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Don Moen - All We Like Sheep lyrics
All We Like Sheep lyrics by Don Moen: All we like sheep / Have gone astray / Each of us turning / Our own separate way / We have all sinned.
Tim Wheeler - Feels Like Summer (From "Shaun the Sheep Movie ...
Lyrics for Feels Like Summer (From "Shaun the Sheep Movie") by Tim Wheeler. ... (we get lost on a grey cloudy day) lets stick together we'll always find our way ...
PERRY COMO LYRICS - The Whiffenpoof Song
Then we'll pass and be forgotten like the rest... We're poor little lambs. Who have lost our way. Baa Baa Baa! We're little black sheep. Who have gone astray
Bing Crosby - Whiffenpoof Song Lyrics
Yes, the magic of their singing of the songs we love so well ... We're poor little lambs who have lost our way ... We're little black sheep who have gone astray ... Bing Crosby - its beginning to look alot like christmas-bing crosby lyrics Lyric Video.
The O.C. Supertones - Shepherd Is The Lamb Lyrics
It seems we've lost our way like sheep we have gone astray. Can anybody lead us home? The Shepherd is the Lamb Do you understand. That God became a ...
BRIDGE TO SOLACE LYRICS - "House Of The Dying Sun" (2009 ...
1. Degeneration 2. Like Sheep Led To Slaughter ... I have lost my way in this human maze. Of endless ... As we walk through the ashes of our existence. All our ...
Chris Isaak - We Lost Our Way Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Lost Our Way' by Chris Isaak: And it all went wrong it all turned. ... Get More. Listen to Chris Isaak songs, ad-free. Try Prime Music for free Listen to ...
Like Father; Like Daughter 4. The Mother Of ... We were blind, we walked like sheep to the slaughter. Father ... Oh God this is too much for me, I try to close my eyes but I just can't get to sleep. ... This is the call for a new faith, we've lost our way.
MEHIDA LYRICS - "Blood & Water" (2007) album
5. Stronghold 6. Guilty 7. A Letter From Home 8. Dry Bones 9. Lost Ones 10. Grace 11. ... You decided to go on your way ... We all like sheep have gone astray
PHILLIPS, CRAIG & DEAN LYRICS - Wonderful Merciful Savior
Who would have thought that a lamb could. Rescue ... You offer hope when our hearts have. Hopelessly lost the way. Oh, we hopelessly lost the way [Chorus]
CRISIS LYRICS - "Like Sheep Led To Slaughter" (2004) album
CRISIS lyrics - "Like Sheep Led To Slaughter" (2004) album, including "Exit ... Unto the lost, ... We're their sacrificial lambs The reap us to sow seeds of ... blood and vein, still i couldn't find my way home again. ... I have come to accept myself.
AGATHOCLES LYRICS - "Razor Sharp Daggers" (1995) album
Clean this fucking scene'coz we ain't gonna endure. Shit we've heard ... I'm lost, They say I'm a lunatic and that I've lost my mind, But I'm not a lunatic, I'm just ... ' cause dear friends, the scars I still wear, have been cut by your knives, And dear friends, this goes to you, it's my way of saying thanks you, .... behaving like sheep,
Mahalia Jackson - Lord, Don't Let Me Fail Lyrics
Jan 13, 2015 Lord don't let me fail, I want to be in your Bride, When my way grows dark, keep me by you... ... our way. We all like sheep, Lord, who've gone astray But Christ, our savior, he'll never forsake his own. ... Get the mobile app now.
CONTINENTS LYRICS - "Idle Hands" (2013) album
Sheep In Wolves' Clothing 7. Regrets 8. Loathe 9. Trials ... 1. 224. May the bridges we burn light our way ... We are the ones that lost our way. Bound by ... We're all gonna die if they have their way. And we don't ... To be a fucking fool like me
STRAY FROM THE PATH LYRICS - "Anonymous" (2013) album
Counting Sheep 7. Slice Of Life 8. ... we're enslaved by our ignorant ways ... The suits and ties are full of lies, they don't have our back (We are ... Yeah, the few that have proof got too much to lose. So they .... You're just a sheep like the others
THE BUNNY THE BEAR LYRICS - "The Stomach For It" (2012) album
5. Soul 6. Breeze 7. Lonely 8. I'm Scared Now 9. Sheep 10. Pieces 11. It Kills Me .... Like the things that you said we could be. With my ring ... “Have I lost your morning touch?” “Oh, Will you ... Gracefully, we dance our way to nothing. Gracefully ...
GRAVEYARD LYRICS - "Lights Out" (2012) album
Where will you go when we all fade away? Where is ... I can´t help you now, when you ask me how I see the trouble in your way. If you´re out of time you just stay in line don´t ever let it loose. .... The wolves are at your door dressed like sheep
FOR ALL I AM LYRICS - "No Home" (2014) album
Black Sheep 8. Caring Is ... I'm in the driver's seat going my own way. This is your ... Just like the cancer in our veins. The truth it ... What else do we have to lose?
GENERATION KILL LYRICS - "We're All Gonna Die" (2013) album
GENERATION KILL lyrics - "We're All Gonna Die" (2013) album, including "We're All Gonna Die", "There ... They treat war like a game .... We have lost our way!
METAL CHURCH LYRICS - "The Dark" (1986) album
Method To Your Madness 4. Watch ... The only way I know. Sacrificed ... I'll hit you like a ton of bricks, ton of bricks. ... Do you have a clue ... We hold our fate and make the choice, .... And all there hands were lost ... Your people just like sheep
ZEDS DEAD LYRICS - Stoned Capone
If all these peasants have power then who the fuck is king? ... Bleeding out my mind like I don't like the way you're fucking breathing. Blinded by the media, our chance to see is ever fleeting. When will we awake, the countless sheep will only help the sleeping ... You should know that I lost it, left my key on the doorstep
THE BUNNY THE BEAR LYRICS - "Food Chain" (2014) album
Lost 13. When You're Alone 14. Every Boy 15. What Shade We Make 16. Angel ... Mother, your slutty daughter's just like you. Father, you have sinned. Brother, where do I ... We love our sheep, we love to look the other way. Washed clean and ...
Foxblood - No Heroes Lyrics
Sep 17, 2016 We're on our way back from parts unknown Death grabs a hold, time ... Lyrics for No Heroes by Foxblood has been translated in 1 languages ... than sheep So I guess we'll always be tethered like birds of feather, whatever the weather We flock, fly south together, so I guess we will be lost forever Be lost ...
OKKERVIL RIVER LYRICS - Song Of Our So-Called Friend
Lyrics to "Song Of Our So-Called Friend" song by OKKERVIL RIVER: ... in time, he'd tell his tale the way he'd like it told. ... and I'd say we should know, because we both have loved, have lost, and are alone. Your ... "Black Sheep Boy" (2005).
NECK DEEP LYRICS - Zoltar Speaks
Lyrics to "Zoltar Speaks" song by NECK DEEP: The wolves don't lose sleep over the ... The wolves don't lose sleep over the cries of the sheep, ... We all show our teeth, ... The system they put in place to have your soul in a vice ... It feels like we' re all stuck on a burning bridge; ... Cuz things have been this way for far too long;
Lyrics to "In My Feelings" song by KEVIN GATES: Sometimes yeah sometime I'm in my feelings Don't ... Black sheeps scum of the earth ... Seem like everybody ungrateful ... I was just tryna be a real friend to you now I'm wishing that we get lost
MARTYR DEFILED LYRICS - "No Hope. No Morality" (2014) album
No Morality" (2014) album, including "No Morality", "Deathstare", "Of Sheep & Swine"... ... Of Sheep & Swine 10. Deathstare 11. No Morality. 1. Lvcifer. Find me on my way to Hell ... you're losing your will to live ... My altar. I am a monster. I have no remorse for you. The beast that lives inside me .... Like swine, we consume all
Tim Wheeler - Feels Like Summer Lyrics
Lyrics for Feels Like Summer by Tim Wheeler. ... like summer with you Ohhhhhh- ohhhhh-ohhhhh every day lost everything come and take ... we'll all find our ways we'l always find our ways Cause everyday feels like, ... Get the mobile app now.
KATAKLYSM LYRICS - "Waiting For The End To Come" (2013) album
12. The American Way ... Hear my calling, feel my wrath, like a crow a swarm, ... We live to dominate, we need the urge to kill, we are the victims, we are the prey ... Lay hopeless like a sheep led to slaughter .... To have lost all that we've had
LINE OF SCRIMMAGE LYRICS - "Denounced" (2011) album
Sheep's Skin ... just set in stone something that I have never known ... we lost sight of our own way ... you may not like what you find, no truth exists not this time
OBEY THE BRAVE LYRICS - "Salvation" (2014) album
I'm seeing red, got a few loose screws. Trapped inside my ... Freedom like my own choice ... Keep spreading lies, you act like sheep. All call, I'll ... I will sink your boat, you'll sink like teeth in your throat. Oh oh oh, I .... we followed our own way
VANNA LYRICS - "And They Came Baring Bones" (2011) album
I'm out of your way no rest for ... Did we have our chance, or did they pull us apart ? Are words, a ... my voice through the wind and through the rain it's looks like. I won't get the chance to ... Once was lost and I still feel bound ... till I find sheep
NEUROSIS LYRICS - "The Word As Law" (1990) album
United Sheep 13. Pollution 14. ... To have their truth they must have your life. The illusion of ... Fools, we've lost out earthly wisdom. Not the way of nature. In a man- made ... Too sacred to speak for fear of what cuts me like a knife. It's a leech on ...
ENTOMBED A.D. LYRICS - "Dead Dawn" (2016) album
The Winner Has Lost 7. ... Final blast inferno on the way ... Like sheep in panic running astray ... And all that's on your mind. Hog as ... We're splitting up backs
I won't be brought to my knees by the ones who say I'm worthless. I will never ... My words are lost and I'm giving in ... We've gotta find a way to show you how ... I find the answers to questions I have never known ... Like sheep to the slaughter
BRING ME THE HORIZON LYRICS - "Sempiternal" (2013) album
I'm scared to get close and I hate being alone. I long for that ... We'll never find our way back home. Come on! ... You're not a shepherd, you're just a sheep. I'll cut my ... We live our lives like we're ready to die. We're ... I thought I cut you loose
ORPHANED LAND LYRICS - "All Is One" (2013) album
And in darkness we have prayed and swore to rise up once again. We are the sons of ... Words like venom through our veins they run ... I was born to pave the way ... I am brainwashed like a sheep, so that every liar with a sip of charisma can easily turn himself into my "shepherd". ... Your thirst for blood has lost me somehow
SIGH LYRICS - "Graveward" (2015) album
You tamed like a sheep and chained up like a dog. You will ... Lost on your way to the dark. Your pain is all ... We were born in hell ... With our black hammer we will smash your dream ... I'm not brave enough to deny what they have said to me
Lyrics to "Ships In The Night" song by MAT KEARNEY: Like ships in the night ... Trying to believe in your silent own way ... We're just fumbling through the grey
And I just tell 'em, cut me up, and get down. They call us dirty 'cause we break all your rules down. And we ... Say is it weird to like the way she wear her tights? ( but I like it) ... Are we a lost generation of our people? ... Will you be electric sheep?

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