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Wale - Break My Heart (My Fault) Lyrics
[Lil Durk:] I only gave you my heart, you ain't protect it Plenty nights I went out with squad You felt neglected If I know you was gonna break your word You shoulda kept it And you got me blowing up your phone I'm feeling desperate She used to be with me a lot And I put you through a lot Don't break my heart girl
Lil Durk - Internet Sensation Lyrics
Lil Durk Lyrics. "Internet Sensation". This is how I feel I got your love attached to me. And you know I truly love you, it was never about no pussy. And you told me that them niggas ain't fuck with' me, they just want my money. And I like the way you is, you ain't tryna kick it with my buddies. And I got a habit and I like that you don't judge me.
Lil Durk - Changes Lyrics
I call your phone a million times, I'm just worried My brother told me a million times that ain't for me Don't call my phone about no money, I'm recordin' They talkin' down on my name, they don't know me You know the world change when Oprah dissin' Kobe A lot of niggas left my side when I was hungry They probably love me, but they wanna see me ...
Lil Baby & Lil Durk - Man Of My Word Lyrics
A nigga play with Smurk, he not that smart. Sucked it twice and I'm still not hard. Niggas cry loud when they get in shock. That nigga word don't stand on my block. Fuck what you heard I'm the man on my block. Stop playin' bitch, I'm Smurk. Bitch get naked, gotta put on my merch. I got your Uber, I kept my word. She a freak actin' like she a nerd.
Shwayze - Butterflies Lyrics
Got me blowin' up your phone You're givin' me butterflies, butterflies again You're givin' me butterflies, butterflies again Something about your lovin' caught me by surprise Oh yeah, you givin' me butterflies, butterflies, butterflies again Sweeter than M&M's Remember when, you took me swimming In your summer house Innocence, was in the air we ...
Lil Durk - 3 Headed Goat Lyrics
Lil Durk Lyrics. "3 Headed Goat". (feat. Lil Baby & Polo G) [Lil Baby:] These ain't no Guess jeans. I dropped out of school, I'm still good at math but nigga don't test me. I played to the left, they went to the right they tried to finesse me. Still riding around with that blicky out, I hope they don't catch me.
Kane Brown - Be Like That Lyrics
Sometimes when you thought you found the love of your life Now you're thinking I'm just one of those guys leading on I can't help when you read it wrong Don't know why I trip on us You put me down, I pick you up Can't tell you why, but tell you what You got me thinking I might be better on my own I hate you blowing up my phone I wish I never ...
Lil Tjay & 6LACK - Calling My Phone Lyrics
Lil Tjay & 6LACK Lyrics. "Calling My Phone". Steady callin' my phone. I done told you before that it's over, leave me 'lone. Know it's hurtin' you to see me gone. Dark clouds, you gon' see me storm. I won't go back. But trust me, you're gon' hold that. Hold that (Mmm, mmm)
Comethazine - Solved The Problem Lyrics
Bitch, while I call your Uber, go wait over by the door (Body!) And bitch, I got your phone, wait 'til you leave to turn it on (Aw-yeah) Where the bricks, where the blow? Was serving double O, slither gang, bloody nose R.I.P. Philip, my right hand nigga but he gone (Yeah) Now I gotta smoke these pussy niggas on my own (I gotta smoke 'em on my own)
Sada Baby & Drego - Bloxk Party Lyrics
Man, I got to sneak it in this party, pocket rocket on me. My baby meet you on the side, Chris Rock face. Boy, I can see the whole field right off Barlow. I know they tried to slide 'cause his car out. [Sada Baby:] Big brick of white look like Brock Lesnar. Got tester, slidin' everywhere 'cause I'm off tether.
Future - Real And True Lyrics
Lil Durk - "Should've Ducked" DJ FMCT Ayy, they told me I can't be around no gang members Y'all got me fucked up, nigga I go everywhere with my killers, man DJ Bandz, oh, man Yeah, let's get it Throw that mask on, when you jump...
Lil Durk x NBA Youngboy - My Side Lyrics
[Lil Durk:] Ay now tell me real get back, this ain't no rap shit ... I'm up in the hills and I just got house Come where you at know you stay witch yo dawg ... I got 12 grams stuffed in a raw Whole lotta guns up in this fuckin' car Whole lotta fire ya we gon take em out You been talkin' too reckless yo business on insta I won't respond that ain ...
Renni Rucci - Switch Lyrics
Thought I had a lover and a friend in you Didn't hold me down, you wasn't around And I was still trying to defend you I'm blowing up your phone, you ain't call back I don't need your money, I got tall racks Playin' all these games while you stalling I gave you all of me, I want it all back Sippin' on this Henny got me thinkin' I even let you ...
Lakeyah - Too Much Lyrics
Only time you hit me, if I put it in a song If this ain't what you want Last time, I said last time, you really could've left me alone (On God) I blow up your phone and you say that I'm trippin' I'm doin' too much when I go off on bitches (Man) I'm insecure when I'm all in my feelings Fuck with me or not, it don't make me no difference (I'm good)
Lil' O - Supposed Playa Lyrics
Cause now the sucker blow a baby up, on a cellular phone. Saying where you at, better get your ass home. I know you with a nigga, cause I heard from Tyrone. When I see you I'ma whoop you, until old daddy's home. [Hook x2] [Lil' O:] Man it's boys, out of line. He gon make me act a fool, and hit him with the nine.
Lil Baby - On Me Lyrics
Lil Baby Lyrics. "On Me". What's happenin' Chi Chi? Fill the bando up with bands, give the lil' bro and them a job. You could come get rich with us, you gon' eat or you gon' starve. Keep a certified hitters and I pay him not to rob. Hop out 2020 Cullinan, and I'm ridin' in the stars. Know some people hate that I'm on top, I bulletproof the car.
Future - You Da Baddest Lyrics
I'ma be your bitch for life If they try you, they gotta die Baby, put one in the sky What we got, they can't deny Put your diamonds in the light And let 'em see you shine bright [Future:] Fuck them hoes Hold up, wait one minute Hold up, wait one minute Hold up, wait one minute Yo, hold up, wait one more You know you the baddest baby, fuck them hoes
Ar'mon & Trey - She For Everybody Lyrics
And she's comin' your way She a lil thot Wanted me to give her top Yeah, I prank a lot Money flowin' never stop She for everybody Everybody know shawty for everybody Body, yeah, yeah Why you Why the fuck you livin' in y'all mama house Yeah But you talkin' 'bout us We got our own shit Fuck y'all Hah, ah, ah
Bryson Tiller - You Got It Lyrics
Soon as I heard how your mind works Me and my girl, we just diverted We just went our separate ways, yeah Knew she loved me 'cause I'm paid up That's what I won't make up Yeah, I saw somethin' different in you Had to come and tell you straight up You was headed for the door Headed 'til you wait up Like ayo, hold up, wait up Hold up, hold up Let ...
Ty Dolla $ign - Don't Judge Me Lyrics
Right now I'm off a beam don't judge me. I might pop a seal in the money. Lately, I've been goin' through a lot of things. On the liqs right now don't judge me. Got a whole pound, don't judge me, yeah. I don't want it if it ain't a two piece, yeah. Lately, I've been goin' through a lot of things. [Future:]
Lil Tjay - Sex Sounds Lyrics
That pussy blow me away And I been thinkin' 'bout your smile All mornin' for a while 'Bout the way you twist your face while I'm strokin' in and out Girl, you shocked me, I'm so wowed Got me slippin', I'm like how? First I met you on the 'Gram, I picked you up and took you out Let me show you what I'm 'bout Let them haters run they mouth
Quando Rondo - Devil On My Shoulder Lyrics
I got the devil on my shoulder, like to come and Skee-Lo double down New connect off on the road, he in the gutter when you touching down It's kind of hard for me to breathe Double-R, but a Cullinan, stars in the ceiling Want to tell my lawyer, "Wrap this up", got cases pending Lil' shorty thick as fuck, new Porsche the truck, and she's a rich ...
Future - Aintchu Lyrics
Future Lyrics. (feat. Juvenile) You the little one that got that whole thing, ain't you? You got them boys around the corner runnin' wild on that molly, ain't you? You pourin' up your cup dirty, ain't you? You 'bout to pour right up now, ain't you? I bet a thousand on a thousand, ain't you? You sippin' mud on that dirty, ain't you?
Lil Peep - Lil Jeep Lyrics
Lil Peep Lyrics. "Lil Jeep". I remember when you used to hold my hand. Now you acting like a ghost girl. Live forever with a smile stuck on your face. You think he know you but I know you the most, girl. You will never find another one just like me. Long nights getting high on the coast, girl. Two weeks and I still got the same old jeans on.
We just broke up this kinda newI admit I'll still be right throughI heard you got another nigga tooI've seen his benz that 2009 sh-tPlus your homegirl I just f***‘Cause she let all my friends hitThat's our subject I know fucking brainThe papers keep them judges ...
Future - Shotgun Lyrics
You got good energy like a 5-Hour Tell me what you like, I'ma tie it down I bring you in, never steer you out Baby pop somethin' Baby they can't stop nothin' You wanna ride with me, shotgun You wanna slide with me, shotgun Baby, pop somethin' Go up and down like you dropped somethin' You wanna ride with me, shotgun Shotgun Rainin' hunnids like ...
Post Malone - Circles Lyrics
It's only me, let it go. Seasons change and our love went cold. Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go. Run away, but we're running in circles. Run away, run away. I dare you to do something. I'm waiting on you again, so I don't take the blame. Run away, but we're running in circles. Run away, run away, run away.
Lil Yachty - Love Jones Lyrics
She want me around 'cause I'm her ringtone (I'm her ringtone), ayy My bitch get that pack and she send it home (Send it home) Your bitch spend your money and blow up your phone (Blow up your phone, bitch) Ears blinging (Ice), teeth chrome (Yeah) Me and my bitch got understandings, this ain't Love Jones (This ain't Love Jones)
A thousand miles awayFeel so far apartWhen things get bad, we pick it up won't let it fall apartNot much be going strong, I got him tryin' hardBlow up your phone, you pick it up and hear me cryin' hardCould barely breathe like why you treatin' me nigga?You actin' new as ...
Sydney Renae - No Love Lyrics
Sydney Renae Lyrics. "No Love". You said that you nobody to love. And you don't wanna break my heart. Down out feeling defeated. You only hit me up whenever it was something you needed. You've got too many bitches you be calling your friends. You say I'm crazy and you tellin' me it's all in my head. You left a voicemail on my phone by mistake.
OFB - YKTV Lyrics
You better keep your eyes wide when the four-door slows down. When you see the windows roll down. We just got the low-down, young boy goin' out, go put your phone down. Flick of the wrist get sold on (Ay) You don't hold out, bro got the smoke out (Smoke out) Fi gang-gang, get blown out. You madman, we roll out.
Kelvyn Colt - Bury Me Alive Lyrics
Bury me alive, yeah Three doors you can go through One of them full of sex and drugs The other two I cannot talk about Two sheikhs entering them One shook his head And walked right back out In the kitchen blow and smoke See the guys them blowing smoke A-list clients of host Put your phone on flightmode Better yet go head you turn it off Got to ...
Future - Itchin' Lyrics
Got my tool and my blow then my two main hoes. Me and all my woahs stick together like the Zoes. Sak pase who got the yay for the lows. And I keep birds with me like I'm straight out hollygrove. [2x] My fingers, they itchin they itchin for dat paper. I'm riding round the city and I got that calculator.
told you about the niggas in my past and how they hurted me but you swore up and down that you wasn't the same and how you do shit differently You tweaked on me thought I didn't know about the shit nigga, you was really on thought I didn't know the creeping and the cheating and the sneaking and the hoes steady texting your phone nigga yeah I know
Bryson Tiller - Trust Issues Lyrics
Girl excuse my rude behavior, no time for you You're playin’ with the wrong one, nuh You got the wrong one, nuh Check that inbox on your phone hun Leave me alone hun I don't want ya And I don't give a fuck whatcha' momma thinks I’m a young nigga tryna do my thing All you haters hop off my shit Money to be got, but imma get that shit
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