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Wale - Break My Heart (My Fault) Lyrics
And you got me blowing up your phone I'm feeling desperate She used to be with me a lot (A lot) And I put you through a lot Don't break my heart girl Please don't break my heart (It's too late) Don't break my heart girl Please don't break my heart (Too late, yeah)
Lady Gaga - Telephone Lyrics
And you're not gonna reach my telephone (No) Can call all you want but there's no one home And you're not gonna reach my telephone 'Cause I'm out in the club and I'm sipping that bubb And you're not gonna reach my telephone [Beyoncé:] Boy, the way you blowing up my phone Won't make me leave no faster Put my coat on faster, leave my girls no faster
Jacquees & Dej Loaf - The World Along With You Lyrics ...
Meet me in Miami at Four Seasons Don't be afraid baby come and spread your wings yeah What time you gotta go, can I be there I see she blowing up your phone you shouldn't be there Cause you know you're not happy I can see that It's the power of that... Our little secret [Jacquees:] You know me, I won't tell Ooh, 22 Young nigga I like em 21 and up
Kane Brown - Be Like That Lyrics
Sometimes when you thought you found the love of your life Now you're thinking I'm just one of those guys leading on I can't help when you read it wrong Don't know why I trip on us You put me down, I pick you up Can't tell you why, but tell you what You got me thinking I might be better on my own I hate you blowing up my phone I wish I never ...
Megan Thee Stallion - B.I.T.C.H. Lyrics
You want me to blow your phone up and come looking for you till I find you You really want me to whoop the hoe that you fuckin' with if I find her Bitch you ain't that busy, I don't give a fuck what you ain't got time for You look me in my eyes and know you lyin', man that's fraud, bruh Man you knew I was a player 'fore you met me, need to relax
Bailey Zimmerman - Never Comin' Home Lyrics
The nerve you had to go behind my back Girl, you're lyin' straight through your teeth Lights, camera, action Karma’s back at it And you’re jumpin' back to we 'Cause that old boy done did you dirty The same way you did me And I got you Blowin' up my phone 'Cause you don’t wanna be alone Closed that door on me And I ain't never comin' home ...
Lil Peep - Five Degrees Lyrics
Bet you wish you had my flow. I know I'm dope, I could ask your hoe. Bet you wish you got me mad, you don't, you won't, not never, Stop blowing up my phone. You wanna run that shit back for me? Worry 'bout yourself baby, I'll be good. I just wanna die in peace tonight. You can see it in my face, so I wear my hood. Feeling like it's five degrees ...
J. Cole - Blow Up Lyrics
Yeah, you got me feeling like the greatest yeah Hey, this is a song for my haters, Hey hey, you got me feeling like the greatest yeah [Verse 1: J. Cole] Haa, bitch I'm about to blow up Uh huh, say what Bitch I'm about to blow up Hey I came up, I warmed up the next up Bitch I'm about to blow up Now don't it sound legendary
Mike Jones - Still Tippin' Lyrics
Blowing on the endo Game Cube Nintendo Five percent tint so you can't see up in my window These niggaz don't understand me cuz I'm Boss Hogg on candy Top down at Maxi's wit a big glock nine handy Pieced up creased up staying dressed to impress Big boss belt buckle under my Mitchell and Ness Oh, Gucci shades up on my braids when I Escalade
Cardi B - Thru Your Phone Lyrics
You creeping, you creeping, you creeping. I went through your phone last night. I went through your phone last night. Saw some things I didn't like. I went through your phone last night. It's killing me, killing me, killing me, oh. [Cardi B:] All I can see is you and her in different scenarios. Beyoncé on my stereo, "Resentment" on repeat.
Sam Hunt - House Party Lyrics
Blowing up my phone You don't want to come out, But you don't want to be alone It don't take but two To have a little soirée If you're in the mood Sit tight right where you are, babe 'Cause I'll be at your door in ten minutes Whatever you got on, girl, stay in it You ain't gotta leave the house to have a good time I'm 'a bring the good time ...
Lil Peep - Hellboy Lyrics
You don't gotta like me, ya bitch do Blowin up my phone like "I miss you" You know I love you by the way that I kiss you [x2] Leave me to bleed, I know I got you on your knees But something keeps on telling me It keeps on telling me Peep, leave it alone, I'm good on my own Mama miss me at home, but I'm good on my own Baby I'm cold, back on the road
King Combs - Feeling Savage Lyrics
Got your girl cyn, yeah she knows what's up with time You be blowing up her phone She be on my Insta live Yeah she know I really got it Yeah she know we on the rise Boy don't get crazy ... Goyard on my waist got me feeling savage (aye) You don't want no trouble, but we let em have it Pull up, boy you scared, you don't want no static ...
Soundgarden - Pretty Noose Lyrics
And I don't like what you got me hanging from And I don't like what you got me hanging from Let your motor race Pick it up and get this mother gone Out from and far away The wooden stake This thing has got me on Diamond rope silver chain Pretty noose is pretty pain And I don't like what you got me hanging from And I don't like what you got me ...
Lakeyah - Too Much Lyrics
Only time you hit me, if I put it in a song If this ain't what you want Last time, I said last time, you really could've left me alone (On God) I blow up your phone and you say that I'm trippin' I'm doin' too much when I go off on bitches (Man) I'm insecure when I'm all in my feelings Fuck with me or not, it don't make me no difference (I'm good)
Drake - Emotionless Lyrics
Ah. You've got me fe–. You, oh. Don't link me. Don't hit me when you hear this and tell me your favorite song. Don't tell me how you knew it would be like this all along. I know the truth is you won't love me until I'm gone. And even then the thing that comes after is movin' on. I can't even capture the feeling I had at first.
Solence - Blow Up Lyrics
And I will make you Blow Up. I will send shivers down your spine. Hands in my hands if you follow my plans. Then it will happen tonight. Yeah I will make you blow up. I will bring everything to life. Promise I promise if you don't believe then. Oh baby come blow up with me. Oh baby you got me begging begging I'm on my knees.
DeJ Loaf - Back Up Lyrics
If I fuck and make you cum, you got to promise not to stress me Don't be blowing up my phone and don't be leaving voice messages Said I can do you right, I'll do you better than your exes I told that nigga to stop it, he was talking out his necklace See the difference is with me, I never needed niggas, ever I'll leave em where I met em, I ain't ...
Tory Lanez - And This Is Just The Intro Lyrics
Then I'ma call you right up on the flip Fifty reasons why your nigga ain't shit Fuck them niggas if I'm not at the top I go crazy, I'ma make this shit hot DM your nigga and blow up your spot Fuck up the relationship that you've got Fucked it up and now I'm calling you mine There's no real intention of making you mine
Falling In Reverse - Bad Girls Club Lyrics
She got me drunk, tipsy off her love. I'm just another victim of the bad girls club. She's always blowing up my phone. I really wish that she'd leave me alone. I got to change my number. Hard for me to slumber When she's outside my home. She called the cops, There's ... seven-o-two And made it seem like I was mean. She's not your average lady,
Trey Songz - Playin' Hard Lyrics
And it's that nigga shit that got me smoking, driving, drinking girl I'm tripping, blowing up your phone [Chorus] But I'm, but I'm sick of playing hard I give up girl, sick of fighting this war 'Cause I'm losing girl Can't shake, heart break, can't fake baby wait I'ma say it, I admit it girl I've been a fool
Puscifer - Momma Sed Lyrics
A storm is blowing up your horizon Changes come Keep your dignity Take the high road Take it like a man Listen up, son of mine Momma got something to tell you All about growing pains Life will pound away Where the light don't shine, son Take it like a man Suck it up, son of mine Thunder blowing up your horizon Changes come (Changes come)
Jacquees & Dej Loaf - Deeper Lyrics
Say I got you fucked up, I'm in love with Ms. Lady You know I been feeling you lately You're about yours, that's somethin I know We need time to be alone Music loud, blowing speakers Feel our love gettin deeper And deeper and deeper I'm tryna go deeper Girl let me go deeper I wanna go deeper YEAH She want me to go deeper Yeah We gonna go deeper ...
DaBaby - Bodak Yellow (Remix) Lyrics
And you call her phone, she don't answer it (Brrp) She blowing me up, your bitch actin' (Brrp) I told you, stop calling me daddy (Hello) You know you got a nigga at home (Huh) Just tell him I'm part of the family (Yeah) I hit your bitch in the choke-hold She coming back like a yo-yo (C'mere)
Taylor Swift - Girl At Home Lyrics
I see you turn off your phone And now you got me alone And I say Don't look at me You've got a girl at home And everybody knows that Everybody knows that I just wanna make sure You understand perfectly You're the kind of man who makes me sad While she waits up You chase down the newest thing And take for granted what you have And it would be a ...
Down With Webster - Big Wheels Lyrics
You see us blowing up, yeah, we blowing up If you got cups, well then, you're old enough, go ahead and hold 'em up. Let's see you hold 'em up If you don't like it, shut up, if you don't know what's up Go 'head and phone the cops, we'll say it's soda pop. (pop) [Bucky:] Wheres all my grown up little kids
NIKI - Lowkey Lyrics
Got me way too honest Put your phone on vibrate Let's catch a vibe babe While the sun's down Hush now, I know We're a little too fucked up to stay still love Be as quiet as you can 'Cause if anyone sees they'll just blow shit up I don't gotta know if you're taken I'll just let you know, bedroom's vacant No one's gotta know, just us and the moon
Justus Bennetts - Bad Day Lyrics
To your shitty ass job, hope you have a bad day. Hope you lose your keys and you get locked out. And when things are looking up hope it all goes south. Cause you never gave a fuck when I opened up my mouth. I got nothing else to say, except have a bad day. You bring out the worst in me.
Chief Keef - Love No Thotties Lyrics
I'm off this Activis, it got me leanin' over I poured up 4 of Purp in some Peach soda Your boyfriend a opp, I'mma Nina blow him You was on the phone with him, sucking my dick, he ain't even know it [Hook 1] I ain't even try to You wanna Glo up, baby Keef got you You's a gold bottle, these hoes pink Moscato Baby I'm the owner, you can be my castle
Kevin Gates - Posed To Be In Love Lyrics
Me and her brother jug together, he bet not get in my business. This shit serious, if you with it, shit get injured did I mention. How I'm rockin, you gone pop me or it's back to penitentiary. Blowing up the phone, hope she see me calling her. I whip up in the drive way she done packed up all my stuff. And I'm like what the fuck, (Aah! What the ...
Sy Ari Da Kid - Wait For Me Lyrics
Wait for me. Its our world. He can't kill our vibe girl. Judging by your options, you got hella time girl. Let me open up your mind girl. Now I hope you that's mine girl. Why girl, do you keep so much inside girl. Tried girl, cause you know love can leave you blind girl. Call that nigga and cut off that nigga.
Limp Bizkit - Stuck Lyrics
Psycho female blowing up the phone line You need to tighten that screw it's been loose for a long time I've been slammed with some bad luck ... Stuck, got your brain on my green again! Stuck, you're so, you're so, you're so stuck you don't even know! All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi
Emmanuel Hudson - Questions Part 3 Lyrics
Aye shawty hold up.. you acting way too childish shawty grow up (Whateva) Always talking bout how you gonna beat some hoe up (I will) You overthink until you mad and then you blow up.. but you know what? I got a question for you shawty, that you ain't answered yet (What) How you always on your phone and claim you ain't get my text? I ain't ...
21 Savage & Metro Boomin - Mr. Right Now Lyrics
You need some TLC, we can creep if you want (21) Ayy, turn your phone off, take your clothes off (21) I'm a savage, but I fuck her to a slow song (21) Turn the lights down (21), lay the pipe down (21) I ain't Mr. Right, but I'm Mr. Right Now (Straight up) She want me to fuck her to Beyoncé (Straight up) But I don't treat her like she my ...
Justin Stone - CATCH ME Lyrics
Lxst - "Selfish"You got me fucked up, think I'm done with the lies Don't need your two cents, I ain't tryna talk all the time You say I'm selfish, I think you're out of your mind There's no love, then there's no...
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