When you make her laugh she shines brighter than the stars lyrics

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And she always wears yellow when she feels like herself. With a smile that's shining brighter than I ever could tell ... Trying to make her see. That even when it ... She is my shining star. So tell me if you're ever feeling sad or alone. And I'll do my ...
BORNS LYRICS - Seeing Stars
Lyrics to "Seeing Stars" song by BORNS: Saw her walking on the side of the road , On the sidewalk chalk from my balcony ... First sight she made me look twice, ... You've got me seeing stars brighter than ever. Shining just like diamonds do
BRUNO MARS - Just The Way You Are lyrics
“Just The Way You Are” is the catchy single of the album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans " by Bruno mars. ... Make the stars look like they're not shining. Her hair ... Sad to think she don't see what I see ... Her laugh, her laugh ... Then just stay the same
CLAY WALKER LYRICS - Hypnotize The Moon
Lyrics to "Hypnotize The Moon" song by CLAY WALKER: She knew she caught my eye And that ... 'Cause once you start to love her. You know you'll never stop. She shines like a diamond ... She could charm the stars ... Then and there I knew
Shining like those New York lights on Broadway When she ... for her. She makes me feel like home's not so far away ... But I miss her pretty smile, I'm coming back in a little while ... No matter how far I go, you know I can't stop thinking about her
Colbie Caillat - Brighter Than The Sun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Brighter Than the Sun' by Colbie Caillat: Stop me on the corner I swear you hit me like. ... Oh, we could be the stars, falling from the sky. Shining how ...
Grave Digger - Emerald Eyes Lyrics
Twinkle like stars in the night. Your smile shines brighter than the sun. Your smile shines brighter than the sun. You are my queen. Choose who is worthy of you
She would welcome me, with her arms, open wide and her smile, Would shine on me brighter than the sun, She hasn't had a fair ... your judgement off her) (I know cause) she's a fallen angel (you know) ... Does that make me a selfish man oh,
But lemme tell you that them heels really compliment your frame ... Girl lemme get them ooh aahs then I gotta catch my plane ... She hate me when I leave cause when I leave I never call her ... TSA be laughing all them rubbers in your luggage ... Know she shining bright, got on my cartier, she my billie jean we minaj with ...
Roxette - Fingertips Lyrics
You're swimming in a stream, o yea. ... Then she runs her fingertips through your hair. Your life has just begun. ... The stars are out tonight, shining bright. You're ...
Lyrics to "Make You Mine" song by HIGH VALLEY: You were made to shine under Southern stars Pure as the mountain rain You're the love songs pouring... ... Sweeter than sugarcane. You've got my heart wrapped ... She's With Me · Come On ...
Harry Chapin - Shooting Star Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shooting Star' by Harry Chapin. He was crazy of course / From the first she must have known it / But still she went on with him / And she ... Oh, he was the sun burning bright and brittle. And she was the moon shining back his light a little ... But, she could make them holy ... And then when the world was laughing
Nothing shines quite as bright ... You're probably hanging out and making eyes ... And ask my girl to dance, and she'll say yes ... Or her to second guess
MARIONETTE LYRICS - "Enemies" (2009) album
I hate you for making me hate. For turning me into you. For not being better than this. Not better than you. How I loathe your ignorant gluttonous smile. As you ...
Lyrics to "Talk To You" song by G-EAZY: I just wanna talk to you Show you how I feel if you let me in just for a ... We can exchange names and then digits then ... Put my name in her phone and said I'm glad I met you ... Feel like a match, she the one I wanna make mine ... Your smile shines bright like the stars are glowing
J. COLE LYRICS - Rise And Shine
Lyrics to "Rise And Shine" song by J. COLE: There's a nigga right now somewhere He at the ... Hope my mama get to see Jamaica before she meet her maker
And The Stars Are Out Haha I See This Big Ol Star Though Is That You ... But I Could See Your Face Your Face Shines A Little Brighter Than The Moon Damn In The ... I Love When I Make You Smile I Could See ... And if She Got A Daughter Than I Got A Niece ... I'm a Let The Moonshine I'm a Treat Her Like My Babygirl
Lyrics to "Lullaby" song by THE SPILL CANVAS: It's the way that you blush when you're nervous. It's your ability to make me earn this. I know th... ... It's about how you laugh out of pity, ... Rest assured, if you start to doze, then I'll tuck you in, and plant my lips ... You shine so bright it's insane, you put the sun to shame. (Oh)
DEMONICA LYRICS - "Demonstrous" (2010) album
The life that makes me suffer. Prove it worth ... I'll track you down into the sun. Ghost Hunt ... I am so much more than war. I am love ... The moon is laughing. The planets ... She got murder in her eyes. I beg her to ... Stars shine brighter. As she ...
DAVID NAIL LYRICS - Whatever She's Got
She'll make her mind up just to change it. The kind of girl that keeps you waitin', waitin' around. She likes to get her toes done bright red. She's always reapplying ... She's sunny one minute then she's pouring down rain. And she'll do whatever ...
Taio Cruz - She's Like a Star lyrics and translation
May 9, 2014 Lyrics and translation for She's Like a Star by Taio Cruz. ... my side She's the only one that I believe can save my life She makes me wanna be a better man ohh why, She's higher then the sky, the suns and the moon She's like a star, ... she shine so bright Beats on the G5, songs I write, just so I can take her ...
... "Breathe" song by RYAN STAR: She's fine, most of the time She takes her days with a smile She ... Let the life that you live be all you need ... Shine on, bright like the sun ... Then let it all come out ... Gonna Make It Right[iTunes Bonus Track]
Her Majesty And The Wolves - Stars In Your Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stars In Your Eyes' by Her Majesty And The Wolves. It's what you want / It's what you need / Get it started / I won't stop / Pre party at the crib / ... Hey young world keep it shining bright ... No waiting all laughing. Let's get this party happening. And then she said. It's what ... Songs That Will Make You Cry Uncontrollably.
ANGEL HAZE LYRICS - Same Love (Freestyle)
Because she'd rather see a part of me die than me thrive ... She keeps me warm. She keeps me warm ... And I stand for the girl with the cuts up her sleeve. And the ... Here's to the single star shining bright inside you, asking you to guide you
AQUALUNG LYRICS - Brighter Than Sunshine
Lyrics to "Brighter Than Sunshine" song by AQUALUNG: I never understood ... I look up, you're standing next to me - ... I'm yours, and suddenly you're mine.
THE TEMPTATIONS LYRICS - The Way You Do The Things You Do
You've got a smile so bright, you know you could have been a candle. I'm holding you ... my life complete. You made my life so bright, you make me feel alright.
Ne-Yo - You're A Star Lyrics
All by herself she walks around / The sun is up she lookin' down / Her lonely tears , they hit the ground, they start a fire. ... He took her heart, he took her smile ... Just know that you're a star don't let him dull your shine ... Than what she know ... Ed Sheeran's Latest Hit 'The Shape Of You' Almost Didn't Make it On 'Divide'.
Lyrics to "Soulshine" song by THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND: When you can't find the light, That guides you on the cloudy days, When the stars ain't shinin' ... Damn sure better than rain. ... Got to let your soul shine, shine till the break of day . ... Gonna make it on my own. ... A woman too, God knows, she can feel like this.
Skyclad - Moongleam And Meadowsweet Lyrics
... by Skyclad. See her face shine in the moonlight-- / Soft as silk and white as cream, / Silently I watch her. ... Log In. Create Free Account. Notifications ... Her hair is full of meadowsweet--she's wrapped in leafy green. On bended ... Far brighter than the stars your smile, You hold the richest sunset in those eyes-- You are ...
Rihanna - Diamonds (In The Sky) Lyrics
Shine bright like a diamond ... You're a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy ... So shine bright tonight, You and I We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky ... Ed Sheeran's Latest Hit 'The Shape Of You' Almost Didn't Make it On 'Divide'.
Uncle Kracker - Smile Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Smile' by Uncle Kracker: Even when you're gone Somehow you come along Just like a flower poking through the ... Cooler then the flip side of my pillow , that's right ... You make me smile like the sun ... Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
XTC - Then She Appeared Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Then She Appeared' by XTC. Then she appeared / Apple Venus on a half open shell / Then she appeared / The first photograph on Fox ... Create Free Account ... Brittle shooting star that dropped in my lap ... Now shines from her bright smile ... 12 Hit Songs You Won't Believe Were Passed Up By Other Artists.
CRIMSON GLORY LYRICS - "Strange and Beautiful" (1991) album
Make you need to be inside her. Something in her twisted smile ... Tell you man she's strange and beautiful ... You are the shining, I am the star. You are the burning, I am the fire. Burning bright for all to see ... And then you'll see the sun
ADAM GREGORY LYRICS - She's So California
Lyrics to "She's So California" song by ADAM GREGORY: Bleach blonde hair and no tan lines at least That's what I dream at night star dust eyes That shine... ... And talks a different attitude her smile. Is so much brighter than this stupid place. You can almost here Hollywood calling her name. She's so California she should  ...
Coldplay - Yellow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Yellow' by Coldplay: Look at the stars Look how they shine for you And ... I think this song has a amazing music and more than inner strength with ... 10 years ago, who said the song was “sh*t” and that “they would never make it”.
BLINK-182 LYRICS - Online Songs
Lyrics to "Online Songs" song by BLINK-182: Josie, you're my source of most frustration, Forget when I don't meet ... Making out on his front yard ... It shines so bright it blinds me ... And I'll laugh when I think about the past, ... And she said,
DEMI LOVATO LYRICS - Really Don't Care
Lyrics to "Really Don't Care" song by DEMI LOVATO: You wanna play, you wanna stay, you wanna have it all ... Cut to the part, she broke your heart, and then she ran away ... But even if the stars and moon collide ... And make you understand, and make you understand ... I just wanna laugh, 'cause you're tryna be a hipster
She starts dancing when the stars come out. She ain't your typical preacher's daughter. She'll leave you dreamin' yeah there ain't no doubt. There's a little bit of devil in her angel eyes. She's a little bit ... Drivin' me crazy with that kiss me smile
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "Heaven And Hell" (1980) album
Out of shadows, shining ever-bright ... Reaching for the stars, we blind the sky ... We made the mountains shake with laughter as we played. Hiding in our corner of the world. Then we did the demon dance and rushed to nevermore ... Thunder cracks the sky, it makes you bleed, yeah .... You'll feel her fire, she'll lift you higher
Owl City - Shooting Star Lyrics
Brighter than a shooting star, so shine no matter where you are, tonight. Whoa ... A thousand heartbeats beating time, and makes this dark planet come alive

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