You know how it feels, now everything seems unreal. everything you see becomes concealed lyrics

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"You look like a really nice guy ... How many things can life conceal. Deep in the mist everything is unreal. If you believe in me, I can. Become your own half a marathon man. I am half of a marathon man. Yea-yeah. Good morning, somebody kill me right now ... 10 miles and I feel hellbent ... I seem to have hit an invisible wall
THE WEEKND LYRICS - Professional
You need someone to tell you how to feel. And you think your ... But you choose to be concealed. So you're ... Cause everything you've been through made you stronger. And every day you ... But now you know the value of a dollar. And girl I ...
SONATA ARCTICA LYRICS - "Pariah's Child" (2014) album
5. Blood 6. What Did You Do In The War, Dad? 7. ... They'll never see a new midnight sun ... He feels the road with his headlights ... Slowly we become the new species of tomorrow .... How many things can life conceal. Deep in the mist everything is unreal ... Now let me tell you, children, I was trying to fill a void in my heart
ME IN A MILLION LYRICS - "Still In The Balance" (2014) album
That you just refuse to listen to me? ... That made us see a lie ... But it still feels unreal to me ... They just used to be kept concealed ... Become your entity ... Cause when the future seems uncertain ... Cause giving up now's the only way you'll fall ... You wake up and you know that you gotta move ... My soul, my everything ...
AMARANTHE LYRICS - "Amaranthe" (2011) album
You leave everything behind. Like a drop of blood in the ... It's unreal, what's inside of me ... One thing to rule what I've become. Take it or ... Spin the wheel, break the seal to conceal. That I'm ... and now you want it back ... Stay just so the world could see you leave in desperation ... I know you feel the same as I inside. It feels ...
BOLT THROWER LYRICS - "Who Dares Wins" (1999) album
... body feels numb. Face the atrocity at what you have become ... Future life is so unreal, intense despair now you feel. Mutated creatures ... Welcome incursions of chaos, you know you cannot resist. To serve ... The obscure deprivity blinds you, now you cannot see. What they've ... Nothing can conceal instinctive rapacity.
OBLIVEON LYRICS - "Cybervoid" (1997) album
See the tragedy the whole thing became. The machine ... has become its aim. Face the void ... Have they told you the way to reach heaven? ... Can you feel the curse? Don't you ... So everything your heart brings ... You know it could burn you down ... But right now, my heart suffers from ... So all the grudges I've concealed
TWIZTID LYRICS - Story Of Our Lives
I want everybody listening now to say this. Twiztid is the muthafucking shit. And everybody else who feels that I'm a little out of line. Come see ... Respect like you do to don dada when you see me give your boy a holler ... And change life and put you up on shit you ain't know ... So conceal the unreal if the fruit is mass appeal
BORN OF OSIRIS LYRICS - "The Discovery" (2011) album
The absence of what you hold dear it'll leave you stranded ... Of unreal technologies ... Concealed by separation unwilling to be unified ... Are you giving up now so close to knowing. The only hope that's left has been taken from view ... You know what you can become ... Feel the future arriving ... Everything you wanted
Handful of complaints but I can't help the fact that everyone can see these scars. I am what I want you to want what I want you to feel ... Hear me out now. You're ...
Me In A Million feat. Lou Miceli & Mindless X2 - Wide Awake lyrics ...
Wake me up right now! Tell me it's not a dream I want to believe but it still feels unreal to me I can't describe what i ... concealed So never let your fears become your entity Don't let them tell you to believe That none of your dreams exist Breathe ...
BLAKK MARKET LYRICS - "Hateful Affection" (2004) album
There seems to be. A great thing in the ... When you watch our twisted broadcast you become part of this! Do you feel pity for that sorrowed lad? ... "I'll pay you if you tell my tale and nobody needs to know..." ... Time does not heal those things that are concealed ... Now you dwell in sorrow ... I Can't believe in such unreal sight
RAM LYRICS - "Lightbringer" (2009) album
What does this chasm in your mind conceal? Who are you ... To greet death and feel it´s claws. You need ... And see barren wastelands unfurl. You need a will divine and a treaty with the unknown. The sting ... All has become ash. All your dreams are nightmares now as the ... Let them know, the sons of Suomi fear not to die
TITANIUM LYRICS - "Titanium" (2013) album
You know me you know what I do, never try to stop me as I'm watching you and I can see your every move. I'll never ... I Live for metal and it's leading me now. I come to ... In every moment that you feel all alone .... Your shining silver strings are everything to me. .... When the lights are out and the night becomes my bride.
OKULAR LYRICS - "Sexforce" (2013) album
You too helped to sharpen intelligence (although you´re killing it) ... “You become so beautiful, bliss runs up your spine” ... I came to see myself in so many colors ( so many colors) ... Shall now evoke my anger and joy, my wonderful aliveness ... I promise everything ... Beliefs that prevent man to know his divine intensity
My skin is saturated and I feel my flesh rot beneath my steps. ... "You are born of divine energy containing concealed power, locked away. ... Evil flame burning me, only fire I can see, so I sit upon the ground seeming like eternity. ... I am left with no other choice, now I know this is my destiny. ... My flesh becomes the bark
AMARANTHE LYRICS - "The Nexus" (2013) album
Theory Of Everything 5. Stardust 6. ... Can't you see who I am I'm invincible ... Now you're scared that you're losing it all ... Tell me how to focus on what's left behind. Now it's ... It seems like the future was calling ... It feels like I'm crossing the border ... Become what we were before .... Spin the wheel, break the seal to conceal
COMANIAC LYRICS - "Return To The Wasteland" (2015) album
KALISIA LYRICS - "Cybion" (2009) album
Em akeeni ansün (You'll learn under our protection) ... Now the mystery's over ... " Another sight seems to fade in, we're losing Messenger, oh my god, God! ... "Who do you think you are to tell us what to do? ... "So how does it feel to see all your friends and relatives grow old and die around you?" .... I can do everything
PARALYSIS LYRICS - "Wonderland" (1996) album
Remove my eyes, so I can no longer see ... Take away my heart, so I can't feel anymore ... At the end of the day, tell me what remains ... Give me your hand I will take you to Wonderland To Wonderland Oh now, you have taken my soul ... Politicians promise a world that is unreal ... Madness concealed, locked deep within
me in a million feat. lou miceli & mindless x2 - wide awake lyrics
... now! Tell me it's not a dream I want to believe but it still feels unreal to me I can' t describe what it is but it's stuck. ... They just used to be kept concealed. So never let your fears become your entity. Don't let ... Cause when the future seems uncertain ... Cause giving up now is the only way you'll fall I won't feel unconfident
MEDEIA LYRICS - "Cult" (2008) album
You rose. Against the hand that fed you. Lies about this sceptic race. About its numbered ... Into the arms you saved ... This body has become mutilated by fear ... Now the flesh is moist rigor mortis ... cause no-one knows my name ... Making everything black ... They're the only ones to see ... To conceal her wretched design
THEORY IN PRACTICE LYRICS - "Colonizing The Sun" (2002) album
Worthless are the flesh cages now withering one astrological unit away. Severed ... As I did you can also enter and see ... As I become one with the spiral - ... But any living present here would feel the unease ... Unreal they seem these misty plains .... You know that this town isn't big enough, not big enough for both of us
NORTHER LYRICS - "Death Unlimited" (2004) album
I'll tell you the meaning of life. It's not to live but ... Can you feel the dark side calling. It's useless to ... Where life is dust and everything flows. Circling ... The nothing you've become!, the nothing you've become. My anger is ... Now I've bled dry the room's a mess ... Distress concealed ... To never see to be caught in the unreal
DEW-SCENTED LYRICS - "Icarus" (2012) album
The time is come now to lift the veil of secrecy ... Respecting the unreal ... Suddenly the sky seems near ... A tight feeling of oppression and fear in our chests. Oh what ... Re-entering the black, concealed in the dead night ... Can't see clearly, distracted by affliction .... Closely watched within four walls, you're trapped in a web
HEATHEN LYRICS - "The Evolution Of Chaos" (2009) album
But no one knows what's in his soul. And all he has ... Can't you see? ... It seems so unreal ... Feel the pressure building .... Once hidden, now concealed no more ... What's become of me? ... Siphoning everything draining blood from the earth
Amaranthe - Hunger (Remix) Lyrics
Hear me scream / It's unreal, what's inside of me / Broken bones and the code that hunts ... You are now on the desktop site. ... 4 Theory of Everything ... One thing to rule what I've become ... I am the fuel to set you free ... Spin the wheel, break the seal to conceal ... Watch The Weeknd's New Music Video For 'I Feel It Coming'.
ELVENKING LYRICS - "The Pagan Manifesto" (2014) album
last it is now time to crown the new Elvenking! .... At last you will feel my solitude, ... "Lost in the sea, shipwrecked in a Dark Ocean of which you cannot see the .... Concealed from our view, the Trows kind live amidst old trees ... totally wrong, since red roses are fine for most of them but very few know that black roses are more
SVOID LYRICS - "To Never Return" (2013) album
That leads me places I know not where, ... On the horizon – unreal! ... Become formless in deformities ... Concealed inside the whole, ... We are hidden now from the edges of night ... You who dwell beyond the light and darkness, ... Visions from the depths of the abyss I see ... Let me feel the warm of the formless flames
INTERNAL BLEEDING LYRICS - "Imperium" (2014) album
In my mind's eye I can see ... the moment that you die ... lean to the left my purpose now defined ... causing misery and feel the remorse ... Lesser still suffer —strong becomes the victor ... Utopian vision doesn't seem improbably anymore ... for the caches they conceal .... father forgive them for they know not what they do lost

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