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You leavin but you gone come back for dez hunnids tho one hunnid , you gone be back ... I ain't feelin these thirsty hoes hold up who the f*ck is you cursin hoe ?
RJ LYRICS - Comfortable
You leavin' but you gon' come back for these hundreds tho. One hundred. You gon' be back for these hundreds tho. One hundred, keep it one hundred [Verse 2  ...
Cletus Black - Dead On Arrival Lyrics
Jul 16, 2015 ... You leaving but you gon come back for these hunnids though One hunnid you gon be back for these hinnids though One hunnid Keep it one ...
Bad bitches, on the floor, its rainin' hunnids. Throw some ... If you put in work, this the night you gon' retire (retire) You a bad bitch, ... By the end of the night she on end though. Let me see you ... I got these bitches kissing on these bitches. I can't even ... Aye she come right back that's what them diamonds do 50,000 on 50 ...
G-EAZY LYRICS - Nothing To Me
And all these hunnids that I'm pulling out, it's a lot to you, but ain't nothing to me ... Though I wanted clothes and Jordans, leather jacket money. Now I want tobacco money. Where everything you sell, they keep on coming back to money
RICO LOVE LYRICS - Hunnid Thousin
Lyrics to "Hunnid Thousin" song by RICO LOVE: If a nigga hatin' on you, don't stunt on that nigga, stunt on his bitch She the one that's gonna wak... ... Might be singin' to yo' bitch but I ain't soft though. If you see my crib, you think it's CostCo ... Most these niggas only mad at me cause they broke. But if they knew like I knew,  ...
T-Raw you don't know who you fucking with? ... If you ain't got no ass bitch wear a poncho. Head hancho got my seat back ... Throwing hunnids, hunnids ... jasmine m, keyy Babii, TheTerminator, Christopher Reynolds for correcting these lyrics.
Like when it come to hundreds that's money my way. Remember ... Like uh girl you too late, you ain't got no taste. Driving to ... Getting these hundreds I count it
KYLE LYRICS - Feels Good
But you've been holding back ... And when you bring them keys back, we can pull these sheets back. And I can ... Now here come the chorus, baby and we can record. Here's a pillow, you gon' need that ... In the bed are no magic tricks, I'll teach you some magic though ... I been up a hunnid nights, thinking of a hunnid ways
Corduroy's and Cartier's back then muthafuckas never shared my vision ... I can see these niggas hatin' but as you can see the bad bitches love it ... I tried to tell them I was gonna be something they used to look at me and ... And all them hoes in your city don't really love you untill you countin' cash, hunnids ... Come Get Her
Lyrics to "1Hunnid" song by K CAMP: I let you count my money, baby You 1hunnid so that means you ... And that's 1hunnid, baby, just keep it a hunnid, baby ... Takin' all these nigga's bitches, you can say I'm Drakin' ... Okay now I'm back again
Lyrics to "Solid" song by TY DOLLA SIGN: I got my money up These women all down As soon ... Man, they all coming out ... Hunnid with my bros, you know I'm solid ... When they pull up, we gon' celebrate ... They took your whole shit, though ?
BANDGANG - How Can I Help You Lyrics
Dec 20, 2015 Lyrics for How Can I Help You by BANDGANG. how can i help you (hello) ... He pulling up with all blue hunnids make these niggas mad Make these niggas ... to cross me and you lost me hit chu with the mag grab my shit jump back in ... can i help you x4 I'm a ghetto young nigga Yo bitch say she can tell tho ...
BELLY LYRICS - The Day I Met You
Lyrics to "The Day I Met You" song by BELLY: Yeah! Fuck the day ... Try to make a hunnid million dollars 'fore the Feds come ... I'm a stack a hunnid million for the fast come ... I know you never loved me, even though you tried to 'Member way back when I missed the days back then ... Visit for these lyrics.
YFN Lucci - Letter from Lucci Lyrics
Feb 22, 2016 Yea Yea x 3 Yea Uh uhh Told em they shouldn't, less you want none Wait for it, gotta want ... ... Anybody think they gone replace me You know I am who they said I ... I promise to go in, I wouldn't lie to you honor I promise to come in and ... Man I told these lil bitches to back up I have no fucks to give I cannot ...
YG LYRICS - Why You Always Hatin?
Please, please tell me why you always hatin' Why you hatin'? Please tell me why you always hatin' [Verse 2 - Drake:] Hunnid 4 times how it go down. Slaps on ...
Lyrics to "Up & Down" song by DREEZY: Why you be givin' up on us, like you don 't ... You're somebody I'll never forget, cause' with you all my feelings legit ... No one else in my heart is gon' fit ... Let's keep it one hunnid' ... These bitches be lovin' the crew, but I never be frontin' on you ... But, I better come first like initials
In fifties, hundreds, all that. Money is ... We on right now, so you may have to wait, my nigga ... Whats happen though?) ... Finna hit Arkansas get these OXYs off. Come back to L.A., wipe my case ... Racks on that ass, think it ain't gon drop?
My chick bad looking like a bag of hunnid's ... Cause you know them screenshot broads always gonna run their mouths ... Tell you about these other niggas ... We so mafioso you ain't never know tho ... Make her bring that money back. You ...
To many blue hunnids show you how to make it. Shauna got piranhas ... Going back to cali to sip on them Lakers [M.P.A. Yikes:] ... Fuck that nigga I'll come catch a case ... Hey don't fuck with them niggas right there tho. That boy ... So fuck nigga gone respect this. To [?] me ... Visit for these lyrics. A-Z Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Bounce It" song by JUICY J: Yeah... yeah, we gon' stay trippy for life, mane Yeah. ... (Work your way up to them big face hundreds - just bounce it) Bounce it ... Wale though, le'go. ... And these breezies are so beneath you, understand you're misunderstood ... Then it's back to my room, she come out her dress
Lyrics to "Come Get Her" song by RAE SREMMURD: Somebody come to the ... Hunnids on your face, baby girl, come and do that little thing that you was doin'
... Still riding 'round up to no good Chopper on the back seat I wish a fuck nigga wou. ... All these bitches love us ... Hate when they say they gone do right ... Where I come from, we was always them niggas. Mason Margielas, boy when you step up ... We got them hunnids we buying nigga In every dozen there's a dime nigga
Way back in 2004, I told 'em it was a wrap. Now my life ain't my life no mo', I told you, nigga it's a wrap. OOOH! you claim ... I guess that's why all of these niggaz get bad. They said ... If you don't recognize you gon' see (gon' see) I'm a straight up .... or the fact when the money go up, it won't stop (Come up!) I'm in the club, ...
No ammo, they see me on the Sanyo Nigga I just kill em because I can though. I' m as humble as they come, but you're fucking with the wrong one. Boy you're ...
Ty Dolla Sign - Or Nah Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Or Nah' by Ty Dolla Sign: Girl is you sucking me or fucking me or nah? Can I bring ... You gonna run it for these hundreds girl or nah? Show me is you ...
JME LYRICS - Integrity
Didn't give a fuck about first week sales, now you wanna come and chat all this crap? ... Chat to me about fucking up shows, bringing hundreds of supporters to the videos, ... Room smoked out even though I don't smoke, forget my bars and freestyle, I don't choke ... These guys try cuss me and they ain't even sold one CD
Rae Sremmurd - Throw Sum Mo Lyrics
Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Ass fat, yeah I know, ... Bad bitches, on the floor, it's rainin' hunnid's, throw sum mo' ... If you put in work, this the night you gon' retire. You a ... Hey, she come right back like them divers do
ROCKO LYRICS - Thumb Thru The Check
You here me thumbin thru that check nigga Yea yo bitch on my heavy man ... I don't know about you though but I'm gone do it, ... Thumb thru that check, rubber band to back it up, ... You know these niggas be playin games but we ain't goin for that, ... Stack them hundreds, fiftys, twentys spendin tens, fives, and ones (Ayy !)
Kodak Black - Meant For Me Lyrics
Aug 6, 2015 The way you be on me baby the way you blow a nigha? These niggas stay round me don't even know a nigga, MAN IM bout to see ... Em no onions Not bending hunnids went to Benny hunnids I be on a paper chase I left the stove running And I love to get the money It's gone keep coming I couldn't never ...
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
That was taught if a nigga take shots to shoot back. Defending his ... I'm saying if you gonna retire, then hand me the crown. Nah, let ... So I don't feel threatened when Ludacris say he coming for the #1 spot. Ask 50, it ... I saw the west coast, put the shit on my back .... Whole crew got chains, a hundred thou can't break 'em
Let me get that check straight hunnids. Let me get my back in before i hit yo city, or i ain't going straight up, for real. I'm that nigga now ... Security, get these bitches off of me. Paparizzi love ... I told them that the money train is coming, don't get left (don't get left) ... Fuck that bouji bitch you ain't got nothing go to hell. Damnit I ...
Lil June feat. Mozzy - Bounce Out Lyrics
Oct 19, 2016 (Huhn) Mafioso Really In These Streets Foreal Nigaa I Aint Hard To Find Im The Easy Kill ... ... Life Through To Come Crush Summ You Aint Gotta Pistol Why You ... Summ Scratch Off And Get Back To Them Blue Hunnids You Niggas ... If You Wasn't Starvinn With Us Aint No Table Room Bitch Gone Leave ...
Trey Songz - Blessed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blessed' by Trey Songz: Now tell me God, how can you love me after all this sex? How can you ... Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: ... I was in the strip club, I was throwing hundreds ... Told them when we touched down we gonna ride ... Never turning back, that's like fucking with my old hoes
Ran out of toilet tissue, wipe my ass with hunnids. Like the repo man, you know I' m coming for you. Every time I hit, ... You can't trust none of these bitches when feelings involved. You can't ... Fish that pussy cause I love you even though I'm becoming a dog. Why she ... Knock you out, fly back now they chillin. I don't even  ...
YFN Lucci - Know No Better Lyrics
Jun 3, 2015 Where I come from we was always then niggas, Mason Margielas, boy wont you ... But still don't know no better Look where I came from, Look At these ... know no Better, Took a whole lot to got here mf can't turn back never (NAW) ... You needa stop wasting your time, I paid like a hunnid for mine, I put them ...
Lyrics to "Say It (Remix)" song by SEVYN STREETER: Keep it one-hunnid (I ain't ... You gon' need to spend more time to (prove it) ... You for your money, and it's funny and that's why I came back top down ... If you really want I gotta take the time to figure out (it don't come easy) ... Thanks to Yoko for adding these lyrics.
BIG SEAN LYRICS - 4th Quarter
Now it's back to me nigga. I took my clique ... fences (Gone) I guess you tend to overdo it when you come up underprivileged, look ... You would have thought these niggas fell off a skateboard. The way ... But if I lose a girl just know my next one gonna be badder ... Man to keep that shit a hunnid I wish I woulda gave a hunnid
Lyrics to "B.E.D." song by JACQUEES: I know you wanna love, but I just wanna fuck Aye girl you ... You'll be coming back to me, aye you'll be coming back to me
LA niggas be the craziest, these niggas do some shady shit. Niggas'll run up on your ... If I held back the truth and I just gave out compliments. I would have all of ... You dissin' Drizzy, that's cool but don't come to my city though. Not even to H- ...

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