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Quavo - WORKIN ME Lyrics
writer(s): quavious keyate marshall, shane lindstrom, rasool diaz, joseph letranger
Quavo - Workin Me (Official Audio) Quavo - Workin Me ...
Quavo's Quavo - Workin Me (Official Audio) music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics.
Quavo - SWING Lyrics
Oh, I've been workin' hard, I rehearsed that Quavo loose, that's 'cause my body heard that And I think I deserve, a lil' different tonight Slow it down and have a drink for a second (Ay) Come on get on my page for a second, yeah We're the ones have a thrill, make it messy, yeah (Ay)
Quavo - FUCK 12 Lyrics
Lyrics to "FUCK 12" song by Quavo: We are denied not only civil rights, but even human rights. So the only way we're going to get some...
Quavo - GIVE IT TO EM Lyrics
[Quavo:] I'm like Odell with the contracts (Odell) Scratch that I'm up fifteen mil, that's a fun fact (Fifteen mil) Bad bih, where you from? Give me some (Yeah) Come back, send me drum, banana, ugh Catch a contact, Met Gala, Kanye, one ... WORKIN ME HOW BOUT THAT?
Lyrics to "BIGGEST ALLEY OOP" song by Quavo: 30, you a motherfucking fool, nigga I was 22 when I first dropped (d'usse, d'usse) Most influentia...
Quavo - RERUN Lyrics
She ride with me through the city while we swang doors (straight up) Slide through the hood, pop up on the north (yeah, yeah) You know everything good when you with the 'Cho
Quavo - PASS OUT Lyrics
[Quavo:] 22 million dollars in cash left on the street The boy who picked up the cash? Went on a mission (Buddah Bless this beat) It's the most money I've ever felt or touched Buddah, Huncho, go! Woo, woo, woo, woo (Yeah) I brought my niggas to the bank, then we cashed out ... WORKIN ME HOW BOUT THAT?
Migos - Dab Daddy Lyrics
[Intro - Quavo:] Yeah, ahhh Lemme talk my shit, nigga Migo, huh Fuck wrong with these niggas, nigga? Yeah [Verse 1 - Quavo:] When I caught the coupe they was mad at me
Quavo - HUNCHO DREAMS Lyrics
What's happenin', Uncle G? How you doin' this mornin'? Good mornin', brother What's happenin'? Good mornin', Uncle George What is y'all so happy about?
Kap G - No New Friends Lyrics
Lyrics to "No New Friends" song by Kap G: I'm a get money (yeah yeah) I'm a get money (yeah yeah) We don't need new friends (whoo) (Yeah, Kap...
Please drink me up Champagne Rosé (Champagne) (Six bottles, seven bottles, eight bottles, nine bottles, ten bottles) It's my game (Ten bottles, ten bottles, ten bottles, ten bottles)
Quavo - LOSE IT Lyrics
Make me wanna pull out the phone and go live on her, yeah (Yeah) But I snap back and close my eyes on her (Damn, yeah) Bad bitch, she bring a team of girls (Damn, yeah)
Quavo - SHINE Lyrics
Lyrics to "SHINE" song by Quavo: Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up! Two more drinks bet she going for sure (Two) Low key dates, uh, no...
Quavo - CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ lyrics
CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ lyrics by Quavo - lyrics explanations and song meanings. Drink me up Champagne Rosé (Oh, Huncho did it?) / It's my game (M-M-M-Murda) / Please
Quavo - Trapper Girl Lyrics
Quavo - Trapper Girl Lyrics Quavo. Edit lyrics Print Lyrics What does this song mean to you? Show All ({{discussionTotal}}) Popular Right Now. MoneyCardi B; ... Me and Thug hit the plug, she workin' for the plug Now she workin' for me and PeeWee How many times I told you, bitch I want them M's, nigga
Quavo - HOW BOUT THAT? Lyrics
Romano OG Parker We keep it goin' let's go (Go) Don't need no keys to go (No keys) Fuckin' with me, get go (Me) Nobody seen li'l bro (Ain't seen him)
Produced By: Phenom Da Don / [Hook: Quavo]/ Mansion full of bachelors/ Flippin' all these hoes like a spatula/ Nah, you know I don't like no camera/ Nah, your bitch she like an animal attackin' us/ She won't leave me 'lone, she love the bachelor/ Migos, young rich nigga, we some bachelors ...
Quavo - LOST Lyrics
Accomplish all my goals, congratulate me, yeah (Yeah) Got the five-end guard with me, that's for safety, yeah (Yeah) Make me wanna take all the Percocet pills (Percy)
Quavo - LAMB TALK Lyrics
Quavo Lyrics "LAMB TALK" Ayy Buddah Bless this beat Lamb talk, uh, yeah Lamb talk, Lamborghini (woo) ... Niggas tried to hit me but they filed out (yeah) Birds sing like Whitney and Bobby Brown house (brrt, yeah) ... WORKIN ME HOW BOUT THAT?
Quavo - KEEP THAT SHIT Lyrics
Lyrics to "KEEP THAT SHIT" song by Quavo: Keep that shit (Keep that shit) Keep that shit over there (Oh) Aye, keep that shit (Keep that shit)...
Kap G - Girlfriend (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to "Girlfriend (Remix)" song by Kap G: Why the fuck this bitch texting my phone You're not my girlfriend I just took a flick with your gir...
Quavo - BUBBLE GUM Lyrics
Quavo Lyrics "BUBBLE GUM" Buddha Bless this beat Fuck with me and get rich (rich) Popped one off then she fly through the six (six) Keep a real nigga and she fuck with the bitch (bitch) Six in the mornin' and we still talkin' shit (shit) ... WORKIN ME HOW BOUT THAT?
Quavo - Bubble Gum (Official Lyrics) Quavo - Bubble Gum ...
Quavo's Quavo - Bubble Gum (Official Lyrics) music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics.
Johnny Cinco - Can't Get Enough Lyrics
[Verse 1: Quavo] Can't get enough of me winnin' Can't get enough of these women Can't get enough of that money, so I stash it in the ceiling No, no I can't get enough
Migos - Auto Pilot (Huncho On The Beat) Lyrics
Lyrics to "Auto Pilot (Huncho On The Beat)" song by Migos: Huncho, woo What time it is? eleven o'clock? Let's roll Flyin' autopilot (woo), don't need no styli...
G-Eazy - In The Meantime Lyrics
And in the meantime, I'm in between times She workin' an other one, and I'm workin' mine, yeah, yeah Said the party don't start, not 'til we walk in, not 'til we walk in
Migos - Bachelor Lyrics
[Quavo:] Quavo, I am a bachelor Look at the way I'm dabbin' like a pastor (I'm dabbin' ain't it) ... Rockin' the shows, smashin' hoes right after You know I'm a bachelor Got your bitches workin', calling me master Came from the bottom and now I got guala Turn the page, my nigga, we on the next chapter Trapper turned rapper Graduated, now a ...
Auto Pilot lyrics by Migos - original song full text ...
Original lyrics of Auto Pilot song by Migos. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Migos lyrics. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Comment and share your favourite lyrics.
Skippa Da Flippa feat. Quavo - Mr. Perfect Lyrics
Lyrics for Mr. Perfect by Skippa Da Flippa feat. Quavo
Migos - Open It Up Lyrics
Lyrics to "Open It Up" song by Migos: Woo, woo woo Coupe with the wings (brr) Fuck that bitch, don't buy no ring (buy no rings) Hundred ch...
Migos - Since Day 1 Lyrics
"Since Day 1" [Intro: Quavo] Since day one [x4] [Hook: Quavo x2] Since day one (We finesse!) ... Young nigga foe workin' with the 45 [?] Got a Chevrolet sittin on 28s Tec cutta 9, and I set it on my waist Got 10 birds and they singin' in the cage And I got stripes, call me Jam Master Jay
Migos - Chirpin' Lyrics
Addicted to paper, I movin to Cali, I roll me a blunt and I go watch the Lakers So much gas you'll need a ventilator, my house so big got marijuana acres Pots in the pan, Quavo the baker, money in the jar, look like a saltshaker.
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