You say but bitch im a dog and we got that dog food lyrics

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Gucci Mane - I'm A Dog Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'm A Dog' by Gucci Mane: (feat. Yola Da Great) Gucci Mane, Montana, from East Atlanta I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a dog. Top Songs. You Need To Calm DownTaylor Swift; Money In ... I'm a a dog, I say Bernard And that dick get hard as hell We can leave the bed made up ... Because I'm gutta blak, got a bank and I'm thuggin
Toni Romiti - Imma Dog Too Lyrics
Lyrics to "Imma Dog Too" song by Toni Romiti: You thought you had a fool That's cool You went behind my back That's cool But I can play ... If he a dog Bitch, I'm a dog too Ain't nobody got it like me Did you forget that All these niggas like me? ... You say I'm wrong 'Cause I cheated out of spite I say you wrong 'Cause you cheated every night ...
Baka Not Nice - I'm A Dog Lyrics
She say you niggas ain't hard (yeah) Might cop this Benz for my dawg (yeah) Jump in the Benz and we gone (skrr) Bitch I'm a dog, watch me ball (uh) They wan' fuck, come to my loft (yeah) Gotta watch out for these broads (yeah) Gotta watch out for the law (woo, woo) I'm in the foreign body (woo), I got that thirty on me (thirty, thirty)
Rick Ross - Dog Food Lyrics
Life is a gamble, I'm so mean with the dice Head crack with the left, I'm hitting trips with right I'm in that bitch, bitch I'm on fire I'm in that bitch, I'm on fire, bitch I'm on fire It's the dog food, let my dogs eat No, she a dog, bitch, I let my dog beat I'm in my dogs Bens, and had it all week I'm sippin' Bel AIr, I'm tryna drown me
Yo Gotti & Mike Will Made-It - Dogg Lyrics
I'm lit, I got your bitch on my WhatsApp I'm rich, but I'm still tryna save the trap I'm your rapper's favorite rapper and the trappers love me When it come to bein' real, no other rapper above me I got blood on my pen, my feet on the concrete Make your bitch sit on this dick, I got her on a dog leash (woo, woo) I got her on a dog leash (woo, woo)
Migos - Who The Hell Lyrics
Is you mad, cause I'm flexing all on you? Who the hell? [x3] Got me fucked up Who the hell? [x3] Got me fucked up [Verse 1: Quavo] Bitch Who the hell are you? I'm a dog she a dog too We know that she fucking the team Man the whole crew I'm a fucking fool if I put cuffs on you Who the hell? Bet he got trap spots No bandos, and I can't tell ...
Lil Bibby - My Dawg (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to "My Dawg (Remix) ... call that dog food Name one spot we ain't ran through (spot) ... My bitch keep callin' my phone When I pull up home I put her in a finger fold I got a trap bitch, tat on her ass, and it say Huncho I give her the bag and she movin' fast, she not comin' home no more I put your ho on a string for real, she come back ...
Big Tymers - I'm A Dog / I'm Sorry Lyrics
Put ya ring back on bitch, you ain't stan, You wanna know the real, I tell you how I feel, I don't give a fuck about a bitch I'm trying to make a bill, I'm a dog bitch, I don't care, Fuck what you talking bout, life ain't fair, Hoes don't help, they just spend your wealth, Then they gone in the wind when you lone and help,
Ceo Moc feat. Beo Smook - Ima Dog Lyrics
skeep Dohooh No hohooh but I'm going high high beo beooo Rafery bitch Hooh Ah Ah Ah Ah Say you dow, bitch Ima dog, We got the dog fool I fuck around, get the shit off happen in form ho ho, pussy on the capital oh, yesterday I did too, I act fool and I loose, no Im just working ma mood, doing drinks am a ganster. one like drinks and ama poor, bitches locked to me like an clue
Gucci Mane - I'm A Dog Lyrics
Because I'm gutta blak, got a bank and I'm thuggin I neva love a broad cause I'm a motha fukin dog You can ask a couple about me bet dey tell you I'm off the wall I got doctors, lawyers, dealers, even strippers, on my team N I neva show favortism everyone's treated the same I'm a boss of all bytches, so they neva complain
Too $hort - All My Bitches Are Gone Lyrics
I'm just doin' what I got to do I'm not fuckin' with you Because your funky ass cock is through So now I gotta get some new hoes Some old school bitches That's still ridin' trues and vogues I want a freak with the gangsta look That Ant Banks can hook And the bitch better know how to cook Cause I'm a nigga that'll eat some shit up
Young Scooter - Both Sides Lyrics
She say I'm the best so I tongued her Pimp the bitch, [?] If you fuck my dog, make sure you keep it sexy I'm pouring up Texas, Codeine We got a few out of town it's the nosebleeds I just got a call from Scooter, and he told me [Young Scooter:] Watch out for these niggas playing both sides
D Savage - Knots Lyrics
Watch what you say when you talking to me Bitch I'm a dog I just gotta eat You ain't my dog you fuck with police I've been getting to these knots While your rolex tick and tock It don't make yo heart stop Making cases out the trap I'm a whip it till it lock Junkie said we got the A1 so I keep this shit on lock
Yella Beezy - Dawg These Hoes (Remix) Lyrics
You can ask about lil Yella, they'll tell you I'm the truth Yeah lil mama said she poppin' so I told her bring the crew I told my nigga bring the liquor, we gon' see what these hoes do A box of Swishers and some Skittles, we gon' get these lil hoes loose Bitch I'm Tony Conway's son, yeah you heard I got the juice
Lil' B - Whoopie Lyrics
I got money in the safe cause I'm paranoid Two guns in my waist cause I will destroy No mask on my face cause I'm a idiot (Dr. Phil) Bring the gun to his house make him sleep with it (Dr. Phil) Sellin' off things. I'm Barbara Walters (whoopie) This is a vest (This is the view) (whoopie) I lay you in that coffin (whoopie) Lil B the God bitch (Dr ...
Mike Sherm - Asshole Lyrics
I'm a mother fucking asshole bitch I'm the shit If I get her to the crib I got to hit Made her give it up quick I robbed the bitch I don't even call it rap I'm talking shit Me and G-Bo Lean hit but than socked the bitch It was a one hitter quitter we dropped the bitch Designer fit with them kicks I'm confident I'm just a saucy ass nigga no ...
Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez - Suge (Remix) Lyrics
Which one you want, die with the 9 or Beretta I'm sorry for being intolerant I got this violent temper I like when I'm cold I shoot a nigga make 'em die in December You been a bitch as long as I can remember You say that shit gay and them niggas keep talkin' I promise to silence your members and quiet your temper
Webbie - Smile Lyrics
And if you ever see fit to send tell him I say whatever bitch I got hate on my shoulders dog, got weight on my shoulders dog See you got to go to war, you can't wait on your soldiers dog You ain't fucking, you ain't involved, sweet zones, I told 'em all I met 'em at Strogers y'all, and drawers, I broke 'em all You better get focused dog, treat ...
Chief Keef - My Baby Lyrics
I'm a dog in this True, baby Can we call this here a truce, baby? And you know I got the juice, baby And you see me in this coupe, baby You say you off at 2, baby What you gon' let me do baby? I'm smokin' on this took, baby There is no one like you, baby My baby is the dope I bet you ain't smoking on the strongest shit right now
21 Savage - Bank Account Lyrics
Get you killed, dog (wet) Killed dog, I'm a real dog, you a lil' dog (21) Be a dog, wanna be a dog, chasing mil's, dog Dunk right in your bitch like O'Neal, dog I shoot like Reggie Mill', dog (21) Chopper sting you like a eel, dog I got 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 M's in my bank account, yeah (Oh, God) In my bank account, yeah (Oh God) In my bank account ...
Yo Gotti - Toss That Bitch Lyrics
Lyrics to "Toss That Bitch" song by Yo Gotti: You went and bought that bitch Flossed that bitch But you lost that bitch Cuz we tossed that bitch ... You see what I'm sayin'? They say that I'm a dog and all I'm up to no good They say I'm fuckin all the broads but really I'm not I just got my name too hot Tossed too many hoes wit niggas that talk ...
21 Savage - Thug Life Lyrics
I'm thinking to myself you ain't gang, nigga, fuck you Feel like 2Pac, Thug Life, nigga, fuck you If he had the password to your phone he wouldn't have cuffed you Dog ass bitch, I knew I never should've trusted you Old style but nigga in the back like the streets do Can't believe that you betrayed me, I used to sleep with you Niggas quick to ...
Ralo - Dog Food Lyrics
Lyrics to "Dog Food" song by Ralo: I keep that dog food like I'm Ralo I keep that dog food like I'm Ralo I keep that dog food like I'm...
Yung Bleu - Call Me Daddy Lyrics
(Ayy, say bitch you know that I'm a savage) (Ayy, say bitch you know that I'm a savage) Yeah I'm a ratchet ass nigga, showing love to a slut I'ma treat her like a dog, I'ma shove it in her gut She a freaky bitch, she eat the dick until I get a nut I'ma take control and snatch her soul until she get a nut
DMX - Love That Bitch Lyrics
Aiyyo dawg, listen I love that bitch Cause of some bullshit I don't trust that bitch Cause of the kid I'm stuck with that bitch But my niggaz like, "Yo FUCK THAT BITCH!!" [DMX] Aiyyo it's like this man, shorty got a kid on some drunk after the club shit, we done did All week bitches got me hittin the Remy, full throttle
Yella Beezy - Dawg These Hoes Lyrics
A box of swishers and some skittles, we gon' get these lil hoes loose Bitch I'm [?] Conway's son, yeah you heard I got the juice Yeah I'm tryna have some fun, get behind that bitch, caboose Topped some bitch and made her run, yeah I keep it in the loot If that bitch ain't gon' turn up I'ma give that bitch the boot Aw, aw, yeah I'm a savage
YBN Nahmir - Bounce Out With That Remix Lyrics
My bitch bring two bitches bitch that make three, I say [YBN Nahmir:] Lately been on that fuck a nigga shit (fuck a nigga shit) Take a nigga bitch and then I pass her to the clique (pass her to the clique, nigga) I say, see me, I don't got no time for no bitch (time for no bitch) I just get 'em for the bros, I'm just worried 'bout them chips, I ...
Boosie Badazz - No Drake On Lyrics
I ain't got no Drake on, fuck that my dog on Riding around with my Draco I ain't got no Drake on, I ain't got no Drake on I got Murder Was The Case on I've been riding up and looking When I find you lil pussy I'm a slam, you are bitch I'm a grab you by the pussy Shit I'm from Louisiana, we call it Chopper City
Too $hort - Punk Bitch Lyrics
Bitch, I'm buyin' you an ounce of this game You better take it and shut the fuck up Stop runnin' your mouth like a sucka Cause you's a punk bitch Everythin' you say and everythin' you do Makes you a punk bitch, no good, no doubt All I gotta do is stick a dick in your mouth Wanna give up the pussy, bitch, I had it You're too slim, I like your ...
Z-Ro - Never Had Love Lyrics
Bitch, what you say hoe I don't love your dog ass bitch [Hook] I never had love for a bitch, I'm about my money Even if they murder me, I ain't going nowhere Turn up the volume to the radio, I'll be right there And I never had love for a nigga, I'm about my money I'm a million dollar mack, that's how I carry myself
Shordie Shordie - Bitchuary (Remix) Lyrics
Bitch, you a, bitch, you a, bitch, you a, bitch, you a Bitch, you a dog and your homegirl too, ayy She hit me back like, "Your dawg is too," ayy We can meet up, we can meet in groups, ayy With you and I, it can be us two like I'm in the club drinkin' Henny and a Black & Mild Got my gun and I can wave it, I'ma start actin' wild
Tiny Meat Gang - BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) Lyrics
In a whip, bitch, I'm workin' on my tape (Yeah) Perks of the gig, lemma tell you 'bout Postmates They say what I'm doin' is a waste (Doin' is a waste) I'm goin' places, man, you know that ain't the case (Know that ain't the case) Lemme play you my EP, it's takin' shape (It's takin' shape) Hop in my Lyft, I can take you any place (Take you any ...
DMX - Already Lyrics
Ain't got nothin to do With the frontin' you do Or your fuck ass crew Fuck what you think Fuck what you say Cause I'm a be the dog all day [Repeat] [DMX:] Hold up, shit went to the left Already Lying with every motherfuckin' breath Already Y'all must think niggas is stupid Already With that bullshit that you did Already Come on we all saw right ...
Scarface - Tryin' To Fuck Something Lyrics
No disrespect to you, partner, I got love for you But all these bitches in the club, you wanna talk to a dude So I'ma say it nice, so you can get shit clear Get off my dick and tell your bitch to come here Okay, you got a CD, I'll call you if it's bumpin But for now you gots to move on, cause a nigga's tryina fuck somethin [VERSE 2: Vicious]
Scarface - Big Dogg Status Lyrics
I be true O.G., you can quote what I say I'm a H-town nigga from around the way Southside, ridin' dirty like I'm UGK ... I got Big Dogg Status, I got Big Dogg Status I got Big Dogg Status, I got Big Dogg Status ... We just drunk a mad dog before we went to school
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