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Young Jeezy Lyrics - What You Talkin' Bout
Lyrics to "What You Talkin' Bout" song by Young Jeezy: ... And showing ya Half these rappin' ass niggas is lames ... Cause a nigga talking yams
Meek Mill - Face Down Lyrics
meek mill face down lyrics. X. ... I got a rubber in my pocket and im talking like this. Face down, ass up. ... now put ya... Photos. Face down, ...
Lil Wayne - IANAHB Lyrics
Lyrics to 'IANAHB' by Lil Wayne. I'm in the crib butt naked bitch / She said my dick could be the next black ... Shoot you in ya fuckin' mouth and make you talk to me
Azealia Banks Lyrics - Fuck Up The Fun
Lyrics to "Fuck Up The Fun" song by Azealia ... I might dance on these niggas but the gun in the butt ... [Talking:] Word Most of ya'll niggas is fucking pussies out ...
Sisqo Lyrics - Thong Song
Lyrics to "Thong Song" song by Sisqo: This thing right here Is lettin all the ladies know What guys talk about You know The finer ... Baby move your butt butt butt Uh
T.I. Lyrics - I'm Talkin' To You
I'm talkin to you sucker nigga you can stunt all ... for this 40 cal make ya ass act right nigga coming against the king get ya stats right nigga wanna talk about ...
The-Dream - Let Me See That Booty Lyrics
Let Me See That Booty Lyrics ... Shawty got ass for days Look at that ass her mama made ... Enough about me, let's talk about you
Jason Derulo Lyrics - Wiggle
You know what to do with that big fat butt Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ... Talk Dirty Wiggle Trumpets Bubblegum Vertigo Kama Sutra Zipper The Other Side
$nugg - Money (what We Talkin Bout) Lyrics
Money (what We Talkin Bout) ... I'm just talking bout ... Money Ya jingling baby ... Face down ass up We do this shit daily with the money Bridge : All the time
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - Dedication 4
Lyrics to "Dedication 4" song by Lil' Wayne: ... [Lil Wayne talking:] ... Home boy you trippin you gunna fall and bust your ass I can rap fast but I like slow better ...
YG - You Broke Lyrics
Bitch, you broke – shut up / Don't talk to me, get your bread up / And we used to fuck but I got fed up / We eat ... Lost the little ass that you had playin' with ...
Fabolous - Tit 4 Tat Lyrics
See, I ain't keep going tit for tat your ass ma If your ass ain't talking right Well you can stop acting boughie, asking for sushi If fucking ain't your plans tonight, ya hear me?
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - 500 Degreez
Lyrics to "500 Degreez" song by Lil' Wayne: ... [Lil Wayne talking] It's the real shit, yeah 500 Degreez this time biotch ... I'll bust ya ass up
Boosie Badazz Lyrics - People Talk But Don't Know
Lyrics to "People Talk But Don't Know" song by Boosie Badazz: ... Stupid ass They threw jabs at ... Motherfuckers talk about ya like they know ya
Lil' Wyte Lyrics - Possie Song
Lyrics to "Possie Song" song by Lil' Wyte: ... Talking] Wassup with y'all? ... I'ma put a bullet in ya ass fo real
Juvenile Lyrics - 400 Degreez
Lyrics to "400 Degreez" song by Juvenile: 400 degreez Ya see me I eat sleep shit and talk rap Ya seen that 98 mercedes on t.v. ... Bitch what I'll bust yo ass up
Waka Flocka Flame Lyrics - Hard In The Paint
Lyrics to "Hard In The Paint" song by Waka Flocka Flame: ... Waka Flocka Flame one hood ass nigga ... Shawty talk is cheap, so watch what ya say
Slim Thug Lyrics - Trash
[Gun shots] [Talking:] Fuck Northstar, you old bitch ass, midget ass nigga Get off my motherfucking dick, fuck Big Ballin You old bootlegging, old weak ass, trash ass, hoe ass niggas
Young Buck Lyrics - The Taped Conversation
So lemme talk to ya punk ass give ya what cha wanna hear ya kno when ya put the shit out ya shoulda told dem dat was a conversation that me n u had sum like a year ...
Trina - Tongue Song lyrics
Tongue Song lyrics by Trina: You hear the strings nigga / But on the flipside to this thong shit this is what bitches talk ... Hands all on my butt butt butt Ya need ...
Eminem Lyrics - Superman
Lyrics to "Superman" song by Eminem: You high, baby? Yeah Ya Talk to me You want me to tell you something? Uh-huh I know what you want to...
T.I. - Stand Up - Lyrics
Stand Up - Lyrics T.I. ... Cause I know how to handle ya fake ass I'm ride on ya, ... And all that gangsta shit ya talking, yeah it sound good
Eazy-E - Boyz N Tha Hood (g-mix) Lyrics
'Cuz tha boyz n tha hood are always hard Ya come talking that trash, ... So I grabbed tha stupid bitch by her nappy ass weave She started talking shit, ...
Lil Boosie Lyrics - Mind Of A Maniac
Lyrics to "Mind Of A Maniac" song by Lil Boosie: ... You betta be bout ya bread ya talk to me ... starin' hard to get ya ass hit
DMX Lyrics - Where The Hood At
[DMX talking] Aiyyo, ya niggaz must be outcha fuckin mind Thinkin dog can't pull another motherfuckin rabbit out the hat Nigga I ain't gotta check out my motherfuckin sleeves you bitch ass niggaz
Too $hort - Don't Fight The Feeling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Fight The Feeling' by Too $hort. Say hoe, yeah you / Can I ask you a question / You like to fuck? / Oh, you don't want me to talk to you like
Lil Boosie - Booty Talk lyrics
She Gotta, She gotta walk that walk and booty talk oh yeah We got bad ass in here tonight and lil Webbie ya heard me This how it's goin down look Webbie
T.I. - Breakup Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Breakup' by T.I ... ok, always talkin shit, make me sick which ya broke ass.You aint got ... Ya dirty, ya look bad, ya talk stupid, ya dumb... Say ...
Ja Rule Lyrics - Loose Change
Lyrics to "Loose Change" song by Ja Rule: ... [Talking] These faggot ass niggas, Ay yo Buck, ... Em ya claim ya mother's a crackhead and Kim is a known slut,
Unk Lyrics - Make You Move
Bet I Can Make You Move [x5] [Talking: DJ Unk] What up world, it's ya boy Unk, checkin in, Season Two DJ Montay on the beat, this is what I need cha'll to do right now
Petey Pablo Lyrics - Funroom
Lyrics to "Funroom" song by Petey Pablo: ... Im talking bout the doors locked ... Had you're bad ass on motrin 500 Im sorry I hurt ya honey That means
Trick Daddy - Walkin' Like A Hoe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Walkin' Like A Hoe' by Trick ... / Verse 1: / Now first off all ya'll ho's should know a nigga don't work ... same hair do's, and you still getting yo ass
Azealia Banks Lyrics - Big Talk
Lyrics to "Big Talk" song by Azealia Banks: Ya I know y'all seen that Playboy cover Bring your sexy ass in here All I know is that big talk All...
B.G. Lyrics - Work Dat Ass
Lyrics to "Work Dat Ass" song by B.G.: ... ya know what I'm talking bout look (Yaaaaay) ... So I can been ya ass over for dat Cocoa Crispy
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