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... rise, if we fall. If we're just another brick in the wall ... Woah-oah-oah-oah, watch them all fall down ... I'll carry our love, tell me what you're looking for. Tell me ...
Lyrics to "Rise Up" song by MAVADO: HUH! ... And feel them, come from where we are! Can you ... Yes and we should keep on fightin, they could never shoot us down ... I know they wanna see me fall (Anywayyyyyyy! ... I will look up to the sky
Spencer Lee - Rise Up Lyrics
Sep 10, 2016 Faith is all that we have Right where we stand It was gone like a flash It ... look down Hope will heal every crack Hold us when we fall Down on ...
THRESHOLD LYRICS - "March Of Progress" (2012) album
... We Came 8. Don't Look Down ... From ashes we rise. To ashes we ... To dependency we fall. Subsiding .... I try to call them home but they won't stop deserting
Jaeson Ma feat. The Jackie Boyz - Rise & Fall lyrics
No matter what we go through all in all We rise and fall, we rise and fall You can ... we rise and fall You can knock me down, I'll get up standing tall We rise and ... it Everyone can rise, everyone can fall Look into my eyes, see what I saw Look ...
The Rainband - Built For Change Lyrics
We rise but then we fall again. We're all looking to the skies ... But down here we' re falling in and out of love. So ... You'll never hear them the same way again.
Falling, fallen, we all fall down. It only really matters how we stand our ground. And if and when we rise to our feet again. We'll be on our own. Everything we built ...
Daybreak Embrace - We Rise Lyrics
Aug 26, 2016 Lyrics for We Rise by Daybreak Embrace. There was a day ... Take what you want from what's left of my heart add it to yours before i fall apart. ... I look to you as the walls come down. I close ... Like embers from the ash we rise.
Blood on my hands, throw them up in the sky. I was a number one ... We rise again and lose our gravity. I'm a broken man, I'm ... You tore me down and wished that I was dead. Said you wanna ... No matter how hard we fall. We always knew
You're broken down and tired. Of living life on a merry-go-round. And you can't find the fighter. But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out. And move mountains
Something Clever - Rise lyrics and translation
Oct 22, 2016 ... after finding the light We'll rise again just to take it all We rise, never backing down from a fight We fall, but only after finding the light We'll rise ...
Lyrics to "We Will Fall Together" song by STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO: I once knew a guy, obsessed with the afterlife ... And we know not what we do (Can you hear them call?) ... We can only look away (away!) ... Oh what a glorious day we'll have rising up and claiming all our dues ... Down, Down, Down To Mephisto's Cafe
Deep, deep down, we're all the same. Money, power, glory, fame. And reaching ... And together we rise and united we fall. Together we rise and united we fall
Donnie Mcclurkin - We Fall Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Fall Down' by Donnie Mcclurkin: We fall down But we.
KURUPT LYRICS - I Ain't Shit Without My Homeboyz
To my cousin big flip locked down in the pen. To my other ... We rise and we fall together, all together ... Always looking up, cause if you look down your fucked
RISE AGAINST LYRICS - To Them These Streets Belong
Lyrics to "To Them These Streets Belong" song by RISE AGAINST: So look in my eyes, what will you leave ... For a change, cause everyday we slip and fall
Lyrics to "We Fall Down" song by DONNIE MCCLURKIN: We fall down But we get up We fall down But we get up We fall down But we get up For a saint i...
Frances - Don't Worry About Me Lyrics
May 29, 2016 Even if I fall down when you're not around Don't worry about me don't worry about me Cause if I fall you'll fall And if I rise we'll rise together ...
QuESt - Rise and Shine lyrics and translation
Oct 3, 2015 Struck down but not destroyed We're still here, still standing, still dreaming Keep on, keep on Together we rise Together we soar United we stand Divided we fall ... it through From the highs and the lows We go fast, we go slow Look at ... to the future say hi Let them know why we fight Living for the dreams ...
MANDROID ECHOSTAR LYRICS - "Citadels" (2013) album
All we love, we have thrown them to the wolves. Oh child, we've cast you to fall into cursed hands. ... We rise above the battlefields ... Don't look down my love,
San Holo - We Rise Lyrics
Lyrics for We Rise by San Holo. We rise We fall We rise We fall We rise We fall We rise We fall We rise Twirl We rise We f...
WOLF GANG LYRICS - Lay Your Love Down
These regrets, these question marks. If I stay... would we fall? Would we rise? So lay your love down. Lay your love down for me. Lay it all down. Lay it all for me ...
FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM LYRICS - "Mourning Sun" (2005) album
Look up, look down. Look up, look down. Look up, look down. Look up. Look straight into the light ... Until you feel inside. Not for them/Nephilim(?) ... We didn't fall from Heaven We didn't fall for you. Rise! Yeah, We are Fallen Like the mourning ...
Spineshank - Where We Fall Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Where We Fall' by Spineshank. One time feel the restraint take / Disposed, pull my head away / Fall down, reject what's in front of me / But I feed. ... Can you keep your higher ground when you look straight 'Cause where we fall is where we rise. It's now retired - enter ... You'll never hear them the same way again.
Lyrics to "Until We Fall" song by AUDIOSLAVE: I walk the streets where I regret, ah-ah-ah I stood ... Stroke your feathers 'til we fall back down again, ah-ah-ah
Passport to Stockholm - Shooting Stars Lyrics
Nov 13, 2016 We never talk about the future We only focus on the past So now we're ... We fall and we rise from the ashes 'Cus we're up and we're down Are ...
The New Regime - We Rise, We Fall Lyrics
Lyrics for We Rise, We Fall by The New Regime. Hands of time are spinning miles and miles rolling away in the dark One more night defeate...
Lyrics to "Rise Of The Runaways" song by CROWN THE EMPIRE: On trial for our fates, we are The Runaways. Outta place with mistakes we never made, because , all w. ... Cut down and encased inside a cage. ... This fire will burn until we fall!
Lost Frequencies - Reality Lyrics
We're all playing the same game, laying down alone. We're ... This is our call, we rise and we fall. Dancin' in the ... You'll never hear them the same way again.
Keep them planted on the ground. Taken by surprise ... And look into my eyes. Could I be a ... Breaking down these wall. Underneath ... We rise we fall. Then we  ...
Martin Garrix - Don't Look Down Lyrics
See that sky, we're gonna reach it now. Do you feel the lightning inside of you. Will you follow through if I fall for you? Don't look down. Up this high, we'll never ...
Cast of Galavant - Today We Rise Lyrics
Feb 9, 2016 Lyrics for Today We Rise by Cast of Galavant. ... we'll stand proud and tall Sid: ' Till they come to kill us all Then we'll beg and plead and soil ourselves As one by one we fall Some they'll ... We're going to tear this castle down!
RISE AGAINST LYRICS - From Heads Unworthy
To how you let us down. As their castles crumble slowly. We watch them fall. The crown slips from heads unworthy. As we gain control. Except for you and me, ...
L2M - Living for the Rhythm Lyrics
Mar 3, 2017 ... them i've arrived and that i'm unstoppable yeah cause we rise (we rise) and we fall (we fall) and sometimes they try to knock us down down ...
"Far To Fall". From the moment we rise, we hide, and bathe in the glow. ... We don't have far to fall, Got to work it out. On our way down. We don't have far to fall,
Whether we rise, whether we fall. I take one look at you, and I feel. I feel like risking it all [Verse] If I asked you to run away with me right now. Take a look around,
EVERGREY LYRICS - "Hymns For The Broken" (2014) album
Dare not look in the mirror. We've ... They call us kings then watch us fall down broken ... We rise 'Cause nothing's the same. You hide when no one's to blame
False Icons - Into the Emptiness lyrics
Oct 23, 2013 We rise, we fall We rise, we fall Into the emptiness Into the emptiness ... stars are coming down I will watch them as they fall We rise, we fall, into ...
Lyrics to "Immortal" song by WAR OF AGES: We rise, born in the flesh I will not let this be my regret From dust we rise and to dust we fall Ke... ... You look back on the path take from it what you need. Find it hard just to breathe, bow down on both knees. Realize the anger built was all for nothing [?] We find favor in all the ...
Onlap - From Dust to Ashes Lyrics
Nov 4, 2015 ... need some help Jump in the dark and never look back I am not afraid and I know we Rise from dust fall in ashes Still don't know why I should ...

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