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Lyrics to "Heart Of Glass" song by BLONDIE: Once I had a love and it was a gas Soon turned out had a heart of ... Love is so confusing there's no peace of mind
Daniel Norgren - Your Love Lyrics
Oct 29, 2015 Lyrics for Your Love by Daniel Norgren. It's a strange world to live in, bitter and confusing I am glad that I've found you, and y...
Lyrics to "Pathetic Sense" song by THE CRANBERRIES: Time is an illusion baby, I'm on your side. Love is a confusion baby, You'll never hide. Come to t...
Lyrics to "Love Or Confusion" song by JIMI HENDRIX: Is that the stars in the sky or is it raining far from now? Will it burn me if I touch the sun, so b...
Mundy - Love And Confusion lyrics
Love And Confusion lyrics by Mundy: Lying in an alley in the back of my mind, / I' m wonderin' if you ... Hey, click the icon to check the status of your contributions.
Netta Brielle feat. The Jacka - Love U or Leave U lyrics
Oct 10, 2015 Ooh oh oh oh I follow my heart, It only got me lost Lost in your love Confusing my thoughts Everybody thinks you're so cool But if they only knew ...
ZHANE LYRICS - Confusion
Lyrics to "Confusion" song by ZHANE: Confusion, it's haunting me I don't ... Love surrounds me (loves around me boy) ... Your passion, it moves through me
But cold winds blow across your mind. Confusion--it's such a terrible shame. Confusion--you don't know what you're sayin'. You've lost your love and you just ...
SEAN PAUL LYRICS - Now That I've Got Your Love
Lyrics to "Now That I've Got Your Love" song by SEAN PAUL: Senorita, d way you watch Yuh dey pon mi ... Confusing every time 'cause you ain't really mine
DOLLY PARTON LYRICS - It's Such A Heartache
Can't keep my eyes from crying, can't believe your love is dying. Can't stop the rain from falling, no answer when I'm calling. My love, it's so confusing, it's such a  ...
Running on - running into the sun. But I'm running behind. Gotta do what you can just to keep your love alive. Trying not to confuse it with what you do to survive
GENESIS LYRICS - Land Of Confusion
Lyrics to "Land Of Confusion" song by GENESIS: I must've dreamed a thousand dreams ... And not much love to go round ... And the sound of your laughter
MUSE LYRICS - Plug In Baby
Don't confuse. Baby you're gonna lose. Your own game. Change me. Replace the envying. To forget your love. My plug in baby. Crucifies my enemies
Alice In Chains - Confusion Lyrics
Further in your mind. You reach, I run, you fall. On skinned knees you crawl. I want to set you free, recognize my disease. Love, sex, pain, confusion, suffering
APRIL WINE LYRICS - Without Your Love
Lyrics to "Without Your Love" song by APRIL WINE: Seemingly related, ... ( Without your love) Without you, I'm not that strong ... What you feel, it's so confusing
VICE LYRICS - Steady 1234
... beat goes 1, 2, 3, 4 A steady heart goes "I love you more" I know sometimes it's confusing... ... I'll give you an hour or two, the best of your life you can relish in
Burhan G - Bittersweet Lyrics
... there because its so bittersweet your love is all consume and so confusing bittersweet got me freakin out when your not around bittersweet our loves so tough i ...
OWL CITY LYRICS - This Isn't The End
Love is confusing and life is hard. You fight to survive 'cause you made it this far. It's all too astounding to comprehend. It's just the beginning this isn't the end
Jimi Hendrix - Love Or Confusion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Or Confusion' by Jimi Hendrix. Is that the stars in the sky, or is it / Rain fallin' down / Will it burn me if I touch the sun / So big, so.
Lyrics to "Give Me Your Eyes" song by BRANDON HEATH: Looked down from a broken sky Traced out by the ... Of confusion ... Give me Your love for humanity
NICK JONAS LYRICS - Introducing Me
And I love you when you say my name. [Chorus:] If you wanna know, here it goes. ... For your perusing, At times confusing, Slightly amusing... Introducing me!
[CHARLEY] I was lost on the road, your love was so confusing. And all the teachers told me that I had myself to blame. But in the arms? stands? the? illusion
Lyrics to "Play Your Part" song by RICK ROSS: You think you using me Like this games new to me But you ain't confusing me You just want jewelry an... ... Now all she do is tell me how she used to love me. I let her decorate the real estate
JAH CURE LYRICS - Stronger (Scriptures Riddim)
Of the love we've not made before. The reason you can't close this door. I see confusion in your eye. And maybe your a little surprised. The way we make love ...
Aretha Franklin - Hooked On Your Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hooked on Your Love' by Aretha Franklin. Your tender smile gives me happy ... Hope lovin' you don't confuse you. Ooh baby baby, I don't wanna lose ...
PAT BENATAR LYRICS - Hell Is For Children
And you shouldn't have to pay for your love. With your bones and your flesh. It's all so confusing, this brutal abusing. They blacken your eyes, and then apologize
CONWAY TWITTY LYRICS - It's Such A Heartache
Can't believe your love is dying. Can't stop the rain from falling. No answer when I 'm calling. My love, it's so confusing. It's such a heartache losing you. Feels like ...
Just a young heart confusing my mind, but we're both in silence. Wide-eyed, both in silence. Wide-eyed. Cause we both know I'll never be your lover. I only bring ...
Little Angels - Don't Confuse Sex With Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Confuse Sex With Love' by Little Angels. She said we were ment to be / tied up in ... leave your superstitions far behind not for one moment am I
Lyrics to "Confused In Love" song by KEYSHIA COLE: You know what? I won't lie about it, ... Your love hurt baby and I just couldn't hide it if I try. Rather keep it ...
DRAKE LYRICS - HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin' Right)
And that's when I text her and told her I love it ... Get the fuck about my dressing room, confusing me with questions. Like: ... I heard you fucked your girl, is it true?
Usher - My Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Love' by Usher. I noticed lately, you ain't the same and / I apologize for all the times I made you cry / Your emotions gone crazy, confusing me,
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Sound Of Confusion lyrics
Sound Of Confusion lyrics by Brian Jonestown Massacre: There was a fire and I could not hide / There was a fire so I jumped ... You're in love with your own face
Keyshia Cole - Confused In Love Lyrics
'Cause nothing compares to that someone I see. How strong these feelings are deep inside. They know there's nowhere that you can hide. Your love oh baby
Zutons - Confusion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Confusion' by Zutons. It's funny how it tears me apart / First it breaks your head then your heart / I should've loved ... Why Won't You Give Me Your Love.
MYMP LYRICS - At Your Best (You Are Love)
Confusion can give way to doubt. For there are times when I fall short of what I say, What I say I'm all about, all about. But at your best you are love. You're a ...
Under Suspicion Lyrics - Angel
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Under Suspicion" from "Angel": You're all I'm thinking of, But baby your love's under suspicion, You're much too confusing, ...
Caloncho - Mango Taco Lyrics
Jun 18, 2015 Stop confusing me with all your mind tricks Maaango-taco Maaango-taco I'd love to take your eyes and gettem off your lovely face cause maybe ...
Legendury Beatz feat. Ceeza - LAFS (Love at Fiirst Sight) Lyrics ...
Nov 12, 2016 Do you believe in love at first sight, Girl you're the only one for me, Do ... or is it your body and you heart that got me confusing coz I dont know, ...
And how you need your space and give the keys back to your door ... And still you said your love was gone and that I had to leave ... You're confusing me

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