Whippin it up at the same time , i fell in love with the same dime lyrics

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Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock. Had so much kush ... Clap two times if you druuuuuuuuunk (CLAP CLAP ... Pull triggers like hamstrings, boy I'm doin my damn thing. Been blood .... He might have the same whip, but check out how I roll mine. Y'all niggaz ... You fell in love and I fell in her mouth
with the same clip and the same four-five ... Yes, love love you're fucking attitude ... Then I'm dipping up the block and I'm robbing bitches too ... When it's time to eat a meal I rob and steal ... I'm all that and a dime sack, where the paper at?
NICKI MINAJ - Feeling Myself lyrics
He say "damn bae you so little but you been really takin' that pipe" I say "yes ... He in love with that coco ... Flippin' up my skirt and I be whippin' all that work
Lyrics to "Strip" song by CHRIS BROWN: Take it off I wanna love you and everybody wanna touch you You movin right wanna see what's up under...
Z-RO LYRICS - 25 Lighters
Lyrics to "25 Lighters" song by Z-RO: Hold up Z-Ro the crooked AKA king of the ghetto Screwed Up Click soldier for life You know what I'm... ... Soldier Boy love Z -Ro is who I am ... I don't give a damn what you bitch niggas done said ... I hit a lick & then it's time for me to lay low ... But I'm a maintain still in the same game
Cause they fell in love with my ride (my ride), my ride... ehh. [Verse 1:] Okay I pull up to da ... So when it's master time I'm goin hard up in my car. Touch down a ... up in my... [Verse 2:] Now when I'm cruisin' in my whip, damn right I crank my cd
Lyrics to "Dope Game" song by FREDO SANTANA: I done fell in love I done fell in love I done fell in love ... In the trap house whippin up a whole key ... They like damn Chief Sosa why you flexing. Cause I member all the times I ain't had shit
Young Dolph - Preach Lyrics
9 years old I seen a nigga get shot, damn. Niggas quick to run their mouth ... Same bitch that claim she love you she'll set you up (preach) Out here in these streets it ain't no such thing as love (preach) The only thing I trust is this pistol and  ...
Lyrics to "Can't Make This Up" song by KEVIN GATES: (I can't make this up) Step ... Every time that you leave I be having these dreams about you getting locked up for shot. This first bitch I love told me that was my baby but nah, I be thinking it's not ... Do the damn thing, no champagne, for me at least a light drink ( Retawdid)
If you come up don't forget about your dawgs, that's law. I'm a street nigga so its ... Look so damn fresh that shit should be against the law. I'm living my life like ...
Every time you on that liquor all you do is damn lick up. Big hurter lil man ... I'm a whip til my wrist hurt. I'm a get it to the ... I bet you fall in love with fantasy fantasy
DRAKE LYRICS - Look What You've Done
And I still love her but it fell through because I wasn't ready. And your back ... Cause leave it up to me, J, and neeks, we're probably end up robbing a bank ... Oh it's my time, yeah, it's on ... Damn, boo-hoo, sad story, black American dad story
J. COLE LYRICS - Runaway
Lord ain't enough time to chase all these dreams. I mean I ... How the fuck did my life become a damn love song? She ride for a nigga and she stand up for him
Lyrics to "6PM In New York" song by DRAKE: Yeah, oh you gotta love it Oh you got, oh you gotta love it I heard ... But then again times have changed man, who are we kiddin'? I'm managed by my friends that I grew up with ... Damn, I just had to say my piece about it ... I've been whippin' Mercedes and nigga try to budget
Lyrics to "Someone To Love" song by MIKE WILL MADE IT: I had to give these ... Used to say, "Kiss it one time" cause that coochie was stankin' ... Fell in love with sellin' drugs and then I went and got a plug ... Took them 5s and 10s and 20s, added it up ... We're not the same, I'm a creature now ... That Got Damn (Freestyle )
In the streets niggas look up to gotti and I understand why. Ain't on this ... When I say I love my niggers, that mean I love my niggers. Yeah ... Cope a new whip so I left the paper tags on it ... I'm damn near 30 and a nigga ain't done shit to me
Dope Game (feat. Chief Keef) lyrics and translation - Fredo Santana ...
Jan 12, 2016 I done fell in love with the dope game With the dope game In the trap house ... They like damn Chief Sosa, why you flexin'? Cause I member all the times I ain't had shit New whip pullin' up, Volvo, posted on front streets sellin' ...
EMINEM - Shady XV Cypher lyrics
Like god damn. Then I pick up somethin' quicker, start killin' everything in the vicinity ... Nah, the time's right and they finally limelightin' the god of this rhyme writin' My mic can ... I just fell off the turnip truck with Ernest Tubb .... Now imagine me hangin' with y'all and we rappin' on the same song .... “Love The Way You Lie ” · 3.
Z-RO LYRICS - Never Been
So if you owe me money, pay me on time 8-7-tre-4-2-4, ... the winter time. But I'm a damn fool and a half about respect, so give me mine ... Ain't a thang change, everything still the same ... No mo' whippin chickens up in the kitchen, nigga please ... Love It · Phuq With Me · Young Nigga · Time · Heaven · Jaccers Wanna Know
Lyrics to "Crumblin' Down" song by JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP: Some people ain't no damn good You can't trust 'em You can't love em No good ... Time respects no person. And when you lift up must fall ... Don't want to treat me the same
Jeru The Damaja - Me Or The Papes Lyrics
Party people, in the place to be / From the same man, who brought you Da Bichez ... She felt that love would make me buy her mad material shit ... I was a fool to fall in lust with this evil ge-nius ... Whippin I whip, and suckin up I canibus ... I ain't got time to waste, bad bitches is all up in my face ... they come a dime a dozen"
J. COLE LYRICS - Show Me Something
I'm a man so I cannot let them tears fall? ... I sit and think how I didn't grow up with my father there (Yeah) No need to to cry ... But last night I heard they robbed and killed a old man (Damn) ... Not Kells but I love the kids (But I love the kids)
T-PAIN - Make That Shit Work lyrics
Tell her its hammer time ... I'm whippin' on that ass like I'm making this hurt ... And when you hop up on a dick you better make that shit work Make that shit ... Drop that pussy on a dime ... But that bitch ain't in love she just tryin' to get them M's ... Castle On The Hill lyrics - Ed Sheeran; I Can't Fall In Love Without You lyrics ...
LIL ROB LYRICS - Summer Nights
I pick her up and she looks all dolled up (she look good) ... They're at the pad sayin God damn, I wish I was there. So have a ... It's time to put the top up and park it. Drop the dump, plug the ground, roll up the windows and lock it. Walk in the pad and fall into bed ... But it's not quite the same when summer nights are gone
Relationships are messed up but your face isn't. Used to taste ... Me and Moises whippin' the Porsche and we ease in front of you. What you ... Sidelines in pride times, no lions ... Cause this is intense, but I'm an eyewitness at love at first sight ... And I just kind of fell but I'm irrelevant in her eyes ... Bring the whole damn menu
LIL WAYNE - Right Above It lyrics
Now tell me how you love it , You know you at the top when only heaven's right above it , We onnnn ... Live in the same building, but we got different views
Freaky bitches love the money I make. And to live like this ... Ridin' til the wheels fell off and they tore it. I got green on ... Damn nigga you ain't learn shit ... Hit your girl in my whip and now that pussy got that new car smell. Same shit, different day ... My rolly don't tick tock, you shit sound like a time bomb ... Racked Up Shawty
Heard it's popping at the spot, time to get right. Call up my ... Call up them broads tell 'em get right. Poppin' ... Time to ball 'til we fall, let's get right ... Young the type a nigga that throw you the whip and ride the bus ... Damn Liar ... All The Same
Lyrics to "Step Yo Game Up" song by DIZZY WRIGHT: Hell nah we ain't change up ... When it's time I'll come, you can sign me up ... They don't really wanna get on the same shit as Mimi and Dizzy Wright ... I will get you fuckin top floor on the trunk of my whip nigga ... I'm psychopathic bitch, I fell with the derange slow
Catch me whippin in the beamer or the Benz 9 times ... 9 times outta 10, all my niggas keep some rolled up ... Throw the money up and fall down on the head ... Yeah she in love with the swag, but they in love with the flow. ... Err Damn Day
Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre - Lyrics
Y'all know me, still the same O.G. but I been low-key. Hated on by ... Full of plaques, hanging up in the office in back of my house like trophies. Did y'all ... Now all I get is hate mail all day saying Dre fell off ... Tryin' to get this damn label off ... At Metrolyrics we love music, and are committed to creating a site that our users love.
RAY J - Famous lyrics
“Famous” is a response to the Kanye West song of the same name. Ray J' uses ... I know that you cry when you're goin' to sleep every damn night. Damn lights ...
Jim Jones - Harlem Lyrics
And whip up 8th in the latest toy like it's the only thing to do. You know the house ... Heard a nigga from the west side was fuckin' my same bitch. But them bitches ...
DON TRIP LYRICS - Still Got Love...
Damn the truth hurts, but I got love 4 you. I'm not in ... Ain't no love in my heart, you should have known better. But I love ... I wanna take this time to keep this real
HAYSTAK LYRICS - Keep It Southern
... Stop, stop, stop.... Look but don't touch it If ya rub up against it I hope that you don't scuff it. ... We whippin' Caprice's the color of lemonade. So much ... Rock northern California, the same as home ... Pushin' and shovin' they love it ... Cause I be mashin' damn it. Imagine your hustle, amplified by twenty times ... Try not to fall
Cassidy - 0 To 100 (Freestyle) Lyrics
She said she love it hen i cum in her face it make her skin glow. I like the girl cuz ... Imma do my thing nigga spring winter summer fall ... Whippin cooking coke in my moms kitchen. Cuttin up on the same table we was eatin on ... Cuz time money so you owe me if you wastin mine ... That can't help i rather battle my damn self
Showed her how to whip it, now she remixin' for low ... We be countin' up, watch how far them bands go ... Man, I swear I love her how she work the damn pole
You know, when niggas fall victim to the system. Nigga get accustom to the street violence. Damn, I've been fucked up and got caught up in this life (shit deep) I've been ... Cause I be in some shit, majority of the time (we fine though) Stick and ...
Stand Tall Lyrics - Lil Wayne
And let it fall slow. Little nigga foot in ... See we don't give a damn wat they say. We do wat we want to ... She wanna feel this niggas love I say. Give me time baby. Just give me ... I just got copped a new whippin up interrior toffin (interrior toffin!)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - White Walls Lyrics
I'm rolling in that same whip that my granddad had. Hello haters ... Got that gas pedal, leaning back, taking my time. I'm blowin' ... Looking down from heaven like damn that's stylish. Smilin' ... I'm like go fuckin their tastic, I am up in a classic ... Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS - SAME LOVE feat.

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