Wine fi yuh bad fi give me now lyrics

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Lyrics to "Wine Fi Money" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Gyal a me seh pussy nuh fi sell but yuh change mi mind becah yuh hotta dan hell... Mi wah gi yuh m...
Conkarah - Right One Lyrics
Dec 6, 2016 Me a wait all night fi approach yuh Buh yuh man a stand guard like a soldier now Him nuh l... ... like a soldier now Him nuh love yuh girl him only wah control yuh ... girl you got my attention So wine fi mi baby, yuh style bad Mi love yuh, ... fi yuh Caught up inna himself no respect fi yuh Give me one chance to ...
Popcaan - Love Yuh Bad Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Yuh Bad' by Popcaan: Cock up your bumper / Love when you yuh ... Pay fi you visa ... She wine pon mi buddy til me relax ... She giving me snaps
Popcaan - Love Yuh Bad Lyrics
Gyal a yuh mi want Pay fi yuh visa Make yuh fly out regular Baby Cock up yuh ... up yuh bumper Sit down pon it Gyal yuh p*m p*m good And Ya fit Mi wi give yuh ... Mi fi be yuh Baby Dad Gyal ya good body Drive me mad Love yuh Bad Swear to ... locs She wine pon mi body til me relax Nine months times Thanksgiving drop ...
Blak Ryno - Wine Up Yuh Body Lyrics
Oct 29, 2015 Sit down pon mi c**key fi a likkle wine Fi get a likkle child That in a yo belly, ... a the pool and meck mi bring it to you Give it to me Gyal gimmi a likkle piece Walk ... Gyal meck yo bad suh, a galang suh Gyal mi love the way yo wine Caw mi love the way you wine Meck yo bad suh? ... Get the mobile app now.
Vershon - Key Fi Mi Life Lyrics
Sep 9, 2015 So baby come whine pon di cocky yah Cock up yuh pussy and whine pon di cocky yah Yah ... time fi come Open up yuh belly me shoot like di gun Nuh mi give yuh mi heart if yuh give me sum Mi love ... Get the mobile app now.
Come a let me really mek yuh wine like a gypsy [Verse 1:] Anytime mi gawn weh she miss me. She seh di love she hav fi me is a mystery. She hold mi like a ...
Lyrics to "Gal Wine" song by CHAKA DEMUS & PLIERS: Right now mi nuh care you nuh All haffi ... All haffi cater fi di gal dem every year ... Darling di love you give is sweet (for real) ... Darling your loving is di sweetest yeeah (watch me now)
Eh Sheba yuh bad like Taeisha [Sheba] Self praise ah ... Dat sumn deh weh huff up and a buff up me need it [Sheba] From yuh ... Mi gi yuh love till fi yuh love ah come down [Sheba] ... De wine weh mi ge yuh a go tek weh yuh fame. Memba mi ... Now Sheba Mek mi tell ... Mi give yuh love till fi yuh love ah come down [Sheba ]
Lyrics to "Me Nah" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Sheba, memba a man me name. ... Eh Sheba yuh bad like Taeisha [Sheba:] ... Mi give yuh love till fi yuh love ah come down ... The wine weh mi give yuh ago tek weh yuh fame ... Now Sheeba
Mavado feat. Nicki Minaj - Give It All To Me Lyrics
Lyrics for Give It All To Me by Mavado feat. ... to me Give it all to me Gyal di way yuh a wine, gyal yo know seh it groovy Yuh groovy ... movie Movie Yuh a tell mi yo bad, now a time fi yo prove it So prove it Ayo Mavado, tell em lick a shot; hollow.
Married an done now married an done. Put on di ring I'll never give yuh bun. Understand seh mi love cyan done... fi yuh ice pole can neva drop a grung... wine  ...
Natasja feat. Beenie Man - Better Than Dem lyrics
... now me naffi tell you that your hotter than the rest me have it bad because you ... me come fi pluck yuh like a egg how yuh wine and bawl and beg inna me bed ... me give you hot fuck flash yuh fingers shake your head nuff this gal a tell me ...
Lawd gyal dem don't bad like you. Lawd gyal mi ... Relax I wanna give you some good, good, fuck. Lights dim ... Gyal let me give you some nice, nice, wine ... Why every time when mi tell you seh fi tek you draws off. Wi haffi ... Wait Yuh Turn
Charly Black & J Capri - Whine and Kotch Lyrics
Oct 14, 2015 Whine & kotch gyal, whine & kotch Me like to press pon it, me like press ... grip, so come wine and kotch Hey gyal a weh yo come from wine fi mi Yo ... gimmi Gyal deh style deh bad mi BB pin hi When yo wine and kotch baby mi waan broughter This yah new style yah a go give you ... Get the mobile app now.
R. CITY LYRICS - Take You Down
Lyrics to "Take You Down" song by R. CITY: (Worldwide) Right about now All that I want is a gyal that bad to the ... Love when you move and ah you buss di whine ... Gyal because you bad bad bad bad ... For me to give you what yuh need
POPCAAN LYRICS - Number One Freak
Lyrics to "Number One Freak" song by POPCAAN: Hey baby girl Me fi haffi you inna mi world Unruly a talk Mi ... Baby, me a pree how your body ah wine ... Watch her now ... Some girl a say she bad but me know say she badder. She go pon her head yuh haffi tell her fi no bodda ... Mi a no bounty but mi give her the hammer
Wine up yuh body ooman ... Hold on now ... She think if fi fuck hard, she ride body good ... Nuh need fi yuh tell mi yuh pussy good ... Wine pon di cocky gal
GYPTIAN LYRICS - Hold You (Hold Yuh)
Gyal me wann fi hold yuhhh put me arms right arounddd ya. Gyal you give me the tightest hole me eva seen in my life ... Me want a gyal who can wine pon me
GYPTIAN LYRICS - Hold Yuh (Remix)
Gal mi waan fi hold yuh, put mi arms right around yuh (Yo Peashead ... Gal yuh give mi di tightest hold mi ever yet seen inna my life ... Dis one yah it a di bad gal edition ... Mi waan a girl who will tek care a mi, mi waan a gal dat can wine pon mi
GYPTIAN LYRICS - Hold Yuh (Remix)
Gal mi waan fi hold yuh, put mi arms right around yuh (Yo Peashead ... Gal yuh give mi di tightest hold mi ever yet seen inna my life ... Dis one yah it a di bad gal edition ... Mi waan a girl who will tek care a mi, mi waan a gal dat can wine pon mi
Braintear Spookie - Hurt It Up Lyrics
Jan 27, 2016 Baby yuh pussy nuh shame and mi nuh carry small cock Skin it out mek we fuck inna the yard. ... mi wah breed yuh Whole heap a girl out deh wah me fi fuck dem Me ... to No bad ways a weh me nah treat you Me a you honey so me start ... fat Sign you to me cocky, me give you the contract You love fuck Me ...
Mi love when yuh skin out fi mi fuck yuh (mmmm) Mi love fi do di ... Baby come wine up, come show seh yuh love mi ... Give it up, pon di cocky now (mm mm)
Lyrics to "Wine Yuh Body" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Pricky! Tell da gyal deh seh Sidung pon cocky and whine Quint up di pussy two time To how me see... ... Bout seh she have ah likkle sista fi fuck pricky. Any gyal get my buddy nuh fi get it
Nicki Minaj - Hold Yuh Lyrics
Ayo Gyptian tell dem fi gwan eviction Dis one Yeah it a di bad gyal addiction, See dem gal. ... Gyal me wann fi hold yuhhh put me arms right arounddd ya Gyal you give me the tightest hold me ... go tek you away Me want a gyal who cyan wine pon me Wid it gooddd And mek mi feel itt Show me that ... Get the mobile app now.
Vybz Kartel feat. Sheba - Gaza Man Mi Name lyrics and translation ...
Jan 16, 2016 Sheba, memba a man me name. ... mada natureMi ah wonder if yo bad like indu Eh Sheba yuh bad like TaeishaSelf ... The wine weh mi give yuh ago tek weh yuh fame Memba mi born fi feel the real ... Get the mobile app now.
ELEPHANT MAN LYRICS - Jook Gal (Wine, Wine)
Lyrics to "Jook Gal (Wine, Wine)" song by ELEPHANT MAN: Elephant (Hey!) Lil' Jon (Hey!) ... Yuh fi jook gal (Jook gal jook gal jook gal) Hand pon ... (French!?) Now that this chimney's tumblin ... Now back that ass up and give me somethin ( What!) ... Signal De Plane · Head Gone / Wine Up Uh Self · Bad Man · Real Gangstas
Lil Rick - Boom Boom Jump Lyrics
Jan 17, 2016 ... hype and that's why me tell them My girl yuh no pop down gyal (dem na more ... and show them yuh bad too () Show them yuh no punk Wine up yuh ... All pon di ground like if yuh wan (mop it) Never be afraid fi nobody now ...
Samantha J. - Bad Like Yuh lyrics
Lyrics for Bad Like Yuh by Samantha J. has been translated in 1 languages ... Say mi wantcha now Dem no bad like you, Nobody do it bad like you Wantcha now Dem no bad like you, ... you Mi wan fi be, mi wan fi be bad like you When you give me that lovin baby, everything lights up around me Oh Oh Oh ... Wine You Want.
Lyrics to "Come Yah Nuh Me Gal" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Yuh pussy good ... mi don't want u fi say a word everynite wen me come enuh a u me want see fi gi ...
Watch ya now, it name. A pretty face and bad character. Dem the ... Can't hold Chaka (Follow me) ... Now when yuh hear di ragamuffin ... Fi di coolie white Man
Give dem Paul instead. Dem don't want di ... (Come fi) (Straighten yuh talk?) ... Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel ... (Hear what now!) ... But dis is Buju Banton Me say (Me say) Boom bye bye. Inna batty bwoy head ... Anna wine yuh bottom
Now tell me who say dem wan hackle mi body. Dem affi have a permit and a licence fi mi. Mi admit it mi say mi mone and grone. Admit it, mone and grone
Lyrics to "Wine Go Down Low" song by DEMARCO: When di gyal dem a wine I get a very special feeling ... A that give me every reason fi watch are a back it up
Sean Paul - Wine Baby Wine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wine Baby Wine' by Sean Paul. ... Cause we hot now, Sean da Paul we deh ya, All of deh gal dem just a ... Waan fi give you the timing release and squeeze oh baby please ... See di haters dem a bad bad breed ... Woman you body speak to me and it ready fi di street ... Sean Paul - Tek Weh Yuh Heart Music Video.
Oh, come on now tell me how can I ... Natural fi keep and natural preserve me ... Mentally advanced fi always urge me ... Decent values with a decent wine
Shi get mad when di DJ seh wine caw yo know yuh no dun out. Now shi a wine paw man go pon are head. Dash out dip pussy like chicken or egg. Long out di tongue like shi waan give a head ... Fuck fi yo pussy bad man naw go eat yo
Lyrics to "Young Bud" song by BEENIE MAN: Ayee, yuh can't change some people, a suh them born a ... why bad mind so easily catching, ... mi granny tell mi fi tell him, she tell me seh eh ... Full time the dutty wine thing fi cut out ... when yuh gyal start give yuh bun nuh bother complain ... now yuh just realize seh yuh lame ?
Lyrics to "Thank Yuh Jah" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Psalms 127 Selah, Except di lawd build di house, dey live in vain ... Roll out di herbs before me start yawning ... Dem no waan wi fi claim our own, but Africa nah found nuf hole inna road ... None ah dem never give way nothing, ... Wine Fi Money ... The Cure (Fi Bad Mind )
Lucas DiPasquale feat. Stylo G, Kardinal Offishall & Konshens - Do It ...
Aug 24, 2015 Gyal a while now Luci a the boss Seh mi come cool but the drink keep mi frass Always sharp... ... love it when yuh whine up bad When yuh mek it work gyal yuh drive ... waan yuh back it up and put it pon me wiggle, wiggle, wiggle Do it fi ... don And give it to me one more time then mi gone She do it like this, ...

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