When i lose you i lose a great something but guess when you lose me its like you lose nothing lyrics

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KARI KIMMEL LYRICS - Nothing Left To Lose
Lyrics to "Nothing Left To Lose" song by KARI KIMMEL: If you could know what I ... But I guess I got nothing left to lose ... Now it's all messed up and left in ruins
Lyrics to "I Lost You" song by DYLAN SCOTT: There's a line drawn across this bar ... I held a good hand. But I just couldn't win it ... And it's gonna hurt like hell till it doesn't. So I'm gonna drink like I've got nothing ... You're saying you need me
Lyrics to "Want You Back" song by FABOLOUS: The Karma of fucking over a good perosn Is the asshole you end up with Get a taste of your own medic... ... When you crossed me, you lost me. Now if I ... But you made something of, bitches I think nothing of ... That's how fast things change sometimes ... Guess Whos Bizzack
Lyrics to "The Man" song by ED SHEERAN: No, I don't wanna hate you Just wish ... But it was never fine to lose you ... I'll make your little secret public it's nothing. I' m just disgusted with the skeletons you sleep with in your closet to get back at me ... If we married then I'll guess you'd have to be ... But good things are over fast
EVE LYRICS - You Had Me, You Lost Me
Lyrics to "You Had Me, You Lost Me" song by EVE: You had me, You lost me And now you want me back ... Like it was all good to move on and cross me off ... And I guess it was your purpose to lock me in. But you fucked up ... Now it's payback
Lyrics to "Lost One" song by JAY-Z: Uh, uh, uh, uh It's not a dis song, it's just a real song Feel me? I heard ... When you could look in the mirror like, "There I am"
J. COLE LYRICS - Nothing Lasts Forever
Lyrics to "Nothing Lasts Forever" song by J. COLE: I tried, you tried, we tried All of the times that we had together We ... When this shit end, man it's gon' get ugly ... You done seen me at my best, seen me at my worst ... But success bring bitches, and they bad as fuck ... I guess I never thought I could have ever have lost you
ISSUES LYRICS - Never Lose Your Flames
Lyrics to "Never Lose Your Flames" song by ISSUES: Riddle me this, I gotta figure it ... You see I got a conscience like gasoline. I could siphon shit out, fuck it and leave. But, I fuel the fire with everything they said it's stuck in my mind ... Seems like we've been so scarred ... I guess you found the meaning of giving up on me
Lyrics to "Love Me Like You" song by ELLA EYRE: Nobody... I guess I'll love ... I guess I'll love you forever. I guess that's ... But you don't have a clue. That it does nothing for me. Now I don't ... without you. I never thought it's something I'd lose
STING LYRICS - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
They all seemed like game show hosts to me. If I ever lose my faith in you. There' d be nothing left for me to do. I could be lost inside their lies without a trace. But ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Lost Ones
[Verse 1] Baby girl, I can't imagine what it's like for you. I got you pregnant now inside there is a life in you. I know you wonderin' if this is gon make me think bout  ...
DAVID BOWIE LYRICS - Something In The Air
Lyrics to "Something In The Air" song by DAVID BOWIE: Your coat and hat are gone I really can't ... It feels like we never had a chance. Don't look me in the eye. We lay in each others arms. But the room is just an empty space. I guess we lived it out ... Lived with the best times ... Nothing left to say ... Abracadoo - I lose you
WOE, IS ME LYRICS - Nothing Left To Lose
Lyrics to "Nothing Left To Lose" song by WOE, IS ME: Did you honestly think for a ... In spite of those who disagree, you know it feels damn good to prove you wrong! ... We'll shut you down; you'll drown like the rest of them ... I'll make you pay for all the things that you said ... But I guess this time around I'll say I told you so
BIG SEAN LYRICS - I Don't Fuck With You
Lyrics to "I Don't Fuck With You" song by BIG SEAN: I don't fuck with you You little ... Then you post it up, thinkin' that it's makin' me sick ... Ain't nothin' but trill in me, aw man, silly me ... Got a million things on my mind ... Say you want me to win, but hope I lose ... I guess you need a bad bitch to come around and make it up
THE AGONIST LYRICS - Everybody Wants You (Dead)
Lyrics to "Everybody Wants You (Dead)" song by THE AGONIST: You did me wrong! Yeah, you screwed me. But – guess what! I win, you lose. ... lose. How funny, what you show when you've got nothing to prove. ... I'm thinking it through – I'm convinced it's true. ... Will you buckle down like barnacles, a one-time contagion?
Lyrics to "Lose To Win" song by FANTASIA BARRINO: Hmmm-hmmmm Ever felt so ugly, pretending that he loves me Sometimes it's just not money never had t... ... Like I'm a beginner, I loved you for your ... But he ain't willing to make it last? ... Sometimes you gotta lose to win again (win again, oh and if it makes you cry)
Lyrics to "Lose My Mind" song by BRETT ELDREDGE: You put me on a roller coaster, fly me ... You make me crazy and I kinda like it ... Only good thing about it is I'm locked in here with you, yeah. I'm always watching you, wondering what you'll do next. But my favorite part about it is I always have to guess (you know I do)
Lyrics to "Just Lose It" song by EMINEM: Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down! OK.. Guess who's back? Back again ... I done touched on everything, but little boys ... Good God, dip, do a little slide ... Could you punch me in the stomach and pull my hair? ... Everything looks like it's 8 Mile now
STEVE EARLE LYRICS - I Don't Want To Lose You Yet
Lyrics to "I Don't Want To Lose You Yet" song by STEVE EARLE: Baby it's a ... You know I love you and I know you love me. It's everything that love's supposed to be. But I don't wanna look up one day ... Can't tell you nothin' 'bout love I guess
EMINEM LYRICS - Sing For The Moment
Sing it with me, just for today, maybe tomorrow the good Lord'll take you away. ... Yet everybody just feels like they can relate, I guess words are a motherfucker they can be great ... To get their hands on every dime you have, they want you to lose your mind every ... We're nothin' to you but we're the fuckin' shit in their eyes
ELLIE GOULDING LYRICS - Something In The Way You Move
Lyrics to "Something In The Way You Move" song by ELLIE GOULDING: It's the ... Not one bone in your body good enough for me. But ... But tonight I'm gonna lose it all ... Heart is sinking like a cannonball ... There's nothing left for me to lose
B.O.B LYRICS - Nobody Told Me
Lyrics to "Nobody Told Me" song by B.o.B: I guess I bit off more than I could chew And nobody told ... And if it did, I'm missing something. Nobody told me you can lose when you win ... It's like, it's like I'm suffering from a sickness ... But I really had it all when I ain't have nothing ... I guess I'd illustrate it if it's good but however
He was holdin' up sign sayin' life is good. Man, I wonder what it'd be like, a day in his shoes. I guess when you got nothin', you got nothin' to lose. He said boy, don't you pity me, I'm still standin' tall. As a matter of ... But there's sunshine after rain. So I'm ... So I'm alright (said you'll be fine, take it one day at time) Today I met a ...
J. Cole - Nothing Lasts Forever Lyrics
it's good to share ... cuz when this shit ends its either all or nothin' I thought you loved ... guess you deserve that, a new start but deep ... If I lost your respect, I just hope you don't look at me as somethin' you regret ... I wanna kick it but i know that shit is different now ... now we could say that all good things come to an end but ...
Same Dumb Excuse (Nothing To Lose)
Lyrics to "Same Dumb Excuse (Nothing To Lose)" song by FOREVER THE SICKEST ... A couple of things I've really got to tell you. ... oh, it's not easy other than me telling it to you straight, ... I've got nothing to lose but you.. To get you to laugh, to get you to smile, ... I Guess You Can Say Things Are Getting Pretty Serious
HOPSIN LYRICS - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5
Lyrics to "Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5" song by HOPSIN: Man I hate rap, but if the shoe fits wear it. ... While your favourite rappers like, yeah he got it from me. You've ... Well let me guess, NO. ... For always busting your tool, with nothing to lose, or something to prove, ... It's clear you can't stand the law, you lost as an abandoned dog.
Michael Learns To Rock - Nothing To Lose Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nothing to Lose' by Michael Learns To Rock: Nothing to lose Your love to win Hoping so bad That you'll let me in I'm at your feet Waiting for you. ... it's good to share. print correct ... There's something. You don't understand. I want to be your man. [Chorus ] Nothing to ... Can You Guess The Song By The Emojis?
RIHANNA LYRICS - P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)
Lyrics to "P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)" song by RIHANNA: Whats up? I know we haven't spoken for a while But I was thinkin bout you And it kinda made me sm... ... Does he still look just like you? So many things I wanna know the answers to ... I've got nothin to lose ... I guess you thought that I would put it all behind me. But it  ...
It's on the tip of my tongue but I'm still afraid. Sometimes the ... Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest to say. But I don't want to lose you, drive you away
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Something You Forgot
Lyrics to "Something You Forgot" song by LIL' WAYNE: I've been lonely, I've been waiting for you I'm pretending, and that's all I can do (that's all I c... ... hear me) [Lil' Wayne] Pain, since I've lost you, I'm lost too ... Give me another chance, I'm needin' it like a kidney ... (but I wish you and yours nothin' but happiness shawty)
A1 - Don't Wanna Lose You Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Wanna Lose You Again' by A1. I can feel that the ... it's good to share ... you get. In the end it's all or nothing ... Like a star, it's so hard to reach you
'N SYNC LYRICS - It's Gonna Be Me
Never seems enough for you. You don't wanna lose it again. But I'm not like them. Baby, when you finally, Get to love somebody. Guess what, It's gonna be me.
NF LYRICS - Thing Called Love
Love could be your best friend ... But you don't ever see. Love can be the reason why You're afraid to have it. Some say it like it means something Others says I have it ... Pretend that it ain't nothing to us ... This love has got me down low ... You better grab it. You don't want to lose it. It brings pain. It's insane. But the bruises
WITT LOWRY LYRICS - Kindest Regards
Lyrics to "Kindest Regards" song by WITT LOWRY: Here to tell you the truth Tell ... Tell you that nothing's the same ... As you stand on the edge of the world you feel like you're destined to break ... I'm just telling you this that your feelings may fade but your memories stick ... Few of y'all walked out and left I had no one to lose
Lyrics to "Lost Ones" song by LAURYN HILL: It's funny how money change a situation ... But if a thing test me, run for mi gun ... You might win some but you just lost one ... Always want to make it seem like good intent ... Nothing Even Matters
DRAKE LYRICS - Hate Sleeping Alone
Lyrics to "Hate Sleeping Alone" song by DRAKE: She said kiss me like you miss me, fuck me like you hate me And when you're fucking someone else jus... ... She's losing it right now, cause if I wasn't who I am, she woulda been moving in by now. But instead we're moving slow, I guess she's used to it by now. And she gives ...
DRAKE LYRICS - 30 For 30 Freestyle
But I'm not really sure what else you expected. When the ... Kids'll lose their lives, got me scared of losing mine ... I guess you just making moves on your own time. But ... It's like you went on vacation with no plan of returning ... Luckily, I'm great at avoiding distraction ... Not after all of the shit I've seen and the things I believe
BIG SEAN LYRICS - 4th Quarter
Now it's back to me nigga. I took my ... It ain't nothing to cut that bitch off but you can't cut my percentage (No no) With the ... I guess you tend to overdo it when you come up underprivileged, look ... I got a rich girl, I swear to god dawg, man she's like a walkin' ATM ... Sometimes to win the war man you got to lose a battle. But if ...
Lyrics to "Lost" song by SHAWN MENDES: I walk down the street and all I can see Is people taking ... Guess there's somebody else that you'd rather be talking to
NF LYRICS - How Could You Leave Us
Lyrics to "How Could You Leave Us" song by NF: How could you leave so unexpected? We waited, we ... Why do I feel like I lost something that I never had ? You ...

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