You wont take me down i will fight for this kingdom lyrics

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I know you'll stay by my side ... Will you reclaim your throne. An armistice that's bound to break down ... I'll fight till there's no kingdom left to defend. This whole world is ours that we'll take back ... So help me, I won't let this be how it ends
Lyrics to "The Death Of Me" song by ASKING ALEXANDRIA: Am I insane? I ask myself ... No, I refuse to let you bring me down (bring me down) I won't let you ...
MUSE LYRICS - Knights Of Cydonia
Or time will waste you. No one's gonna take me alive. The time has come to make things right. You and I must fight for our rights. You and I must fight to survive
MATISYAHU LYRICS - King Without A Crown
Lyrics to "King Without A Crown" song by MATISYAHU: Zee you're all that I have and you're all that I need Each and every day I pray to get ... With these, demons surround all around to bring me down to negativity ... Won't be brought down on one knee ... And I'll fight with all of my heart, and all a' my soul, and all a' my might
Lostboycrow - Say You Want Me lyrics and translation
Jul 23, 2015 And it don't take much to want you Love will let me be your fool Oh baby ... too Just say you want me Time is so why the fuck bringing me down Life ... can fight it , fight it Trying to hide it But I don't want to I just want you ... Love Won't Sleep ... Finland (+358); France (+33); United Kingdom (+44); Greece (+30) ...
BRING ME THE HORIZON LYRICS - "Sempiternal" (2013) album
BRING ME THE HORIZON lyrics - "Sempiternal" (2013) album, including " Deathbeds", "Chasing ... Will you weep for me? I'm sorry ... And when you die, the only kingdom you'll see— .... And my soul's a sorry state, so come on down you empty lovers. ... 'Cause heaven's full and hell won't have me .... I can't fight this anymore
POVERTY'S NO CRIME LYRICS - "Save My Soul" (2007) album
abused by you - can't stand upright so dead tired ... you make me wan to die open your ... end the fight - stand aside - take me as I am my hands ... and waste my time - won't leave me as I am .... I know this fever will go down the day that I die
"Fight For You". [Chorus] It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you ... Just like the rain, down in Africa It's gonna take some time but I know you're worth fighting for - I'd fight for you ... The one you can't live without let me hear you say
Brett Kissel - I'll Fight for You Lyrics
Oct 21, 2016 Even when I'm down bleeding on the ground I will fight for you I will die for you, ... it hit me staring down the barrel At a lifetime of leaving its all you've ever known, Yeah love is a battle and I won't be defeated. I'll ... Get the mobile app now ... Finland (+358); France (+33); United Kingdom (+44); Greece (+30) ...
Girl On Fire - Cut Lyrics
Sep 11, 2016 But here and now i stand my ground and let you know! You wont bring me down I will keep on fighting! You're cutting me down Cutting you out!
FIT FOR A KING LYRICS - Slave To Nothing
I won't give in, I'll never surrender. No more fear, only fight. I'm a slave, I'm a ... and your walls are crashing down (get up, get up) ... but at the end of the day you' ll never see me surrender. A kingdom reclaimed, the spawn of sin is shamed;
Lyrics to "Dragon Spell" song by THE WORD ALIVE: I'm still the king of the world I 'll never ... I'll take hold of what is mine. I'll be the lord of the universe. If you want me, I'm right here ... I'll never let my family down. Fight for what you stand for ... We won't crumble in the face of our enemies ... I will not ever let this kingdom fall
EMINEM LYRICS - Won't Back Down
Lyrics to "Won't Back Down" song by EMINEM: You can sound the alarm you can call out your ... try to fight it, try to deny it ... listen garden tool don't make me introduce you to my power tool ... or you're the kind of girl that I can take a liking to
Lyrics to "For The Fight" song by BUTCHER BABIES: Can you taste it, the sweat and suffering We salivate for ... We fight. They try to hold us down. They try to push us down. We won't let them ... It's time to take a stand cause they can't break us
NateWantsToBattle - Reclaim Your Throne Lyrics
Jun 1, 2016 Our kingdom can see its end I can't let it break when it starts to bend I know you'll stay. ... An armistice that's bound to break down Brothers aligned we'll drive ... that we'll take back And every broken heart will mend So help me I won't let ... will fight back (This day we'll fight back) Father, where are you now?
MENDEED LYRICS - "This War Will Last Forever" (2006) album
We won't be sacrificed by clowns who wear a crown. We are ... And I shall accept this war within, arise against temptation - I will rise as the morning aftermath attacks, I am no victim - Arise. ... We can build a new kingdom, we'll eliminate oppression we can be one world. ... As you hold me down, this is time to fight your grip.
Josh Devine & Ollie Green - Fight for You Lyrics
Jan 19, 2015 You're crying out will someone take the pain away Just give me a chance ... down these walls And I'll fight till the end If fate comes to call I won't ...
Lyrics to "Kingdom Of The Lost" song by BLACK STAR RIDERS: Come here and ... I'm putting down my sword now. I'm hanging up my gun. I haven't got the will to fight ... Won't bring my country back to me [x2] ... You can take me if you want to
KINGDOM OF GIANTS LYRICS - "Abominable" (2011) EP
KINGDOM OF GIANTS LYRICS ... And you will see me for what I am inside. A creature, a monster, ... The crowd cheers for bloodshed, but they won't take me ... We are the heartless warriors fighting to live another day ... You will bow down.
Hailey Gardiner - Neverland Lyrics
Oct 1, 2015 I wear the crown you take the maid We're bandits tonight we're thick as thieves We'll clim. ... And fighting the demons Darlin don't look down Send me out on the ... us Our hearts will beat as one Won't you fly me to the sun Send me out on ... Finland (+358); France (+33); United Kingdom (+44); Greece (+30) ...
Lyrics to "I'll Fight For You" song by FOREIGNER: I'm turning to you, when love is ... And I won't give you up, no I won't walk away ... You'll forgive me someday
Jermaine Edwards - Dont Count Me Out Lyrics
Sep 19, 2014 Lyrics for Dont Count Me Out by Jermaine Edwards. ... Don't count me out yet I'm still running, Fall down but I got up fighting, My eyes are on God's Kingdom always, But I won't stop until I finish this race. ... Bridge I'm never alone, You're never alone, Cause He hears the tears that ... Get the mobile app now.
Tatiana Manaois feat. J Jayce - Break Me Down Lyrics
Jul 25, 2015 Lyrics for Break Me Down by Tatiana Manaois feat. ... pass me by Say you couldn 't, how i let you try but oh, you wont win a fight this way so dont ... you will be okay You wont go down today, no not this way you'll get through it. ... Spain (+34); Finland (+358); France (+33); United Kingdom (+44); Greece (+30) ...
Moira dela Torre - If You Tell Me You Love Me Lyrics
Aug 14, 2015 Lyrics for If You Tell Me You Love Me by Moira dela Torre. ... I'm trapped in a love song The words I LOVE YOU Seem to just get by I failed to ... tell me you love me Make sure you'll fight for me Be sure you'll wait for me Don't ... in the battle with me Don't give up on me Don't even make a sound If you won't ...
Jay Sean & Lil Wayne - Down Lyrics
AY SEAN – 4 meanings Baby are you down down down down down, Down, Down, ... you are my only, You won't be lonely, even if the sky is falling down, You 'll be my ... down, Just let it be, come on and bring your body next to me, I'll take you ... Now she my miss America, Now can I be her soldier please, I'm fighting for this ...
THE WORD ALIVE LYRICS - "Life Cycles" (2012) album
I'll never let my family down. Fight for what you stand for. If you fight and die of those inductions. What was the meaning of it ... We won't fall I will not ever let this kingdom fall .... you say when they take me away What will you say? You should  ...
HEAVY LOAD LYRICS - "Stronger Than Evil" (1983) album
You can take me. Filling you with ... He's breaking down the order ... His kingdom's proud ... Or you won't live tomorrow ... All brothers fighting against each other
Lyrics to "Take Me To The King" song by TAMELA MANN: Take me to the King I don't have much to bring My heart is torn in pieces It's my offering Take me t... ... No strength to fight ... One touch will change my life ... And sing to You this song
Krystal Buckley - Not Gonna Bring Me Down Lyrics
May 8, 2015 Lyrics for Not Gonna Bring Me Down by Krystal Buckley. ... shield Nothing can get to me You know, you know, you know I'm gonna fight till the ... no one's gonna stop me No one's gonna bring me down You won't stop me You ... Spain (+34); Finland (+358); France (+33); United Kingdom (+44); Greece (+30) ...
Elmo - Lifetime (From the Film "Criminal Activities") Lyrics
May 11, 2016 He can bring his fire back but he will fall where he stands Thinking ... But I will stand if I know you won't put me down Cause I will fight your fire, ...
Elmo - Lifetime, Pt.2 Lyrics
Jan 16, 2016 He can bring his fire back but he'll fall where he stands Thinking about ... I will stand if I know you won't put me down Cause I will fight you fire, ...
MATISYAHU LYRICS - King Without A Crown
My love will rip a hole in the ceiling Givin' myself to you from the essence... ... the world is dark and I just can't see. With these, demons surround all around to bring me down to negativity ... Won't be brought down on one knee. Fight with all of ... And I'll fight with all of my heart, and all a' my soul, and all a' my might [Chorus]
BURY TOMORROW LYRICS - "The Union Of Crowns" (2012) album
Knight Life 7. Royal Blood 8. Bitemarks 9. Abdication Of Power 10. Kingdom 11. 1603 ... So now I know that this is where we need to go to believe and get ... Show me the will to fight, after this there's life, this is where .... It won't be long, forever torn, we can move on. ... I know you'll guide me home down this darkened road.
DREAM THEATER LYRICS - Build Me Up, Break Me Down
Lyrics to "Build Me Up, Break Me Down" song by DREAM THEATER: Today I will be your savior Tomorrow a demon You crave my erratic behavior And watch my every move... ... Fighting the fear within. I won't be left alone ... "Build Me Up, Break Me Down" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.
PRAYING MANTIS LYRICS - "Legacy" (2015) album
It's the enemy you'll never see ... But the reasons now won't make sense anymore ... Nothing can melt your heart... Fight Fight, fight for your honour. Fight, fight for one another. ... Enter to a different kingdom, like I've opened my eyes. Take me to a higher level, the city's my pride ... When lights go down and all I see is you.
BEHOLDER LYRICS - "The Legend Begins" (2001) album
To the doors of the Oracle I will go, to fight the shadow of my soul. A legend ... Lord, take me out of this hell! ... And when the sun comes down, the moon will see you standing proud ... My land won't be sacrificed, a holy kingdom's in my mind
Salt Ashes - Save It Lyrics
May 31, 2016 You don't have it in your power To make me black out every flame I'm bound to ... Take me high and feed the rush Cos at times I don't feel much ... This love won't leave. ... I feel it in my heart Don't you give up on me Why you fighting me? .... By closing this message, or by scrolling down this page you agree ...
BLANCA LYRICS - Not Backing Down
Lyrics to "Not Backing Down" song by BLANCA: I walk the line I stay out the ... Won't stay silent this time [Chorus:] No, I'm not backing down. No, you can't count me out ... I follow the leader, and where He may take me may make me a leader
KINGDOM OF GIANTS LYRICS - "Every Wave Of Sound" (2013) album
KINGDOM OF GIANTS lyrics - "Every Wave Of Sound" (2013) album, including " MJ ... I never thought it would all come down to this ... We stand, we fight, to break ourselves into the light. ... Just be careful who you trust, you won't amount to much, ... So tell me, what will be left when you've drained the light from every soul ?
THE NEON HOOKERS LYRICS - "Calling All Creeps!" (2006) album
(2006) album, including "Let's Get Invisible!", "Deep Trouble", "You Can't Scare Me!"... ... someday it'll end. But it won't. ... Every breath I've taken has ended in a fight. So fuck ... I hope your kingdom burns down and you fucking choke. Take me  ...

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