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Brenton - You Came Up (Freestyle) Lyrics
I think you got your fools mixed up / You must think I'm somebody else / I'm not the same fool you know / That couldn't help himself / And followed you around ...
WITT LOWRY LYRICS - Common Sense (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Common Sense (Freestyle)" song by WITT LOWRY: See, we both are the shit I just came out of the ovaries You came up outta the ass And wonder why  ...
YO GOTTI LYRICS - Trap Queen Freestyle
Lyrics to "Trap Queen Freestyle" song by YO GOTTI: Remy Boyz, yeaahhhh 1738 I'm like "hey, what's up, hello" Seen yo pretty ass soon as you came in t...
DRAKE LYRICS - Back To Back (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Back To Back (Freestyle)" song by DRAKE: Oh man, oh man, oh man, not again Yeah, ... This ain't what she meant when she told you to open up more
J. COLE LYRICS - Drank In My Cup Freestyle
Lyrics to "Drank In My Cup Freestyle" song by J. COLE: (Cole World) Easy or hard way Now you can choose the easy or hard way Cole took the ... Just hit up my phone whenever you need you some company ... I done came down, came up
NICKI MINAJ LYRICS - The Pinkprint Freestyle
Lyrics to "The Pinkprint Freestyle" song by NICKI MINAJ: I'm talkin' 'bout my brand and you talkin' 'bout your ... He be like, "You came?," I be like, "You came?"
TRILL SAMMY LYRICS - Cut It Freestyle (Count Up)
I came up from dirt you broke and it hurts. Damn you broke and it hurts. Count Up [x8] I just popped me a molly I'm finna turn up. They just passed me some ...
FETTY WAP LYRICS - Flossin' (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Flossin' (Freestyle)" song by FETTY WAP: Wah, wah, ayy 1738, yeah baby Oh-oh, ... Ayy, you light up like a blow torch baby ... Fuck who you came with
Freestyle - 'til I Found You Lyrics
Lyrics to ''til I Found You' by Freestyle: I didn't know what I was missing 'Til I felt you tender lips Kissing ... Until you came with something ... Fillin' me up inside.
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Ice Cream (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Ice Cream (Freestyle)" song by MEEK MILL: The revolution shall be televised This year it's all about us so fuck ... And when you touch down, stay focused and get your bread up ... I came up from the bottom and ain't no stoppin' me.
Lyrics to "Freestyle" song by JOE BUDDEN: Real MC shit you know Jedi's on deck pay attention Fuck y'all ... I came up when all they respected is violence. If you ...
Freestyle - You've Taken Over Me lyrics
You've Taken Over Me lyrics by Freestyle: While the world keeps turning round and round / While I feel I just can'T ... When you came, you opened up the door
Lyrics to "Freestyle" song by RICH GANG: Top floor type shit Chandeliers with marble floors boy My baby ... Go to school, be a man and sign up for college boy ... I don't care who you came with but you leaving with me for the rest of the night
DRAKE LYRICS - We Made It (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "We Made It (Freestyle)" song by DRAKE: The only thing I'm seein' I'd like to put an amend on, ... I just came to make sure you not missin' no payments
KODAK BLACK LYRICS - Down N Out (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Down N Out (Freestyle)" song by KODAK BLACK: Kodak Project baby ... Project baby and you know that ... I came up shootin dice by the dope hole
PNB ROCK LYRICS - Stretch My Bandz (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Stretch My Bandz (Freestyle)" song by PNB ROCK: I liked the way that ... Cause you don't know where I came from ... Had some fucked up mornings
LIL' KEKE LYRICS - Exclusive 8 Minute Freestyle
Lyrics to "Exclusive 8 Minute Freestyle" song by LIL' KEKE: Most anticipated Texas Mixtape nigga. Young Don you know what I'm sayin? I been gettin ... I came in this game, I woke up one mornin I was thinkin bout the grain. Jumped in the drop ...
BRYSON TILLER LYRICS - How About Now (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "How About Now (Freestyle)" song by BRYSON TILLER: I'm up right now , got drank in my cup right now Dank in my blunt right now I can't ... Cause I'm up right now, and you simply suck right now ... Came with your main ho, listen up
ANGEL HAZE LYRICS - 6'7 Freestyle
Lyrics to "6'7 Freestyle" song by ANGEL HAZE: Shut up and let me talk I said shut up and let me talk I'm ... Came up from the bottom like a back with a hump
Freestyle - Till I Found You lyrics
1 explanation to Till I Found You lyrics by Freestyle: I was alone not long ago / Without a love to call my own. / I was afraid and thought.
DRAKE LYRICS - 30 For 30 Freestyle
Lyrics to "30 For 30 Freestyle" song by DRAKE: Never thought I'd be talking from this perspective But I'm ... You niggas never heard of it, you gotta hit up Google
MACK MAINE LYRICS - Freestyle 102
Lyrics to "Freestyle 102" song by MACK MAINE: Freestyle 102, nigga! Ha ha, you ... Still up in that, know you nigga. Free BG ... You came and you're a Muslim
VIC MENSA LYRICS - Heir To The Throne (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Heir To The Throne (Freestyle)" song by VIC MENSA: Roc A Fella has stepped into the building I promise you, man, ... We came here to shut down New York, I promise you man ... Never talk to the cops, you end up dead in prison
Tonasia - Wondering (Freestyle Edits Gone Wild By Freddy "The Edit ...
Lyrics for Wondering (Freestyle Edits Gone Wild By Freddy "The Edit" Rivera) by ... I was alone when you came into my life I thought you were the one to open up  ...
J. Cole - Shook Ones (Freestyle) lyrics
Jul 13, 2013 'Ey, look how I came up, nigga! 'Ey look! Momma I came up! - Cold as hell in New York, but I flame up Straight up out that dirty type of shit you ...
JOHN LEGEND LYRICS - Tonight (Best You Ever Had)
Lyrics to "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)" song by JOHN LEGEND: Ah, alright. Ain't this what you came for Don't you wish you came, oh Girl what you're playing ... Freestyle and the breaststroke ... Rich nigga bread, stay poppin' up like a toaster
Meek Mill - All The Way Up (Freestyle) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All The Way Up (Freestyle)' by Meek Mill. ... If you know me then you owe me fuck you pay up ... Got bands and got bricks and they came in the trailer
TRAE LYRICS - Wake Up (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Wake Up (Freestyle)" song by TRAE: Wake up, wake up, nigga, is the ... Heyo, heyo, find all the drugs that you want. ... I just came meet this white bitch,
MIKE WILL MADE IT LYRICS - That Got Damn (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "That Got Damn (Freestyle)" song by MIKE WILL MADE IT: In the Spiderman coupe when a nigga ridin' 'round, flyin' ... Young nigga hit the block and came back with the fat pockets ... Keep your eyes to yourself, young bitch you don't need to see my pocket ... Pull up, Stingray, goddamn, look like a flyin' saucer
RUFF RYDERS LYRICS - Ruff Ryders All-Star Freestyle
Lyrics to "Ruff Ryders All-Star Freestyle" song by RUFF RYDERS: Ruff Ryder Three, Time ... Bring hood's name up ... The closest you came to beef was meat loaf
LIL SNUPE LYRICS - In Tha Air Freestyle
Lyrics to "In Tha Air Freestyle" song by LIL SNUPE: Lil Snupe Yea Same life's a fucked up shit, ... Lookin at my niggas like, look at what we came ... Now all of you pussy ass niggas playin hooky but I still a kill one of you niggas if you push me
WYCLEF JEAN LYRICS - Bugatti Freestyle
Lyrics to "Bugatti Freestyle" song by WYCLEF JEAN: You see Future? I'm the Haitian ... I woke up in that new McLaren ... First time I came in the bizz I got noticed
Me, Ass up Face down, one night only, I'm from out of town. Pound new rules ... And them bitches that you came with, All in my section drinking. My shit, you ain't  ...
UGLY GOD LYRICS - Intro (Freestyle)
Bitch I'm the shit, I came up and that's evident. Don't call me bro, nigga we are not relatives. Bitch, you niggas is snakes (yuh, snakes) These bitches is fake (yuh, ...
Lyrics to "Freestyle" song by ASAP MOB: Yo, ASAP here We 'bout to kill a fucking game You know who the fuck we are You know my motherfucking... ... And we came to double up on that Harlem shit. We all eating, this is how it's supposed to  ...
KING LOS LYRICS - No Lie Freestyle
Lyrics to "No Lie Freestyle" song by KING LOS: Niggas know what I do, when I, When I jump on this shit man, ... Hold up roll up (you a nasty nigga) bitch so what
Got Money (Freestyle) Lyrics - Trey Songz
... Songz Lyrics "Got Money (Freestyle)" ... Leg bitch for sho don't matter who you came I be who you left with I get up in your brain you give me some head quick
Lyrics to "Otis (Freestyle)" song by JUSTIN BIEBER: Justin Bieber Damn damn J.B, where the hell you been Yeah I got a new necklace, diamonds 2 big face... ... But I never knew that dreams really came true. Started playing drums, when I was only 2 ... Get it done abundantly, she wants to get up under me. I swear that I got ...
If that's ya nigga. Tell him stay up off my ringer. Bouta cock it back. Watch me shoot my middle finger like. Fuck you. Fuck you. And the bitches that you came with
Big Moe - Freestyle (June 27) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Freestyle (June 27)' by Big Moe. ... I done came through, Big Moe never been no hoe. I'm up on this ... and you know we just hooked up on some syrup

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