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She sits down. No one knows the world is upside-down. Watches how it spins around. No one knows the world is upside-down. Everybody wants to be the lucky ...
and the world keeps spinning round my world's upside down and I wouldn't change a thing. I've got nothing else to lose. I lost it all when I found you and I ...
PIA MIA LYRICS - Lost & Found
Turn my world upside down. The day that you left ... That everyone's kicking. Not caring ... But you took long and now someone else got me (yeah) Just like lost ...
6 Cycle Mind - Upside Down lyrics
Upside Down lyrics by 6 Cycle Mind: [Verse 1] / I've been spending some time, thinking I'll be alright / Don't know if I could really make.
Lyrics to "I Really Want It" song by A GREAT BIG WORLD: So tell me what are we living ... It's spinning me upside down ... We're always lookin' to someone else
This world is upside down. Night at the symphony. The bar is closing down (And now you go) Slip me an ... Mace yourself, blame someone else. Fall face down ...
Never Let Go Lyrics - Kick Axe
When All The Walls Come Crashing Down And The Whole World Turns Upside Down When Everyone Else Who Was Here Is Gone And The Dusk Never Makes  ...
Electronic - Haze Lyrics
I'm here alone all by myself with no-one else I need someone to share these ... I don't know who I can trust everybody won't you come with me we'll take a ride ... if we don't drown I'll turn your whole world upside down And later on with each ...
Austin & Ally - Upside Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Upside Down' by Austin & Ally. Always get ... I swear my whole world is turned around ... You got me upside down (doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo)
TRAE LYRICS - Days Of My Life
That's why I smile upside down, till then everybody move around. Cause I don't wanna ... But it's ok I made it through, and I lost everyone else. The only thing ... Gotta play the cards I was dealt, even though this world ain't my home [Hook: Billy  ...
Ghostship Part IV
how cumulus clouds turned our world upside down. Help! Are you ... It tells all of my fears to everyone else, and conveys it's wants to me, (PLEASE GET IT OUT)
The Winter Passing - Daisy lyrics
Feb 7, 2016 My whole world was turned upside down And everybody was ... And I promised myself that I'd be stronger for everyone else But it's killing me to ...
A DAY TO REMEMBER LYRICS - "Homesick" (2009) album
My life's turned upside down. Meet me out ... To let the world know what you've done to me. ..... This is my 10-step course to not be like everyone else. I know it's  ...
Les Miserables - The First Attack Lyrics
... Les Miserables. / Enjolras / Courfeyrac, you take the watch / They won't attack until it's light / Everybody stay awake / We. ... The world is upside down. Enjolras
SAM COOKE LYRICS - That's Where It's At
With someone you love so. That's where it's at, yeah. Your world turned upside down. You're making not a sound. No one else around. That's where it's at, yeah
WOE, IS ME LYRICS - "Genesi[s]" (2012) album
You turned their whole world upside down. And filled heads ... So before you place the blame on anyone else ... So fuck everyone else, just believe in yourself.
DRAKE LYRICS - Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2
Make everybody have to go through security clearance. Tables turn, bridges burn , you live ... Niggas is frontin', that's upside-down cake. Get 'em a red nose, they ...
THE FALL OF TROY LYRICS - "Phantom On The Horizon" (2008) EP
how cumulus clouds turned our world upside down. ... As the ship is going down, ... It tells all of my fears to everyone else, and conveys its wants to me, (PLEASE ...
SOUNDGARDEN LYRICS - "Down On The Upside" (1996) album
SOUNDGARDEN lyrics - "Down On The Upside" (1996) album, including "Boot Camp", "An Unkind", "Overfloater"... ... 5. Ty Cobb 6. Blow Up The Outside World 7. Burden In ... Stand up and everyone will see .... There must be something else
Kick Axe - Never Let Go Lyrics. When all the walls come crashing down And the whole world turns upside down When everyone else who was here is gone And ...
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold and it has overturned ... and the white man dancing. You'll see a woman hanging upside down
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE LYRICS - "Creatures" (2010) album
I will be your voice to let the world know we stand as one ... Turn your world upside down .... I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does
The Cure - Home Lyrics
Is nobody else in the whole wide world. Makes me feel this way. Nobody else in the ... Inside out and upside down. I couldn't love you more. And every time I try ...
SEVENTH DIMENSION LYRICS - "Circle Of Life" (2013) album
Just like everybody else *** [Instrumental] ... The night will fall down and create. An unfamiliar and ... By the chock of finding his world upside down *** ("The night  ...
Sam Cooke - That's Where It's At Lyrics
And music soft and slow. With someone you love so. That's where it's at, yeah. Your world turned upside down. You're making not a sound. No one else around
DAVID BOWIE LYRICS - As The World Falls Down
Lyrics to "As The World Falls Down" song by DAVID BOWIE: There's such a sad love Deep in your eyes. A kind of pale jewel Open and closed Within your eyes.
Just to get a giggle the world'll spit in your faces like pew. But what you ... Everybody's else's intentions are impure. The universe is shaped exactly like the earth
To mend the hearts of everyone ... Keep your hopes up high and your head down low. ... You don't need anyone else. ... I've got the whole world in front of me.
Pia Mia - Lost & Found Lyrics
... someone who deserved me Turn my world upside down The day that you left ... on the ground That everyone's kicking Not caring about That's how you make ... took long and now someone else got me (yeah) Just like lost and found I was ...
James Darren - Goodbye Cruel World lyrics
1 explanation, 1 meaning to Goodbye Cruel World lyrics by James Darren: Goodbye Cruel ... 'cause a mean, fickle woman turned my whole world upside down ... C'mon everybody, he's good for a laugh .... Describe what artist is trying to say in a certain line, whether it's personal feelings, strong statement or something else.
Jack Johnson - Wasting Time Lyrics
... 'Wasting Time' by Jack Johnson: Oh but everybody thinks That everybody knows About everybody else Nobody ... Jack Johnson - Upside Down Music Video.
Runnin' 'round town wit' somebody else girl. See I know ... You know like, my whole world feels (upside down) Yeah, listen. ... Everybody's havin' fun. And all I  ...
Steve Carlson - Take Time to Shine lyrics
Apr 10, 2015 And be times you walk away Listen to the world around you but don't ... her say She said you gotta Take time to shine just a little So everybody else ... a much better way to be Why don't you turn around and live upside down.
TESTAMENT LYRICS - "The New Order" (1988) album
A world of anger and corruption. When all is .... What else could this be. Everybody's screamin' Runnin' for ... Upside-down and hell's the only sound. We did an ...
Jens Lekman - The World Moves On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The World Moves On' by Jens Lekman. ... of numbers / When it reached fifty degrees / I just lay down on the floor / With a ... Next thing I'm upside-down
Lyrics to "I'm Down" song by THE BEATLES: You telling lies thinking I can't see You don't cry cos you're ... We're all alone and there's nobody else ... Oh baby I'm upside down, a yea yea yea yea yea ... Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
Girls' Generation - Way To Go! lyrics
Everybody wants ... Let's turn the world upside down .... artist is trying to say in a certain line, whether it's personal feelings, strong statement or something else.
WEBBIE LYRICS - Lovin' You Is Wrong
That's why right not I don't wanna be no where else but beside ya. I feel like you ... Offer me the world if I cant have my girl I'm straight. My bitch, my ... Cus everybody make mistakes and you my lil buttacup ... We can't let it fall down that easily
KINGMAKER LYRICS - "Catacomb" (2010) EP
You don't know the first thing about the world you're getting in ... I'll turn your smiles upside-down. 4. Barbarian War. Don't blame yourself, blame everyone else
Adele - Make You Feel My Love lyrics
... by Adele: When the rain is blowing in your face / And the whole world is on. ... well among everyone else adele you exceeded yourself with this song many ..... there is a boy in her life who turns her world upside down, but he can't see it.

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