whine up in it And maybe you'll be my baby Come bellow, I hit down in i...
Iyanya - Ur Waist Lyrics
Ladies Its Iyanya Ur waist ur waist all I want is ur ... it up Eh Makosa don stop till u get it up Roll ur waist like a janglova Tiwa Savage roll am ooo ...
Liam Payne - Familiar Lyrics
Familiar Lyrics Liam Payne . ... Your hips roll, you do the Calypso An intro is all that I need, oh, ... Your waistline, the bassline (bass)
Aidonia Lyrics - Out A Control
Lyrics to "Out A Control" song by Aidonia: Gyal meck yo waistline roll, out a control Gyal meck yo waistline roll, out a control Bend over, be...
Adekunle Gold - Sweet Me Lyrics
(1) I dey one party, I see one lady She dey dance like say tomorrow no dey She dey whine her waist, asam wan lady She dey shake am o, roll am o This girl fine, she too fine o Her body na fire, she too hot ooo She dey whine her waist, roll her waist She dey shake am o, roll am ooo She dey sweety me for belle o (oh for my belle o) She dey sweety ...
Vybz Kartel - Magic School Bus Lyrics
Lyrics for Magic School Bus by Vybz ... magic school bus Magic, magic school bus Mek your waistline roll nuh Bet yuh seh yuh get some good love And your friends ...
KES the Band - Endless Summer Lyrics
Lyrics for Endless Summer by KES the Band. ... back it up and make yuh waistline roll She wuk it and drop it and kotch gyal start Tuh show yeeah So leh meh hear yuh ...
Machel Montano - Remedy Lyrics
Lyrics for Remedy by ... just like a surgeon when you operate that waist Well I doh ... Baby please hol up lemme feel yuh bumper dey If police roll up like ...
Futuristic Lyrics - Roll Up
Lyrics to "Roll Up" song by Futuristic: You know how I get when I'm inside my crib alone Drink this, smoke this, out out all alone So baby y...
BlocBoy JB Lyrics - Shoot
Lyrics to "Shoot" song by BlocBoy JB: Bet twenty more, I hit the first roll Freaky bitch on go, ... Paralyzed waist down, now he can't feel himself
KES - Hello Lyrics
Lyrics for Hello by ... wuh yuh do I must get through Gyul roll up yuh waist an show me that wine Turn around girl doh be shy Hello Hello Hello Hello Yeah So ...
Kes - Hello Lyrics. ... Gyul roll up yuh waist an show me that wine Turn around girl doh be shy Hello Hello Hello Hello Yeah So gyul ah love how de way you blow my mind
Sean Tizzle feat. Iceberg Slim - Roll up Lyrics
Lyrics for Roll up by Sean Tizzle feat. Iceberg Slim. ... up lemme see your backlight see girl that your waist in your backside and i wanna rock a boat in your ...
Meghan Trainor - Roll Lyrics
I want your hands on my waist Don't know my name But baby, don't be afraid I want your roll, I want your roll Hands on my waist And burn like a flame
Winners on your waist, I knew I had to see ... Make the whip go sideways, we on a roll Every day we young and wilding On the journey of a lifetime, try something new
Del Amitri - Roll To Me lyrics
Roll To Me lyrics by Del Amitri: Look around your world pretty baby / Is it everything you hoped it'd be / The wrong guy, the wrong
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Breathless
Lyrics to "Breathless" song by Vybz Kartel: Baby (gyal you sexy) You take (gyal you sexy) ... Mek you waist line roll Do the belly-dance and whine pon di pole
StooShe - My Man Music Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Man Music' by StooShe. Step left, ... And every hits is ooooooooo what is that funk or blues or rock and roll ... make you whine up your waist
Jessie J - Masterpiece Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Masterpiece' by Jessie J. So much pressure, why so loud? / If you don't like my sound you can turn it down, I got a road / And I walk it alone /
KES the Band - Wotless Lyrics
Waistline Roll. 04. We Coming Down. 05. Addicted. 06. Cock It Back. See more. Exclusive offer. ... Musixmatch for Spotify and iTunes is now available for your ...
The Weeknd Lyrics - Live For
Hips all on 45, waist all on 24 ... Roll up in that thing, got hoes like Prince But they know I'm king ... This the shit that I live for
Vishal Dadlani & Ajay-Atul - Brothers Anthem (From ...
It's your turn, tighten your waist(ie.roll up your sleeves) Tere bas mein hain, saare masle. All situations are in your control. Tere toote huye, dil ki zameenon pe.
Kenny Chesney - Young Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Young' by Kenny Chesney. ... in our rock n roll teeshirts and our typically bad attitudes had no excuses for the things that we'd done
Beenie Man Lyrics - One And Only
Lyrics to "One And Only" song by Beenie Man: ... Mi love when yo wine and yo waistline roll A you have yo boyfriend under control Go paw yo head top like a tv pole
Sir Mix-A-Lot Lyrics - Baby Got Back
Lyrics to "Baby Got Back" song by Sir Mix-A-Lot ... That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist And a round thing in ... If you wanna roll in my Mercedes ...
Vybz Kartel - Magic School Bus Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Magic School Bus' by Vybz Kartel. Mek yuh waistline move up / Bet yuh seh yuh pum pum bruise up / A who you mi curious / Late ... Mek your waistline roll nuh
Shaggy - Out Of Control Lyrics
If yuh know fi move yuh waist line, gal wine ... Woman make your waste line roll Seh, gal you're too hot and gal you're can col Hand inna di air, I get out of control.
Baeza Lyrics - Roll With Me
Lyrics to "Roll With Me" song by Baeza: 55 Nina, all the way to the back When I pull up on em 24's All the bad bitches wanna roll Wanna rol...
Timbaland - Drop Lyrics
Twelve my girls roll deep in the club Can't wait to hit the bar and get that thug ... Waist line five six seven now drop One time all in together now drop
Meghan Trainor - Queen Lyrics
Queen Lyrics Meghan Trainor. Queen video. ... 'Cause you whine your waist and roll your bum bum Plenty man want to touch and beg you for some [Verse 3]
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