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Lyrics to "Don't Stop Me" song by WYNTER GORDON: I can feel it in the air I can feel the fire burning I wish that you were mine But I know I don't de... ... Open up your eyes and see the light. Let me take you out ... I can see that you approve, so I'm gonna keep it coming ... Watching while I'm rolling it, baby I'm controlling it
ALESANA LYRICS - "The Emptiness" (2010) album
A story that will torture your thoughts by day and poison your dreams by night. And though I will ... Empty eyes accuse a face so evil, I'm coming undone. ... A glossy stare that won't leave me be starts my blood running cold. ... As I watch everything unravel, why should I even try to stop the collapse? ... No one knows, only me.
LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES LYRICS - "When We Don't Exist" (2011 ...
I never asked so don't assume that I would need your help ... I'm still content with everything that I continue to create for myself ... I saw the change in your eyes ... I' m sick of watching you come undone ... Cold hearts are never warm when you need them to be ... Will you just let me know? ..... It's safe to say I had this coming
CARDIANT LYRICS - "Verge" (2013) album
Watching the scene on your brand new plasma screen. Evil man, evil ... How could I know what I'm doing wrong. If you never ... Cause tonight heaven´s calling me ... A dark figure on the alley has her eyes on my heart ... My escape is over, these things can't be undone .... While the ice is cold you don't have to face this alone ...
KALMAH LYRICS - "12 Gauge" (2010) album
KALMAH lyrics - "12 Gauge" (2010) album, including "Cold Sweat", " Sacramentum", "12 Gauge"... ... 10. Cold Sweat ... I am the one of your daydreams. Don't call me sexy I'm angry hiiop ... Most poisonous weapon is coming in ... Swampwar the time has come to stop the deprivation ... Thousand eyes are watching me now
KONTRUST LYRICS - "Time To Tango" (2009) album
you hide your face but i know you'll open up ... If you give me all your fears you'll open up your eyes ... Comin - around that site – around that side - around that side ... Never ever and forever I would stop and leave my track ... Watching lonely tv - but there's nothing to see ... Talk to me – I think of her but you don't think of me
ALICE COOPER LYRICS - "Hey Stoopid" (1991) album
Don't let that one love tear your world apart. C'mon babe ... Red lights, stop and go. Whatcha ... me to be. You looked into the eyes of men above you ... You know , you push me right to the limit ... Left me standing in the cold. Baby ... Midnight blues comin' through the walls ... Watching all the clouds roll by ... I'm all undone
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours lyrics
Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it. I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted. I fell right through the cracks. Now I'm trying to get back. Before the ...
AVANTASIA LYRICS - "Angel Of Babylon" (2010) album
Don't you turn your face to the night sky ... An instant that won't come undone ... Black are the wings that will carry me home ... From Babylon to Paradise I'm drawn ... Your eyes are cold ... Nobody would stop us ... Something's coming nearer ... Devil watching through my eyes ... Enticing me away now as the sun sets. To the ...
Failure In The Flesh. Bring out your dead. Bring me their heads. An execution is at hand. These are you false prophets selling you Armageddon These are the ...
GAMMA RAY LYRICS - "Skeletons In The Closet" (2003) album
They are coming out of the dark. Then the ... everything grows cold ... Take me to the gardens of the sinner, ... Do you really wanna be - rich and famous now. ... I'm riding the wind, don't need your request ... The eyes of the world are closin' forever ... Can you feel me, I don't want to be undone ... There ain't no way to stop us
J. Cole - In The Morning Lyrics
Don't be ashamed, it ain't no thing, I used to blow trees ... 'Cause girl I caught the vibe like you threw something to me ... Now we zonin', baby you so fine ... Uh, baby you winter time cold ... I'm trying to make the goose bumps on your inner thigh show ... Yeah, when lights coming through the drapes and we both yawning
EMPYRIOS LYRICS - "Zion" (2013) album
coming away no, no need ... don't even try to deplore sleep tight but keep your eyes open wide ... watching the scenes unfolding ... now my hands are cold ... "let me go", trapped in a daydream alone ... a therapy long denied now i'm healing ... we're sailing to a past now coming undone ... stop the wheel of fortune and resign
EUPHOREON LYRICS - "Euphoreon" (2011) album
Open your eyes and see ... Constantly we bring ourselves undone ... Tales once told. Grow tiresome and cold. My cries fall deaf again. Save Me ... Is it me? Forever Being Fighting, Watching, Waiting, Hoping, One Day, You will. Hear ... Don't know what you've got until it's gone. Now I'm one with the sky, this is my time to fly
ACID BATH LYRICS - "When The Kite String Pops" (1994) album
Cause do you know what you've done ... I smell the yellow sickness churning inside your head ... I'm feeling nowhere. It doesn't ... Cut out my eyes. ... Glistening and new, the sunsets coming ... Feel me. Kill me. Then dissect me. The pigs will squeal. Their blood will drain ... There's blood on the moon and the summer is cold
GHOST BRIGADE LYRICS - "Until Fear No Longer Defines Us ...
I know you are still here somewhere. But I don't want to find you ... No one can stop me. I give you salvation ... The last touch of your cold skin ... I am drinking the tears away and eating the souls ... Make me return, when my eyes can't see home no more ... Watching the view still unknown ... Saw this coming too many times
HORSE THE BAND LYRICS - "The Mechanical Hand" (2005) album
Even when I speak your name ... I don't know whats beset this change ... Seconds stop and I BURST with clarity ... Within or without I'm chained by the dream ... I won't come up for air tonight. Cold And all alone. I held my own. But now I give up .... Walk with me my monster - but close those crusty eyes ... I'll come undone.
DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR LYRICS - "Better Ways To Die" (2009 ...
Stop right now! ... I'm choking on the air you drained ... We stand - as one - this can't be undone - ... You just spend your days alone, hiding from me. I know ... Out harassing people they don't know ... We take the lessons we know and all come in from the fucking cold ... I will fight till I die till the tears flow from my mothers eyes
DARK SUNS LYRICS - "Existence" (2005) album
I felt like one coming out of an upper room. To fret no ... The houses shone in silence and the child in me ... Now I am standing here among your faces ... Yet all your glowing eyes reflecting slumber ... Undone So it is me who walks with you. In the maze of enclasping flow ... I don't know and swoon away with consternation
VOXAGER LYRICS - "Beyond The Frontier" (2013) album
And never by the cold rationality of the machines ... While I'm heading back, something's catching my eye ... [Crew:] You don't know what's wrong from right ... Why is it that you feel so free while your heart is bound? ... Where is he coming from? .... It haunted me a million years until I came undone .... Are they watching
NINE INCH NAILS LYRICS - "And All That Could Have Been" (2002 ...
hey god, I really don't know what you mean ... hey god, I believed that promises, your promises and lies terrible lie ... black and blue and broken bones you left me here I'm all alone my little piggy ... you can try to stop it but it keeps on coming you can ... open my eyes wake up in flames ... watching the hole it used to be mine
SERIOUS BLACK LYRICS - "As Daylight Breaks" (2015) album
Now I'm here life is clearly light and shadow. Nothing can stop me from leaving now. The darkness starts ... When all seasons come undone ... And when you see the magic light brings to your eyes ... Some say I had it coming all along ... Don't believe what you've been told ... Stone cold and reckless messiah's burning land
GAMA BOMB LYRICS - "The Terror Tapes" (2013) album
You're coming up the helter-skelter, look out above. You never ... It's a deadly buzz and you can't stop screaming ... But now you've got the munchies for your own face- holy fuck! ... His face is cold ... Willem Dafoe, he smokes the blow, and don't you know, .... Someone called security, they're watching me like I'm Jacky O
Grows weary of the looks of me ... A knife to the eye ... To remove your tumor thought benign ... Six heads to a neck, and I know ... He'll leave here almost deadly undone ... As does my heart when I notice you watching us ... Don't stop breathing- Nerve endings are screaming ... I'm coming back with a vengeance unknown
THE BERZERKER LYRICS - "Dissimulate" (2002) album
I wish someone could someday explain to me this strange concept. For like others I am mortal and don't have all the answers. ... to be a victim of the earth and now I'm trapped inside. ... Death is coming, your life's a failure, Now we're watching as you die. .... Once I stop all I'm doing for them. ... Sees through the eyes, It's time ...
DIMMU BORGIR LYRICS - "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia ...
The decrepit innocence of your correctness and well-chosen. Elicits the ... How unfortunate I am, cursed to spend time on a battle already won. The shame that ...
CRASHDÏET LYRICS - "The Savage Playground" (2013) album
You know about the lies that gets you buried in the mud. Excess ... Save me from your grace please unholy mother ... I know it's evil circle but I'm feeling kind of blue ... Don't go crying for a savior .... Eyes are open wide ... Just like the girls you come undone ... I stop believing without you ... I'm fucking cold just about to freeze
PREY FOR NOTHING LYRICS - "Against All Good And Evil" (2011 ...
A crime that cannot be undone. Atrocious ... Cannot foresee the coming disaster. The same ... Don't make me unmake you. Your ... It's not a vision in your eyes ... All these lies / cold as ice / sacrificed ... I learned to know that I'm better than anyone I'll ever meet ... With no one watching ... You cannot stop this deadly drama
BONDED BY BLOOD LYRICS - "Feed The Beast" (2008) album
The second stage and I'm trapped in a cage ... Now I'll suffocate the flames. Malicious intent, driving me insane ... Still alive but I don't really care ... Opening eyes that were blind ... Watching your tendons rot ... Telling me to stop and kneel ... And nothing's left undone. 11. Vengeance. Wait 'till you see what's coming from me
Five Finger Death Punch - Remember Everything lyrics
Dear mother, I love you. I'm sorry, I wasn't good enough. Dear Father, forgive me. Cause in your eyes, I just never added up. In my heart I know I failed you, but ...
Now why the angel decided to stop there ... In the cold winter's light ... Who caught the angel's eye .... It seems it all comes down in the end to you and me ..... Wondering if the past could be undone ... I'm looking for I don't know what ... But the clerk went back to watching his TV ... Your son has been coming to this place
17, Every Now and Then. 18, Open Up the Sky ... 47, I'm Coming Home ... 67, Baby It's Cold Outside. 68, Have I ... 75, Hide Me In Your Heart. 76, Jesus ... 116, Watching Over Me ... 128, I Don't Care Anymore ... To Me. 135, Through My Eyes ... Stop The Bleeding - Single Bundle (Includes Undone Dance Version) Lyrics FFH ...

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