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FALLOCH LYRICS - "Where Distant Spirits Remain" (2011) album
... lyrics - "Where Distant Spirits Remain" (2011) album, including "To Walk Amongst The Dead", "The Carrying Light", "Where We Believe"... ... Beyond Embers And The Earth 3. ... Your soul is as deep as the sea ... My ghost is still wandering
THE FORESHADOWING LYRICS - "Days Of Nothing" (2007) album
... (2007) album, including "Into The Lips Of The Earth", "Days Of Nothing", "The Fall"... ... Running too fast or walking too slow ... Wandering the waste ... Cold soul, if you're feeling old you can call .... My stomach still aching and although
SWALLOW THE SUN LYRICS - "Hope" (2006) album
SWALLOW THE SUN lyrics - "Hope" (2006) album, including "These Low Lands", "Doomed To Walk The Earth", "No Light, No ... Crush my mouth, for it still sings praises to you ... Pitch-black holes in my soul .... I wander between two worlds
KROH LYRICS - "Kroh" (2011) album
I have released my black soul, ... I can't bare the thought of heaving earth. ... still walking down the path of distant memories, ... See my gentle lady wander,
ATARGATIS LYRICS - "Wasteland" (2006) album
only bare feet left, that walk on. Wretched ... still wandering to discover fertile land . ... Tormented souls mark her rise. ... Selina's moon is sending to the earth?
GENESIS LYRICS - Supper's Ready
Lyrics to "Supper's Ready" song by GENESIS: Walking across the sitting-room, I turn the television off. ... standing still below the ground, Waiting for ... Wandering through the chaos the battle has left, ... Gonna blow right down inside your soul.
METALLICA LYRICS - Wherever I May Roam
...and the earth becomes my throne. I adapt to the unknown. Under wandering stars I've grown. By myself but not ... My body lie but still I roam. Wherever I may ...
LED ZEPPELIN LYRICS - Achilles' Last Stand
Oh the sweet refrain, Soothes the soul and calms the pain. Oh Albion remains, sleeping now to rise again. Wandering & wandering, What place to rest the ...
CARACH ANGREN LYRICS - "Where The Corpses Sink Forever ...
He decides to walk straight / into the fire fight, playing this dreamlike masterpiece. Every soldier / stops, holds his breath. Not a single shot is being heard during ...
DECEASED LYRICS - "Fearless Undead Machines" (1997) album
The silent creature, the walking dead. The deadly dose of ... Adjust to the buried walking the earth rabid to devour us all. A constant ... Their haunting souls still intact to seek revenge ..... And here we stand the winning losers left to wander earth
NIOBETH LYRICS - "Silvery Moonbeams" (2011) album
[Shadow:] I will walk with you. [Princess:] ... I still cry when I remember ... but there are no sides on the Earth, sons of the Earth. .... My soul wandering desolated
NOCTURNAL RITES LYRICS - "Shadowland" (2002) album
In the eyes of the dead, still nothing revealed ... Out of a fallen land they walk away ... On the bolts of fire cast upon the earth ... Wandering souls, never betray
Apostasy - Soul Grime lyrics
Apr 28, 2013 Lyrics for Soul Grime by Apostasy. ... Wake up and paint the gloomy face yet inside you still feel Falling down in the abyss of pain, were life and death remains the same Like a ghost you walk the earth and no one notice your presence This ... Woke up this night in sweat and tears Alone you shall wander!
THE PROPHECY LYRICS - "Revelations" (2006) album
Wandering through a veil of sadness. Calling out to my ... The storm has passed and I'm still alive ... Allowed to walk the earth to reciprocate the deed. And the ...
EPYSODE LYRICS - "Obsessions" (2011) album
I walk along dark corridors, analysing all I can. Curtains, like ghosts, on the wind [ Yae] Still you cannot evolve and change what you are. ..... be condemned to stay on earth, invisible to the living, to become ghosts, wandering souls, lost forever.
BLISS N ESO LYRICS - Reflections
When it's freezing cold feel the warmth between my toes of this earth I walk. Creation is what feeds my soul ... Of wandering temptation and unwind my vices
PENTAGRAM LYRICS - "Curious Volume" (2015) album
Earth Flight 5. Walk Alone 6. Curious ... But still the tears fear my eyes. Baby Lay ... You wander round can't be restrained ... Steal and kill, destroyer of your soul
BLOODBATH LYRICS - "Grand Morbid Funeral" (2014) album
Their souls shall melt into a mass of death. Commence the ritual ... Calling out for fettered souls. Feeding the ... Walk the earth. Calamity ... The emptiness of prayer still lingers on your breath ... Trapped to wander this procession of inhumation
ORCHID LYRICS - "Capricorn" (2011) album
Down Into The Earth 6. He Who Walks Alone 7. Cosmonaut ... You move these feelings from the mind into the soul. You guide ... He does wander like a spirit lost
OPHTHALAMIA LYRICS - "Via Dolorosa" (1995) album
Ophthalamia / The Eternal Walk (Part III) 7. Nightfall Of Mother Earth / Summer Distress 8. ... Do not cry my child, for the tears will burn your soul ... Creeps lie still in your cradle and I'll .... Elishia we shall wander in this ravaging army of war,
LOTHLORIEN LYRICS - "The Primal Event" (1998) album
I walk lightly over the earth I see. I still keep trying to feel nothing is left ... but she's within my heart, mind and soul ... Wandering alone within walls of madness
EXCELSIS LYRICS - "The Standing Stone" (2008) album
Still we don't turn away, fighting for death and glory. In the lands of the kingdom of ... They are the unholy, the sacrifice their soul [Bridge 2] ... Why are we destined to wander throught time, let the dreams come true [Chorus] ... I walk alone on the deadly line, Over the bridge ... As soldiers ravage the earth at night, their swords  ...
And the meek shall inherit the earth... [II. Temples of ... I see still the incredible beauty of the sculptured cities and the pure spirit of man revealed in the lives and  ...
DREAM THEATER LYRICS - "Systematic Chaos" (2007) album
... "In The Presence Of Enemies, Pt. 2", "The Ministry Of Lost Souls", "Prophets Of War"... ... And walking to it ... To the ends of the earth .... Lost soul still wandering
HATE LYRICS - "Solarflesh" (2013) album
Reanimated blessed new earth! ... The sun is fire that burns the soul ... They still walk through countless years of chaos ... I wander through the fields of pain
AFFIANCE LYRICS - "Gaia" (2016) EP
Listen while she's still speaking ! Will we only learn our ... still speaking. Fix your eyes on the horizon and walk to the edge of the earth ... I've been wandering how did I get here. I'm so far away ... Prophecies are beckoning my soul. I need this, I ...
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "Since The Day It All Came Down" (2004 ...
Death Walked The Earth 9. ... Within closed doors no-one speaks, behind barred windows no soul lives. As I walk the soil beneath my feet is crumbling... She was my sun ... Still at night I see her figure ... With rime dressed-faces they wander
PSYCROPTIC LYRICS - "Psycroptic" (2015) album
PSYCROPTIC lyrics - "Psycroptic" (2015) album, including "Endless Wandering", "The World Discarded", "Sentence Of Immortality"... ... A Soul Once Lost 4. Cold 5. ... As fire cleanses the earth ... Stand still for the waking of day ... Time to walk it
AGATHODAIMON LYRICS - "Serpent's Embrace" (2004) album
A soul eater - serpent's embraceEvery dawn of a new day. Too far away ... In a realm where the powers of earth. Are bound ... When through tits life to wander it has been writ, it seem. A dream .... And still we dream... as we walk down the line.
MYGRAIN LYRICS - "Signs Of Existence" (2008) album
Take another step to steal my soul .... As I walk the Earth unhallowed ... Blood runs still and cold, stand at the ruins ... Condemned to forget, forever wandering
NECRONOMICON LYRICS - "Rise Of The Elder Ones" (2013) album
I walk the wind and make love to the sky. One with earth and the ... We walk the earth and take back what is ours. Free from slavery ... The virgin is wandering in the valley of the lost souls. Lost in her mind ... When only I still alive. Rick — Drums
EVERY TIME I DIE LYRICS - "Low Teens" (2016) album
Was I saving my soul or saving my skin? No levels ... I have begged but I'm still not allowed .... Earth is frozen and black ... If I have to walk alone I'm giving up ... I will aimlessly wander this wasteland guided only by a sickness, not a purpose.
VAN CANTO LYRICS - "Tribe Of Force" (2010) album
8. Tribe Of Force 9. Water Fire Heaven Earth ... Still I'm here to carry on. Even though ... You walk on beaten paths until you die ... Until the end of time we wander
Oasis - Half The World Away Lyrics
And when I leave this island I'll book myself into a soul asylum 'Cause I can feel the warning signs running around my mind. So here I go, I'm still scratching ...
BLACK MAJESTY LYRICS - "Stargazer" (2012) album
An angel saves my soul once more. Save me, save me ... Then I walk away, leave it all behind. It is my will, ... Wander through the twilight, all has started. For more .... Still fantasizing, can there be something above earth and beyond. Still the ...
LOST HORIZON LYRICS - "A Flame To The Ground Beneath" (2003 ...
Again Will The Fire Burn 5. The Song Of Earth 6. Cry Of A Restless Soul ... Walking the path of a pure heart ... Still the sun and the stars whill shine for me. For the ...
Lyrics to "Wait And Bleed" song by SLIPKNOT: I've felt the hate rise up in me... Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves... I wander out where y...
SOUL DEMISE LYRICS - "In Vain" (2003) album
SOUL DEMISE lyrics - "In Vain" (2003) album, including "Downwards To Deliverance", "Towards The Gate", "Eventually We Will Die"... ... Yet you could still feel the presence of the ones you love ... Walking through a desert of dead emotions. Glancing to ... I've been wandering through death valley ... But so life on this earth
CEMETARY LYRICS - "Godless Beauty" (1993) album
Now She Walks The Shadows 2. The Serpent's ... Her laughter still burns ... Let your spirit wander among the wolves ... Black is our soul as it leaves the earth
VEXILLUM LYRICS - "The Wandering Notes" (2011) album
VEXILLUM lyrics - "The Wandering Notes" (2011) album, including "Shadow Vexillum - Part II", ... I think is better stand still here instead of make a mistake,

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