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Di Genius - Pon Mi (Whine up pt.2) Lyrics
Jan 19, 2015 Lyrics for Pon Mi (Whine up pt.2) by Di Genius. ... So when yuh done wine up Yuh fi brace and bubble and climb up Girl yuh a plus dem ... pon me Back it up, back it up, back it up Do it inna faster slow motion Yeah da wine deh ...
I woulda whine pon har. Ehh gal a yuh mi wah fulfill my dream. Come whine up pon me [Verse 1:] Da one yah name. Slow motion. Do it from yuh heart, whine ...
Give me your everything. Mi give you my everithing. Girl Come an wine pon di ting. You a buss ... Wine for mi inna slowmotion. Ya use oil ... And wine up ya back
Lyrics to "Wine Slow" song by GYPTIAN: Yo Russian Yo she wine pon one ... Cause when you dress up in you two piece & short shorts ... Girl if you leave me
Slowmotion Lyrics - Rupee
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Slowmotion" from "Rupee": Girl I love the way you whine yea, ooooh, Cause the way you move your spine yea, ... how she slow whines back on me to her favorite song ... Slow motion up and down just like a ship on the ocean ... Girl with your whining skill yea you make time stand still yea
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Show Me Your Motion
Wine up fast or in a slow motion. Come show mi yo motion. Come show mi yo motion [Verse 2:] Champagne, champagne, weh the bar deh. Good night pretty girl ...
I'm taking aim, brought up in this life I know. Baby you're a rider and I love when you ride it slow. Motion for me girl, arch it to the ceiling. Now bend over for me ...
Stephen Di Genius McGregor - Pon Mi (Whine Up, Part 2) Lyrics
Girl you a plus dem a minus. Gyal shake up yuh body pon me. Back it up, back it up, back it up. Yeah [Verse 2:] Do it inna fast or slow motion. Yeah da whine deh  ...
Shal Marshall - Wine Yuh Body Lyrics
Feb 17, 2015 Gyal ah ninja-ing and Me nuh miss cause ah miss coming hhmm I wanna ... roll gyal, bend down And lose control gyal Bend down, slow motion, bend down and Roll gyal. ... Make it slow wine, gyal ah make it, switch it Up gyal!
Sean Paul - Wine It Lyrics
Do it slow motion whole it well tight gal. Grind it ... All night long you holdin' it strong girl ... Wine it pon me ... Cah di swet up on mi brow wit a drop on your back
Lyrics to "Slow Motion" song by JUVENILE: Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, move in slow ... Its like I got the world in my palm, your girl up under my arm
NAO LYRICS - Blue Wine
Drinking red, but bleeding only blue wine. I'm breaking into slow motion. I'm watching me in slow motion. Sweep me up from cold oceans. I'll make it through ...
My girl. Yuh a indian (yuh a indian) Chat to me (chat to me) Baby Wine like a gypsy gyal. Wine like a gypsy ... The way she wine up on me, har body a call mi
Lyrics to "I Wanna Sex You Up" song by COLOR ME BADD: Come inside, take off your coat, I'll make you feel at home. Now let's pour a glass of wine 'cause n...
Lyrics to "Grind On Me" song by PRETTY RICKY: Baby grind on me Relax your mind take your time on me Let me get ... Slow motion 'bout to put this thing on ya baby ... Step Two: Girl, I'm caressin' your body ... Eat her up like a Sundae cone
Lyrics to "Fine Whine" song by ASAP ROCKY: This love, this love, this love won't last forever This love, this love, this love can ... Eyes bloody when we out in public , I'm hubby, she say she love me ... Slow, slow, slow, for you to sleep and whine. Slow, slow, slow, oh yeah. I know your heart is broken, pick up your wine glass
R KELLY LYRICS - Reggae Bump, Bump
You make me wanna pass them chips girls you are so fine. How 'bout me and ... And when you bring it back up and move it in slow motion {Earthquake} Make ...
Khamari - One Dance lyrics and translation
Jul 4, 2016 ... very long time Back, up, back up and wine it, girl Tell me I need to know, where do you wanna go? Cause if you're down, I'll take it slow Make ...
Vybz Kartel - Slow Motion Lyrics
AAA gyal ah u me wah, fulfil my dream, come wine up on me, Yah one yah name, SLOW MOTION, do it from you heart wine wit de motion, De style wa u give me ...
The way she whine, the way she whine. She do it on ... Full motion gyal, feeling rude ... So you can tell me if you want it ... I love to see my gurls who whine it up
Lyrics to "The Motion" song by DRAKE: It's not me and you It's not me. ... And I still got tied up in that ... The girl that I want to save is like a danger to my health
Mavado - Love Me Girl lyrics
Love Me Girl lyrics by Mavado: Intro: / Whoaaaa ahhhh / Lady / Girl / Verse 1: / Steam a rise to the ceiling / Gonna love it when you close.
DRAKE - Controlla lyrics
Mar 29, 2016 Gal your body good (and you're special to me) Wanna make you ... Baby I'm very happy, whine up your sexy body for poppy. Your eyes them ...
Lyrics to "Nasty Nigga" song by KIRKO BANGZ: Let me talk my shit Show 'em how I ... Girl, I can get nasty with ya ... Pull up, now we fuckin' slow motion, roll up
Charly Black - Love at First Sight Lyrics
... never buck a girl like you before Mi love the way you wine So seductive sexy an ... This is love at first sight Mi love when you wine for me inna slow motion You  ...
Doc Box & B. Fresh - Slow Love lyrics
Slow Love lyrics by Doc Box & B. Fresh: Bust it / Slow love (Damn, that sound good) / Makin' slow love / Makin' slow love / Makin' slow. ... Word 'em up, Cool J, man, I know just how you feel. I'm aroused by your every touch. The very sound of your ... Let's make slow love. Girl, me and you will hug tight in my living room dark
Laid Back - Slowmotion Girl Lyrics
Slowmotion Girl lyrics performed by Laid Back: Are you waiting for a miracle You' d better clean up your mind 'Cause I can see no reasons ... You're in slowmotion. Girl, girl. You make me feel so slow. Girl, yeah. Are you living in another world
SEAN PAUL LYRICS - She Doesn't Mind
... Ouuh Girl I got you so high, and I know you like, So come on push it on me, if it ... Wine it, wiggle it, set the chop on it. Two more shot, now we're in and up on it
TREY SONGZ - Say Aah lyrics
So get here baby let me fill it up (fill it up) Go girl, Its your birthday. Hold the wine, I know your thirsty. Say Aah (Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah) Say Aah (Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah)
DEF LEPPARD LYRICS - Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)
Lyrics to "Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)" song by DEF LEPPARD: I gotta know right now It's got ... Take me in your arms and throw me to the ground ... Like a fine wine. My love is like a motor. Runnin' all the time. Step by step. Easy and slow
SEAN PAUL LYRICS - Temperature
The gal dem Schillaci...Sean da Paul So me give it to...so me give to...so me give it to...to all girls. Five million and forty naughty shorty... Baby girl...all my girls..all ...
Xscape - Work Me Slow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Work Me Slow' by Xscape. Play me some music, and pour me some wine. / I'm in the ... Cause I'm the kind of girl, ... Up and down, round and round,
Raghav - Turn Me On-Raghav lyrics
Turn Me On-Raghav lyrics by Raghav: Ohhhhhhhhhh yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh / oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh / For the longest time we.
Pretty Ricky - Grind On Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Grind On Me' by Pretty Ricky: Baby grind on me Relax your mind take your time on me Let me get deeper shorty ride ... Slow motion about to put this thing on you baby ... Girl I'm caressing your body ... Eater her up like a sundae cone
[Girl:] I want it slow tonite so baby dim the lights. Jus kiss me touch me tease me ... Aye skim it up pussy fat make me eat it up aye take buddy gyal take buddy ... say make she look come sit dong pon buddy like fridge upon a broom come wine
Play me some music, and pour me some wine. ... I want you to know, that I like it real slow. ... Cause I'm the kind of girl, ... Up and down, Round and round,
T.I. LYRICS - Ball
You make your way up to my section where it's at girl ... I got a bunch of money, so come and get it from me ... And do ya thing in slow motion like Soulja Slim
Fiji - Morning Ride Lyrics
Jan 9, 2014 ... mere closer den Enter me gates round 9 Girl u lookin pretty and you know ... fine wine Getting much sweeter as we pass by the time Oh no catch me ... body heat up when we movin in a slow motion Squeezin me so tight like ...
I'll be your soldier I can stroke you in slow motion for a really long time, time, time ... When your legs around me I get high and I don't wanna come down
KID ROCK LYRICS - Prodigal Son
Lyrics to "Prodigal Son" song by KID ROCK: Cuz growin up I was never the logical one packed my shit and left home like the prodigal son ... blow all my cash on cheap women and wine cause money, money, money ain't shit to me ... everything is slow motion like I'm trippin on tussin fussin with the girls they waste my time

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