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Travis Scott - Antidote Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Antidote' by Travis Scott. Don't you open up that window Don't you let out that antidote Poppin' pills is all we know In the hills is all we know (Hollywood!) Don't go through the front door (Through the back!)
EDEN - Rock + Roll Lyrics
But I can be my own kind of rock and roll I don't really care if you say you don't fuck with me. And I can say what the fuck I want 'cause it's down to me And I got love for you even if you were doubting me Like, oh my God, I just can't stop
Logic - Under Pressure Lyrics
White Benz, black card, bitch better get your plastic up Man, this shit is hella hard, but we never acting up Live it up, hold on to your dream, don't ever give it up Finally had my share of success, and shit, I can't get enough Now they know my name through the nation Cause my single like that good shit, man, always in rotation
MC Lyte - God Said Lyte Lyrics
End your rhyming career I spits it like you wanna do but can't Your skills iffy cause you tryna dance Due to the circumstance, get your hands up high You know the routine, freeze 'em like a drive-by You know when I roll through I'm reppin' old school Thought I told you, here let me show you, I don't know you Fuck you, I don't owe you nothin'
Method Man - Rumble Lyrics
Rusty-ass .38 Special, niggas owe me Slowly I turn, face the one and only Naughty By Nature, I Do My Dirt All By My Lonely Ask Pretty Tony, when I got a bitch I keeps a bitch 36 Chambers, Enter at your own risk Take that watch off and tuck your necklace City never sleeps, streets is restless Rap style'll slave you, when you least expect it
Murs - The Dance Lyrics
All of a sudden found god like runnin mase Thought it be fun to spun on tape Now you wish you would have stuck to drum n' bass But you had to be hard on the blue ball When you never gang banged a day in ya town Try to be a man and run the streets and the jungle gym nigga stop playin around Lay it down [Chorus: x3] This is the Dance!
U-God - Rumble Lyrics
Rage, rock, roll, fight Brawl, fall, rumble Rage, rock, roll, fight Brawl, fall, rumble. The diabolic witty, dialect's darker than Gotham City Wit' the possibility to stop your walkin' ability God forgive me, spark enemies wit' pistol grips The missile tip's impact hit you so hard, you shit through your dick. Official scripts strikes when ...
Sonicflood - Write Your Name On My Heart Lyrics
Son of God I owe my life to You Your promises are true Your love goes on and on forever So write Your name upon my heart Burn Your word into my mind Make a temple of this body Let Your Spirit move inside I have wandered through the valley And I have wondered who I am So live in me, make Your mark And write Your name upon my heart God above
Lou Reed - Heroin Lyrics
About all the Jim-Jims in this town And everybody putting everybody else down And all of the politicians makin' crazy sounds All the dead bodies piled up in mounds, yeah Wow, that heroin is in my blood And the blood is in my head Yeah, thank God that I'm good as dead Ooohhh, thank your God that I'm not aware And thank God that I just don't care
JOHNNY CASH LYRICS - songlyrics.com
Johnny Cash song lyrics collection. Browse 2184 lyrics and 5226 Johnny Cash albums.
Cee Lo Green - Suga Baby Lyrics
Tip-toe through the door then vacant the premesis without a trace (Oh lord) Pardon me please, excuse my negligence But to what do I owe the honor standing In the presence of elignece in its essence Simply beautiful are the words you deserve My lil' peanut butter jelly jam preserve [Chorus] [Cee-Lo] I like the way you wear you hair (Your hair)
J.I.D - Grand Theft Auto Lyrics
It's already and to owe a nigga menage a trois I look up to the sky and thank God I are A reflection of himself set inside my flaws Set aside my sins, set aside my love Silly bitch get inside my car [?] bitch Gotta go bitch B-b-bitch J.I.D bitch, uh All black on at my wedding, bucket ass naked at my funeral Can't 9 to 5 in no lil' ass cubicles
Johnny Cash Lyrics
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2Pac - All Out Lyrics
If you got bills to pay, nigga, go all out Bustas playin' with your papes better go all out Tryna see the next day, nigga, go all out Obstacles in your way, you better go all out [Napoleon:] I'm on my last leg, walkin' through the belly of the beast Feelin' like I'm all out, drunk as can be It's plain to see, that we mob niggas hidin' in bushes
Berner & Mozzy - Froze Up Lyrics
I'm in a lil town, tryna make my rounds I got shooters in the lobby if shit go down I got money that get made, plug on my phone And them niggas been hiding 'cause they knowing that it's on Another plate God made, in the foreigns we gon' race Still going through pain, you can see it in my face I just roll up, got it sold up [?] that they know of
Luther Barnes - God's Grace Lyrics
(By the grace of God) God's grace [2x] (God's grace) [2x] It was God's grace. (God's grace) His amazing grace. (God's grace) I made it this far. (I made it this far) (By the grace of God.) Lord, I thank you for how you brought me, How you brought me through the night. Lord, you kept me and you never left me, You stood by my side.
Nujabes feat. Shing02 - Luv (sic.), Part 3 Lyrics. It's funny how the music put times in perspective Add a soundtrack to your life and perfect it Whenever you are feeling blue keep walking an
U-God - Rumble (Featuring Method Man & Inspectah Deck) Lyrics
U-God - Rumble (Featuring Method Man & Inspectah Deck) Lyrics. Countdown Are you ready? Are you mad inside? Got you strapped down to your seats Outta the doorway, bullets ripped, full clip God speed, ap
U-God - Rumble Lyrics
Got you strapped down to your seats Outta the doorway, bullets ripped, full clip God speed, approach follow my lead Fire winds gust, empire crush Full thrust, fall in the hole, roll wit' the rush Untouchable chunk of air, wax and soul Sound waves slay out the back, can't smoke My belly-full prance dance, avalanche quote Down slope, elegant as Fantasia Killer whale tale inhale, black male from ...
Jim Reeves - Old Tige Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Old Tige' by Jim Reeves. (Tige you were faithful, faithful to the end) (Tige how I miss you, you were my best friend) Three years of Army Service done and I was headin' home at last I got to thinking 'bout my dog and things long gone past
Yeah, God said Lyte from the beginning of timeI'm giving 'em rhymes of feminine kind, keeping it tightKnockin' the edge off they shoulderColder than any MC, and hotter than the nextCheck the textTo the left a seagull lights the truthKick it to the youth, pocket full of ...
August Alsina - Benediction Lyrics
Lyrics to "Benediction" song by August Alsina: ... Shake my head, roll up the window, turnin' up the music So much anger in these songs for these soldiers that we losin' A mastermind is one who's feedin' others off his talent I owe it to my city but it's time I pay my balance I'm in Holyfield's estate, I started with a pallet ...
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by Various Artists on album Ballads - 20 Beautiful Ballads & Romantic Songs. Look into my eyes, you will see What you mean to me Search your heart, search your soul And when you find me there You'll search no more Don't tell me it's not worth trying for You can't tell me it's
Trae - Swang Lyrics. Niggas better see a nigga roll Starched down & I'm rollin' on 84's. Swang & I Swang & I Swang to the left Pop, pop my trunk & yep yep yep S
Wu-Tang Clan - Rumble Lyrics
Rusty-ass .38 Special, niggas owe me Slowly I turn, face the one and only Naughty By Nature, I Do My Dirt All By My Lonely Ask Pretty Tony, when I got a bitch I keeps a bitch 36 Chambers, Enter at your own risk Take that watch off and tuck your necklace City never sleeps, streets is restless Rap style'll slave you, when you least expect it
Karen Clark-Sheard - I Owe Lyrics
For bringing me through When I turned from you And extending your hand When you didn't have to. For giving a chance When I needed reproof. I owe I owe I owe I owe I owe I owe. For great is the merciful hand of God Who gave us His son just to show His love (For your grace and your guidance) We owe you this time And we'll forever give thanks to you
Andre Nickatina & Equipto - I`m Gone Lyrics. god bless me i woulda been right if i was lefty my life predicted went in my dad testis forever today you could never owe me one dont be ash
Token - Patty Cake Lyrics
Wonder what's up in my mind when I be staring at ya Look up in my pupils, you might have a slipup if you get it backwards Plus I wash my hands before I take a piss instead of after Gotta keep my shit clean, shit, I'm a successful rapper (yeah) None of ya'll can pedal faster I ain't got my license baby, but look at all these pussy rappers
Big Sean - Life Should Go On Lyrics
My watch is thirty thousand dollars, Dolce and Gabana I done spent so much in Prada, I don't wanna know I'm the reason that your bitch is smoking weed now No blunts, lil' bro wan' roll up joints Seen the how-to video now he on point And he tryna make it front row to the show to throw me one If I ever hand you some weed, it's free, you don't owe ...
Young And Divine - Hot City Radio Lyrics
But little do you know Well, I'm rolling loud and clear through your stereo Hung yourself to the radio, you're something now Yeah, It's better than nothing Owe my life to the radio Mama taught me well We always wanted to win it Well you've been feeling low You get high to shut out the world Yeah, you let it go But little do you know Well I'm rolling loud and clear through your stereo Lace ...
Rexx Life Raj & Kenny Beats - Moonwalk Lyrics
I got in my feels and stayed on ten toes Then got it poppin', xans, benzos It's all mental, all in your head every time Snow on that roll but I still don't slip Moonwalk like Mike Jack through all that shit (Ay) If the sky falls, I bet I catch it It's destined, yeah Don't mind me I'm out here doing what the fuck I'm 'posed to, uh
Famous Dex - U Late Lyrics
I told my nigga hold his head He coming home to all this bread With a Rolex and a Benz He can see it through the lense But they can't see me through the tints If you owe me then I'm coming for my ends [Hook: Famous Dex] You late, you late, you late, you late You late, you late, you late, you late I fucked your lil bitch then I skate
B.o.B - I'm Beamin (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to "I'm Beamin (Remix)" song by B.o.B: My aura takes the form of the aurora borealis Or a floral pattern, ... strode strong through your lawn 'til the dawn Tell you mom, name another real as John, kill a song ... I'm a child of God, my reflection is on Yeah, I'm only 15 and, but my sixteens is strong
Reba McEntire - I Want to Hear It from You Lyrics. If all our love is through If you found someone new Then I want to hear it from you If there is no mistake And if my heart must break I want
Bob Dylan - Thunder On The Mountain Lyrics
Shame on your greed, shame on your wicked schemes I'll say this, I don't give a damn about your dreams Thunder on the mountain heavy as can be Mean old twister bearing down on me All the ladies in Washington scrambling to get out of town Looks like something bad is going to happen, better roll your airplane down
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