Your girl is a how , you need to let go , she sucked all my bros lyrics

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UGK - Something Good Lyrics
Now brothers need to get they shit straight / These lyrics that I'm stressing going farther than this tape / It just ain't. ... She sucked my dick, I bust a nut in her throat
UH!.. WHOO! Y'all gon' make me lose my mind up in HERE, up in here Y'all gon' make me go... ... it's like (what) I just gotta get my dick sucked. And I don't ... Hmm, let's add up all the factors. You wack, you're twisted, your girl's a hoe. You're ... I love my baby mother, I never let her go "I'm tired of ... What These Bitches Want
I heard she got a STD, don't get your dick sucked. That ain't ... But I ain't mad on you bitches thas what hoes do ... She let me hit, now the only things she got was soul food. This ain't halloween girl it ain't no tricking me ... She say get me, so I gave that bitch my cock to suck ... But it's enough money in this shit for us all to eat
N.W.A. LYRICS - Dopeman
"Dopeman, please, can I have another hit?" The Dopeman... ... If your girl kneels down and sucks my dick!" It all happened and the guy tried to choke her. ... You need a nigga with money, so you get a dopeman. ... Give the bitch a rock and she 'll fuck the whole damn crew. ... Me neither, hoe go home and wash out ya beaver .
EMINEM LYRICS - Marshall Mathers
Lyrics to "Marshall Mathers" song by EMINEM: You know I just don't get it ... Heh, the fuck you want from me, ten million dollars? ... I don't know why all the fuss about me (fuss about me) ... New Kids on the Block, sucked a lot of dick ... and destroy your little 4-year-old boy or girl ... My fuckin bitch mom's suin for ten million
[Girl] Yeah, hahahaha...whooooo, shit! [Em] (aight) ... This is my love goes like this ... You have the right to remain violent and start wilin' Start a fight with the same guy that was smart eyin' you. Get in your car, start it, and start drivin ' ... They won't let me ever let them go. I'm a sucker all I gotta say ... Sucks to be you
Told you how to slap dicks and murder your girl (I did!) Gave you all the finger and told you to sit and twirl ... I'm your brother when you need, some good weed to set you free. You know me, I'm ... like when my teacher sucked my wee-wee in preschool (Woo!) ... said this the biggest knife she ever saw in her life (Help me!
GETO BOYS LYRICS - Gangster Of Love
If the bitch is acting stupid, She's got to go! ... Girl you taking shit the wrong way. ... I got to educate you brothers ... I need a bitch to like nuts ... As she sucks my dick and licks my scrotum ... I'll turn your sister out if you fuck with me ... All the hoes mad 'cause we ain't paying for the pussy fighting over their ... Let A Ho Be A Ho
KID CUDI LYRICS - Soundtrack 2 My Life
Lyrics to "Soundtrack 2 My Life" song by KID CUDI: I got 99 problems and ... She copped the toys I would play with in my room by myself, why he by ... He got two older brothers, one hood, one good ... I bring them to the light for you ... It's all said and done and my cock's been sucked ... Ignorance is love, and I need that shit
No need to sweat Arsenio to gain some type of fame. No shame in ... what I have. You wanna diss the Phifer but you still don't know the half ... Your name ain't Special Ed so won't you Seckle With the Mission ... I just try my best to like go all out ... Zulu Nation, brothers that's creation ... Riding on the train with no dough, sucks
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Holy Ghost
Pussy nigga if you scared then go to church with a weapon. And if you ... She sucked my dick real fast and then she went slo-mo yeah she a freak. I drive these  ...
FUTURE LYRICS - Benz Friendz (Whatchutola)
And I don't want no bitch who need that kind of nigga, scram, ho ... Aye, see how she react when you're no longer in your Bimmer Then she find out that ... I told the girl I'm 'bout to sell the Porsche, I'm tired of it. She go and told these folks I'm goin' broke, a smile poured ... Had to write her birthday down cuz my memory sucks
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. LYRICS - Going Back To Cali
[Biggie] Yeah I hear you dogg, I hear you, alright, 7:30 [P. Dad] Yo take ... [P. Dad] Tell your girl then to remember it or somethin [Biggie] ... Mad cause I got my dick sucked and my ... I live out there, so don't go there ... Smoke some nice sess in the West, y'all niggaz is a mess ... Bet she suck until I ain't got no more, only in L.A.
Yum, a stick of 5 gum is the taste on my tongue ... Action-pack wit' a rack and a little bit of that 'yac she's passed on ... Tryna get my dick sucked through my jeans ... (Girl sure look like fuck food to me) ... Yeah, let's make a movie, I'ma flip the script ... make 'em do all of us, and we don't be trippin' on it 'cause we all brothers
Some food for thought some food for death, go 'head and fuckin' eat. My father's dead well I ... That I got love for my mother, none of you other fuckas. Are much ... Drunk white girls the only way I'll get my dick sucked ... All because she said no to homecomin', demons runnin' ... Cause my mother let me do what I want. She ...
Let man explain it to them. Oh Lord ... Get your dick sucked sitting at the red light ... How you get upon how the fuck you playing ... Shout out to Dope boy, we all need each other ... We run the game, pussy boy go cry a river ... A girl'll run her mouth only out of spite ... She blowing up my phone, that's that bitch I don't like
I have this dream that I am hitting my dad with a baseball bat. And he is ... girlfriend, Can I sleep in your bed ... And you were okay, okay as a girlfriend. But I was ...
off her back, jab her if she act funny with ... I don't wanna rape ya, I just want the paper. The Visa ... And your moms ain't ugly love; my dick got rock quick. I guess I ... Then I bust in her E-Y-E (Yo Big, you're dead wrong) [Chorus 2X ... After she sucked the dick, I stabbed her brother with the icepick because ... Let Me Get Down
My weekend's at an all time low ... letting him go. Walk out of her heart ... She's an old-time ambassador ... is sucked in their brains ... Yes, it could have been me
ATTILA LYRICS - "About That Life" (2013) album
If you wanna join the party put your middle fingers up. And when the ... Take it all. Grab hold of everything that you want. And tell the haters suck my fucking cock
You never, heard of a mind as perverted as mine. You better ... I used to be my mommy's little angel at twelve. Thirteen I ... It sucks, too much press I'm stressed ... Here, let me turn this motherfucker up right now ... I take seven (kids) from ( Columbine), stand 'em all in line ... and have a son and a new brother at the same time
Lyrics to "Eating You" song by BROTHA LYNCH HUNG: Okay, now that ... Unfortunately I'm fucking ya kids instead of your wife ... I never would have told y' all ... Told her my tour bunk was right above y'all niggas ... Like for 2 hours I sucked cock ... (Let's chew it, the girls came through and got more than she bargained for)
I'm kicking the type of flow that makes you say "You're too much Kris" So feel the fire of the ... I'd like to grab a hold of your soul and never let go. Never 'til they ...
Lil Boosie - Beat That Pussy Up Lyrics
i know lately that we aint did much but on my mama girl i promise im gon make that up ... tonight when she go home ima keep calling her phone til she let me lay that ... i need to fuck something bad i got some pressure build up so the next thing i ... (look) oh you lettin dem hoes suck on my shit, i told her no she sucked B, but ...
Lyrics to "So What" song by POUYA: I fucked your hoe last night So What? ... Your girlfriend want to fuck ... Why you hating on them let them fuck that ... Then his ass got to go ... Bitch whit it give her dick then she choke ... I don't even throw hands cause my partner throw smoke ... I fucking hate rapping (just sucks, man)
Lyrics to "Pimp C 3000" song by STARLITO & DON TRIP: Ay man, you ... I go blap blap, you go nap nap, fuck nigga sweet dreams. That serve you right, for sleepin' on me while I wake up to your queen ... Let's talk money, I learned to count before I could read ... With a bad bitch in my lap with so much slob she need a bill
SNOOP DOGG LYRICS - I Don't Need No Bitch
Lyrics to "I Don't Need No Bitch" song by SNOOP DOGG: My mama told me ... Tryna kiss a nigger all in public, bitch, is you crazy? ... They be focus on his dick and keep your focus off my time ... Now you telling me I need to be getting out and go find me a bitch ... F-ck one that once sucked my dick and find another ( bitches)
... your bitch ass. You'll get Jacked and Jilled, nigga ... Your bitch on my dick, I told her I was busy. She say “Wayne on me, Wayne on me” cause yo ass need drizzlin' That pussy ... Smoke that weed, let's get irie. Nina shut ... I'm getting my dick sucked ... Just bought my girl a Ferrari Spider ... Y'all niggas act like lady cops. My ...
Eminem - Space Bound Lyrics
Nobody knows me I'm cold, walk down this road all alone. It's no ones fault but my own, it's the path I've chosen to go ... It sucks but it's exactly what I thought it would be like tryin' to start over ... I'm a space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon ... With you I have zero strength ... Let down my guards swear to God
SIKTH LYRICS - "The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out, Wait For ...
What is your moral for today, is it still lies and trickery? ... My point exactly. You see, You're all the same. Dirty, fuckers gone insane ... Don't let the fuckers make you frown ... With you girl? ... Can we not chill, go to sleep with my arms around you? ... But you want puppy loving and five orgasms 'til the night ..... Sucked me in
PUNGENT STENCH LYRICS - "Ampeauty" (2004) album
Hey boys have you heard the news. There's a new girl in town. She like's to play with your cock. If your skin is ... All the way up your back door. Gang bang with ... Leash girl when you come for me ... Let loose your dogs on me ... Me and my two wretched brothers ... And sucked it like a pro ... So go die and fuck you, scamp ...
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD LYRICS - "Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing"
Because I worked through your fucking bullshit ... My brothers and sisters, ... And have the strength of men who say "fuck you" ... Go [Spoken outro by Devin Townsend:] “Howdy, welcome to A&W. My name's ... Let me hear the goat boy talk! ... Piece from all the crap around and keep the best for me. .... Sucks in the resting
Miley Cyrus - 7 Things lyrics
I don't really like miley but I have to admit she did real good on this song. ... Everyone just needs to leave her alone and let her live her life! ... Seeing all the girls' facial expressions will bring tears to your eyes if you know the .... This song sucks. .... But I have this freakin 2008 jonas brothers book that I stole from my little sister.
SIKTH LYRICS - "How May I Help You?" (2002) EP
Never let his feelings out. Didn't have ... Wanted to go somewhere in the middle of nowhere to relax for a while. He went to ... "Get on you knees and scrub the decks, I want to see you sweating ... From then he talks to Rodney like shit all day ... She my girl, your girl, everyone's girl" .... And a child is born on his brothers heels
TOO $HORT LYRICS - The Bitch Sucks Dick
Lyrics to "The Bitch Sucks Dick" song by TOO $HORT: Oh yes, I'm that master ... to get your dick sucked, well then just dream. ... All my homies, what she did ... Have you heard about baby, man she sucks ... When they suck dick like girl wonder
Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl lyrics
This was never the way I planned. Not my intention. I got so brave, drink in hand. Lost my discretion. It's not what, I'm used to. Just wanna try you on. I'm curious ...
Ice Cream - Raekwon With Ghost Face Killer, Cappachino .... Lyrics
Intro: Method Man (Johnny Blaze) / Hey mom, can I have some money? / The ice. ... Chorus: Watch these rap niggaz get all up in your guts ... And scooped in my ice cream truck, Wu tears it up (The ice ... See you on Pickens with a bunch of chickens how you're clickin ... Let's go ahead and walk these dogs and represent Wu.
DETHKLOK LYRICS - "The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera ...
You have the strength, but the cunning's all mine! ... I'm the judge and jury, and your case is in my hands! You should be on my side, so should she! ... My name is Skwisgaar, let's go to a Swiss bar .... Toki's been kidnapped with the girl by some men. ... They shoot through the roof, blow up, get sucked out of the window.
Taylor Swift - Safe And Sound lyrics
[Verse 1] I remember tears streamin' down your face. When I said I'd never let you go, When all those shadows almost killed your light. I remember you said ...
The Jungle Brothers - Brothers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Brothers' by The Jungle Brothers. ... 10th round, / And still catching that beat down / So I retreat back to my old ... Souls get sucked into the evil corruption ... But I won't let it tempt me ... Now if I worry to much about all my have nots ... Baby girl is at home and she's screaming "daddy" ... Dunk your cookie in my milk

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