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Shrub - We Wanna Smoke Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Wanna Smoke' by Shrub. We Wanna Smoke / This is the now generation. / They feel disenchanted with the world around them. / While they may ...
RZA - Drink, Smoke & Fuck Lyrics
Big lighter gettin' sparked, we proceed to puff. All we wanna do is drink, smoke an ' fuck. All we wanna do is drink, smoke an' fuck. Here's to good friends, tonight ...
WIZ KHALIFA LYRICS - Young, Wild & Free
Lyrics to "Young, Wild & Free" song by WIZ KHALIFA: So what we get drunk? So what we smoke weed? We're just having fun We don't care who sees So what ...
N.W.A. LYRICS - Gangsta Gangsta
So we started lookin for the bitches with the big butts. Like her, but ... Right then, I knew I has to smoke his ass. He kept ... "We want to fuck you Eazy!" I want to ...
N.W.A. LYRICS - Chin Check
I'ma smoke where I wanna smoke (fuck that) I'ma choke ... I'ma ride where I wanna ride (fuck that) ... [Snoop Dogg] We tend to bus' on niggaz that get mad at me
LUCKY DUBE LYRICS - Rasta Man's Prayer
The truth no matter what. We are coming to you father. With our sins and everything. To thank you. Those that smoke marijuana. Wanna thank you father
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ohhhhh. Nah just kidding, ha....ha...ha. Ay! ay ay ay! Welcome to the side of the world where we just do. What the fuck we want to. And smoke ...
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. LYRICS - Party And Bullshit
Loungin' black, smoking sacks up in acts. And sidekicks with my sidekicks rockin fly kicks. Honeys want to chat. But all we wanna know is "Where the party at?"
Datsik feat. Snoop Dogg - Smoke Bomb Lyrics
Dec 20, 2015 That mean, that we don't give a fuck nigga We don't give a fuck nigga All I wanna do is smoke and have a good time All I wanna do is have a ...
Smoke sesh uh huh, nigga what you mean uh huh. In my car ... [Hook:] High up and we're floating ... Somewhere in the clouds that's where we wanna be uh huh
I just wanna love you for the rest of my life, (We wanna love alcohol, we wanna love guns,) I wanna hold ... you can't sit still, it's like tryin to smoke crack and go to  ...
And we just wanna smoke (smoke) We just wanna smoke (smoke) We just wanna ... But if you wanna smoke my tree (my tree) Just reach into that right (right )
RZA LYRICS - Drink, Smoke & Fuck
All we wanna do is drink, smoke and fuck (fuck!) [RZA] Chronic, blubonic, chocolate Thai stick, you want it. Jamaican green, silver haze, the Northern Lights get ...
THE WEEKND LYRICS - Tell Your Friends
Lyrics to "Tell Your Friends" song by THE WEEKND: We are not the same I am too reckless I'm not tryna go in that ... Baby girl just wanna smoke a pound
Lyrics to "All We Do" song by TREY SONGZ: Just me, top down, on the way to the beach Four bad chicks in the middle of the street Roll ... I done gave her a little taste now she wanna have my babies ... She loving the view when we smoke
Left the hotel, hit the show, God damn, it was too turnt. Crew shirt, that's WTF, yo bitch wanna wear that shit to bed. And then we got her smoking, I ain't joking
We three-wheelin in the fo' with the gold D's Oh why do I live this way? (Hey, must be the money!) If you wanna go and get high wit me. Smoke a L in the back of ...
Fortay feat. Redbak & Kerser - Come Smoke With Me lyrics ...
... I'm on Fortay, Kerser and SQZ Super fly and Snoop LT and DAZ The way it s' possed to be Now come smoke with me x2 We just wanna, wanna, wanna smoke  ...
Datsik - Smoke Bomb Lyrics
That mean, that we don't give a fuck nigga. [Bass Drop]. [Hook: Snoop Dogg] We don't give a fuck nigga. All I wanna do is smoke and have a good time
KSI LYRICS - Smoke 'N' Mirrors
Lyrics to "Smoke 'N' Mirrors" song by KSI: Look at myself I see my face In blurry visions everyday Smoke 'n' ... Why we wanna see clear looking through the
RITTZ LYRICS - Wastin Time
Lyrics to "Wastin Time" song by RITTZ: Smoking weed and staying high Partying till late at night 'Cause all we do is drink And all we do is... ... I don't plan to graduate I really wanna rhyme. In my cutlass I'm 16 meek leans. And I vow on rapper ...
DRAKE LYRICS - The Language
She just wanna smoke and fuck, I said, "Girl, that's all that we do." Okay, now you' re talkin' my language. Now you're talkin' my language. Now you're talkin' my ...
Donaldtrumpmakesmewannasmokecrack Lyrics - Ledinsky
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Donaldtrumpmakesmewannasmokecrack" from " Ledinsky": Pre-Chorus, Money money money on my mind, And money money ...
YELAWOLF LYRICS - I Just Wanna Party
Lyrics to "I Just Wanna Party" song by YELAWOLF: Yeah (burr) Go white girl, it's ya birthday Yelawolf ... We blowin smoke in the air, we drinkin ice cold beer
Lyrics to "Weed Shoes" song by SOULJA BOY: I just wanna smoke weed and buy shoes, And do it fly ... Stacks on there, there we straight, wake up everything
Sean Paul - We Be Burnin Lyrics
Just gimme di trees and mek we smoke it yo ... Legalize it right now we wanna blaze one. Everyday, we be burnin' not concernin' what nobody wanna say
DJ Luke Nasty - Right Lyrics
Mar 24, 2016 we could drink all night, we smoke all night we can fuck all night girl if that's wrong I don't wanna be right, girl if that's wrong I don't wanna be ...
DRAKE LYRICS - Live From The Gutter
Now we got 90210 on our address ... Known for gettin' that guala out in Europe while we're still hood ... They don't wanna smoke they don't want no issue
Make sure keep that fire blazin', we livin' [Hook: Kid Cudi] I need smoke. I need to smoke. Who gon' hold me down now? I wanna get higher. I wanna get higher
LANA DEL REY LYRICS - Children Of The Bad Revolution
About who we are and what we're gonna be. We're gonna get ... Where the bad boys blow smoke. Just like they're ... To be what we wanna be, wanna be. We're ...
You see I'll never be the same, now that we got close. Now my passion is for pain and I breathe hot smoke. Your love is like a drug, I wanna taste it. So slip it in ...
You might be bad for me, but I just wanna breathe you in. Every time I reach out, I find there ain't nothing to hold. Boy, you're just like smoke. We can start out ...
Modjo - I Wanna Smoke lyrics
I Wanna Smoke lyrics by Modjo: I wanna roll / Wanna chief / Wanna smoke me a blunt / I wanna get fucked up / Wanna smoke (wanna smoke) ... We chillin' make chiefing and hangin' out in the broke wood. My nigga I figa I neeed more weed ...
Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz - Smoke Wit You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Smoke Wit You' by Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz. / Can I smoke with ... I wanna drink until we're boozed at the match of playin' (?) While I'm takin' ...
Trav feat. Meek Mill & Travi$ Scott - Fuck & Smoke Lyrics
Nov 27, 2014 She just wanna fuck and smoke Fuck and smoke, fuck and smoke ... she just want to talk shit (annoying ho) At the end we just fuck and smoke ...
Lud Foe - Cuttin Up Lyrics
May 12, 2016 You know how we rockin nigga Get yo' guns up get yo funds up You On That Opp ... You say you want some smoke, nigga puff it up BITCH! ... i can't fuck with the opposite ( gang gang) She said she wanna fuck, Ima' charge ...
ROCKIE FRESH LYRICS - Nothin Wrong With That
If you wanna smoke that, it ain't nothin' wrong with that. If you tryna leave, shorty, ... It nothin' when we stuntin', nothin' when we livin' High as hell, I'm trippin' ...
Lyrics to "All We Do" song by YOUNG JEEZY: I got a bitch named Banana, pussy bananas That's why I gotta say ... All we do is smoke and fuck, smoke and fuck
King Prawn - Smoke Some Shit Lyrics
we got to smoke some shit we wanna smoke some shit we like to smoke some shit marijuana's the real hit we got to smoke some shit introducing mr slugboye
BELLY LYRICS - I Drink I Smoke
Lyrics to "I Drink I Smoke" song by BELLY: I drink, I smoke Bitch, I go harder sippin' on Patron till it taste like ... We wanna get fucked up to our favorite songs

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