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Snowman - We Are the Plague Lyrics. I am the lone hunter I am the lone hunter I' ll only pray upon your troubled mind When the keeper of the night comes I will ...
Combichrist - We Are the Plague Lyrics
Jun 29, 2016 Do you think you can handle this? Be death to us all Confrontational, hostile, piece of shit, You're a fucking pig We are the plague to come ...
Snowman - We Are The Plague Lyrics
Snowman We Are The Plague Lyrics. We Are The Plague lyrics performed by Snowman: I am the lone hunter I am the lone hunter I'll only pray upon your ...
NecroabortioN - We Are the Plague lyrics
Lyrics for We Are the Plague by NecroabortioN. ... We Are the Plague - Lyrics. NecroabortioN. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points.
Combichrist - We Are The Plague Lyrics
Combichrist - Without Emotions Lyrics. Combichrist - Combichrist - Today We Are All Demons Lyrics Lyric Video. Combichrist - Today We Are All Demons Lyrics.
Combichrist - We Are The Plague [Explicit] Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Are the Plague [Explicit]' by Combichrist.
"The Plague". Just like the spread of disease... Ya... Ya... Debt and guilt or guilt and decree, the masters that we please. Yet if we seek help for infirmities, we are  ...
Archspire - The Plague of Am (Cogito Ergo Sum) lyrics and ...
Jun 23, 2014 Made immortal, kept alive, Suspending time to torture us. Trapped down here we' re slaves inside AM. A deranged neo-cyber god that man ...
Flipper - Survivors Of The Plague Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Survivors of The Plague' by Flipper. We who survived the plague / We have nothing / We who survived the plague / We have nothing / We who ...
What's become of the wars they won? A price idled population. Speak up for the life left inside our nation. The river runs red. It's black at the bottom and there we ...
The Fiery Furnaces - We Got Back The Plague Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Got Back The Plague' by The Fiery Furnaces. That easy-going man of blood / Mucking out in the McLennan county mud / If you're hoping he won't ...
THE ABSENCE LYRICS - "Riders Of The Plague" (2007) album
THE ABSENCE lyrics - "Riders Of The Plague" (2007) album, including ... Like heavens plague, the birth of black ... Where we burn fast in the build of our lives
Austin John feat. Sophie Summers - The Plague (feat. Sophie ...
Our hearts can take control of our bodies and our souls, right on (We create reality, life is more than what we see We become what we believe) We march to the ...
The Final Chapter - The Plague lyrics
Lyrics for The Plague by The Final Chapter. ... what happens you believe the lies I can not stop this plague and it's rise We can only hope to survive The word's in ...
Those Poor Bastards - The Plague lyrics
Lyrics for The Plague by Those Poor Bastards. ... we squirm We are as enlightened As the wretched worm Ah! The plague Ah! Is near Ah! The plague Ah ! Is here ...
Combichrist - We Are The Plague Lyrics
Lyrics to We Are The Plague Login now to have your sent lyrics counted and climb our user rankings! Lyricsmania staff is working hard for you to add We Are ...
WARBEAST LYRICS - "Krush The Enemy" (2010) album
3. Self Will Run Riot 4. The Plague At Hand 5. Blackened Heart 6. Scorched Earth Policy 7. Guardian Angel 8. The Controller 9. Stalker 10. We Are The Vultures ...
PARADISE LOST LYRICS - "The Plague Within" (2015) album
PARADISE LOST lyrics - "The Plague Within" (2015) album, including "Never Look Away", "Fear The ... The violence we now condemn infests our inner souls
THOU LYRICS - "Heathen" (2014) album
We are the cough that spreads the plague. We are the spark that lights the inferno. Relinquish those wretched controls of knowledge and experience, those  ...
ARCHSPIRE LYRICS - "The Lucid Collective" (2014) album
The Plague Of Am 4. ... We will guide you into lucid collective somnambulation, Past the portal ... As we rummage through the valleys in search of food for eons.
Lyrics to "Cowards Throne" song by THY ART IS MURDER: We are the plague of rotting flesh, The dead that roam this earth, Servants to the shadows left to f...
MARFEDELOM LYRICS - "TETRArmageddon" (2015) EP
2. Victims Of The Plague. We are here in our own land. Desecrated by nature. And even our bastards are. Victims of the plague. The coughing never ends
NOMY LYRICS - The Killers
But we're not gonna die tonight. And they call us the darkness. Cause we are the plague around this world. The red white and the blue won't be the same
NUCLEAR ASSAULT LYRICS - "The Plague" (1987) album
A fate that we all share. A prophecy of doom fulfilled. With no-one left to care. A weapon that should not be used. Because there's no control. A plague ensures ...
BLEED FROM WITHIN LYRICS - "Welcome To The Plague Year ...
We Are Gathered Here Today. for days ive hiden away from this curse that weakens me tears down my every dream withering away i watch as you crawl through ...
PISSING RAZORS LYRICS - "Cast Down The Plague" (1999) album
PISSING RAZORS lyrics - "Cast Down The Plague" (1999) album, including " Train Of Thought", "Reality Of ... I will stand for what's real for all we are that you feel
falling deeper in the abyss of nothing. suffering from inside. there is just pain in sight. you´ll keep us in your mind. we are the plague. help me, save me. we. are.
ILLNATH LYRICS - "Second Skin Of Harlequin" (2006) album
The night made we trustworthy and hid all my lies ... For his eye you take an eye, shattered was he when we found him ... Bubonic plague, we're rotting alive
ABLAZE MY SORROW LYRICS - "The Plague" (1998) album
A place where we will unite. When the day turns to night. Join me - fly with me - into the land of dreams. We will walk through archways of solid gold. We will ...
Netherbound - We Are The Poison lyrics
Aug 12, 2015 Lyrics for We Are The Poison by Netherbound. ... this is the holy human plague Once again i was involved People can't stop dreaming Should ...
PSYCROPTIC LYRICS - "The Inherited Repression" (2012) album
Carriers Of The Plague 2. Forward To ... You carried the plague to your flock. Bodies in rejection ... Coming in forward we reach for the facts. These hidden ...
Hypocrisy - Living To Die Lyrics
We are the plague spreading through the world. We are the disease - the virus eating away. We are no one, we're just living to die. (Verse 2) We're just a lie, ...
We are the fucking sick [2x] It's the plague of us. And we're the disease. Of this disaster. You call your world. This world is dead let it die [2x] So shut the fuck up
LIES OF NAZCA LYRICS - "The Boundless Unknown" (2017) single
Can't you feel when we began to grow as the plague that we are? In the flesh of this cage made of deception. Can't you see that we're made to know so much ...
Demon - The Plague Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Plague' by Demon. Begin the madness / Tear down the sign / Ideals and ... The tragedy we bleed human. Can't feed emotion to the zombie brain
NIGHTS LIKE THESE LYRICS - "The Faithless" (2006) album
6. Ghost Town Rituals 7. Symphony For The Plague 8. Bury The Messenger 9. We Were Meant For Ruin 10. Eternal Tempest 11. Let The Waters Overtake Us ...
First.. there was the collapse of civilization. Anarchy, genocide, starvation. Then.. when it seemed like shit couldn't get any more fucked up. We got The Plague
Hypocrisy - Living To Die lyrics
We are the plague. Spreading through the world. We are the disease -- The virus eating away. We are no one. We're just living to die. We're just a lie. We're just ...
Death By Stereo - The Plague Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Plague' by Death By Stereo. They forgot and they stopped thinking ... The kind of place we all dream about. Without borders without boundaries
Decadence - Humanity Is The Plague Lyrics. Cleansing ... We are the devil of the world, we are sick from the birth and we are condemned to spread, spread it.

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