You’re my day light hiding in the shadow of my mind lyrics

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Zombie Ghost Train - In the Shadows Lyrics. ... Shadow of persistence, darkness feeds my mind. ... Running through the jungle, hiding from the light
Incognito - Silence Of My Mind Lyrics
Silence of My Mind Lyrics Incognito. ... I may be hiding in the silence of my mind (hiding in the silence) If you're looking for me but I can't be found
JORN LYRICS - "Spirit Black" (2009) album
JORN lyrics - "Spirit Black" (2009) album, ... You're caught somewhere in between the sun and the shadow night Invisible rainbow hiding in ... And woman you're my ...
FLOTSAM & JETSAM LYRICS - "Drift" (1995) album
I've been hiding in the basement of my mind ... Can't even see you in the daylight ... This view of wool delights my head Finally I realize what you're all about
RAGING SPEEDHORN LYRICS - "Raging Speedhorn" (2001) album
RAGING SPEEDHORN lyrics - "Raging Speedhorn" (2001) ... I see you hiding in the shadow ... Where it's you in my mind You're still standing
BLACK FATE LYRICS - "Between Visions & Lies" (2014) album
BLACK FATE lyrics - "Between Visions & Lies" (2014) ... When you’re in my arms ... Beneath the shadow of my doubts
Jorn - Rock And Roll Angel Lyrics
Lyrics for Rock And Roll Angel ... the sun and the shadow night Invisible rainbow hiding in black and ... light And be my rock and roll... You're caught ...
COMBICHRIST LYRICS - "Making Monsters" (2010) album
COMBICHRIST lyrics - "Making Monsters" (2010) ... In my head you're the enemy ... Hiding in the shadow of the life they stole
Jorn Lande - Rock'n'Roll Angel Lyrics
Jorn Lande - Rock`n`Roll Angel Lyrics. ... You're caught somewhere in between the sun and the shadow night Invisible rainbow hiding ... And be my rock and roll... You ...
POLKADOT CADAVER LYRICS - "Purgatory Dance Party" (2007) album
POLKADOT CADAVER lyrics - "Purgatory Dance Party" ... And now you're miles behind me ... I'll be the ghost just hiding in the shadow
BLOODBOUND LYRICS - "Book Of The Dead" (2007) album
BLOODBOUND lyrics - "Book Of The Dead" ... The memories are deep inside your mind You're in Purgatory ... Into the shadow land my soul has set its sail
VIPER LYRICS - "Evolution" (1992) album
VIPER lyrics - "Evolution" (1992) album, ... Boundaries of a hopeless mind Drawing frontiers just before my eyes. 9. ... You're the dancer of the "Suicide Bar"
And living in the shadow of what once was you Your still in my mind your ... Im hiding in delusion that your still with ... Your still in my mind you're the one I ...
And my state of mind is hiding in The shadow you left behind And this song is playing in my head As you walk away in perfect time And you and I are just saving hope
THRESHOLD LYRICS - "Dead Reckoning" (2007) album
THRESHOLD lyrics - "Dead Reckoning" (2007) album, ... flat line you’re illusory mind dreams are for the bold and you’re not that kind ... but you’re hiding in ...
METAL CHURCH LYRICS - "XI" (2016) album -
METAL CHURCH lyrics - "XI" (2016) album, ... You're on your knees while you’re throwing your hands to the sky! ... I am shadow [Solo] Hiding in the corners
Matisyahu - Sunshine Lyrics
Forever in my mind Be my golden sunshine It's raining in your mind So push them clouds aside. ... Forever by my side You're my golden sunshine Reach for the sky
BLACK SABBATH LYRICS - "The Dio Years" (2007) album
BLACK SABBATH lyrics - "The Dio Years" (2007) ... evil in my mind She's queen of the night ... to be locked away and still to think you're free You're free, ...
Jorn - Rock And Roll Angel lyrics
Jorn – Rock And Roll Angel ... You're caught somewhere in between the sun and the shadow night Invisible rainbow hiding in ... And be my rock and roll... You're ...
Dilated Peoples - You Can't Hide, You Can't Run Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'You Can't Hide, You Can't Run' by Dilated Peoples: ... When the daylight comes, remember You can't hide, you can't ... Only person I stand in the shadow of ...
Everon - Until The Day Breaks Lyrics
Until the day breaks. You deny me in daylight ... That you're trying to hide I'm your secret lover You're ... I'll haunt you like your shadow. Moonlight You're my ...
CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED lyrics ... No oxygen for my mind to bloom ... Immortal cursed now hiding from the daylight
CRYPTIC WINTERMOON LYRICS - "A Coming Storm" (2003) album
cryptic wintermoon lyrics - "a coming storm" ... across the line where shadow meets the daylight ... "not accountable" i`m going to delete you`re your file my life ...
HUGHES TURNER PROJECT LYRICS - "Live In Tokyo" (2002) album
HUGHES TURNER PROJECT lyrics - "Live In Tokyo ... For the ghosts of the past in your mind They love you but you're in love with the ... HUGHES TURNER PROJECT LYRICS
HEED LYRICS - "The Call" (2006) album
HEED lyrics - "The Call" (2006) album, ... Hiding my pain in this womb where I lie I can't heal no more as I, ... If you're my enemy.
HARDLINE LYRICS - "Leaving The End Open" (2009) album
HARDLINE lyrics - "Leaving The End Open" ... Shadow in the night shadow in the night Will you stay by my side ... Hole In My Head I know what you're going through
BIOMECHANICAL LYRICS - "Eight Moons" (2003) album
BIOMECHANICAL lyrics - "Eight Moons" (2003) ... And you're locked in my nightmare [Bridge] ... Hiding in eternity. Shadowing my destiny.
ELVENKING LYRICS - "The Winter Wake" (2006) album
You´re going to see myself the fairy of your ... - Now just a shadow on the wall The ... images that spring to mind, When I read my penny dreadful filled with ...
SOULJOURNERS LYRICS - "Mind Control" (2008) album
SOULJOURNERS lyrics - "Mind Control" ... I'm hiding in my disguise and I think I'm gonna win. The daylight unmasks my eyes and I see them on my skin.
DREAM THEATER LYRICS - "Images And Words" (1992) album
I feel the heat within my mind ... The shadow I've been hiding in ... Bear this honor in my name 7. Wait For Sleep [Images and Words: Moore]
MEGADETH LYRICS - "United Abominations" (2007) album
MEGADETH lyrics - "United Abominations" (2007) album, ... you're next! 3. Never Walk Alone Hiding in then the door way ... It's only there to terrify my mind, ...
IN MOURNING LYRICS - "Monolith" (2010) album
IN MOURNING lyrics - "Monolith" (2010) album, ... I don't mind if you hide yourself, ... Did a shadow land hide the secrets for us all
INMORIA LYRICS - "A Farewell To Nothing - The Diary Part 1 ...
INMORIA lyrics - "A Farewell To Nothing - The Diary Part 1" ... Have I lost my mind ... I am the one who calls you I am the garden of Eden A lonely shadow
Lyrics. Help... help... can anybody help me now? Help... help... my mind is lying on the ground I don't ... You're hiding in the shadows ... Just a Shadow: 8. Passage ...
PRAYING MANTIS LYRICS - "Legacy" (2015) album
PRAYING MANTIS lyrics - "Legacy" (2015) album, ... now you're standing proud, ... Always on my mind in the land of the rising sun
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