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Hawkeye - Yuh Nuh Beg Lyrics
Intro: Skibidy bye...Da, eeeh. Well this is Hawkeye, all my independent ladies out there. This is your song. Chorus: Tell ah gal yuh nuh beg, and yuh nuh sponge
Sean Paul - Infiltrate Lyrics
Woman nuh waan nuh bait / Dem nuh guh feel violate if yuh accelarate pon a date / Dem wha yuh ... Woman dem wha yuh tear down them wall and dem gate ... Well, ah nothing fi we hide ... But yuh make her beg and wait pon her knee.
Kardinal Offishall - Nina Lyrics
And you know any guy diss, me a beg yuh nuh penny dem, Kardinal! / Mi. ... Oh betta hope she nuh say nothin' and she nuh hype around her ends. Oh Nina she  ...
Beenie Man - Hypocrite Lyrics
Yuh tink mi nuh know di pussy-hole dem nuh like mi. Si dem all a ... And leggo with yuh hypocrite smile. Yes dem ... You'll never hear them the same way again.
Alkaline - Man A Shella Lyrics
And she nuh haffi know yuh ... Nothing nuh wrong ong ong onga ... Mi nuh beg friend, mi nuh beg no support ... You'll never hear them the same way again.
When yuh see certain Bangarang A gwan like them a look yuh man Dont even watch it Di l. ... Laugh..... gal yuh nuh man poppy show so mek some gal know
Nuh Pull It Up Lyrics - Konshens
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Nuh Pull It Up" from "Konshens": Chorus, So missa dj beg u dont pull it up up dont pull it up, I beg u dont pull it up ... Nothing else inna nuh matter girl ... Pull yuh close to mi body and mi feel every beat of yuh heart
Alkaline - Badness It Name Lyrics
INTRO / Yo, murda! / After this mi nuh wah hear nothing from none a unu / Yuh hear dat? ... Dem beg fi it now dem wah complain. Nobody nuh seh nothing, a Badness It Name! Push! ... You'll never hear them the same way again. Discuss This ...
Lyrics to "Come Around" song by COLLIE BUDDZ: A just the sweet sweet sensi, Yuh know, Yeh I, Yeh I, Nah, Nah, Nah ... Them a search round the compound, ... There's nothing like the sweet sweet sensi, ... The farmer man a beg a little bligh,
COLLIE BUDDZ LYRICS - Come Around (Remix)
Yuh see when mi tun on my switch dem caan bloodclaat tun it off!!!! Collie ... I got ' em in eights, quarters and halves I give you a couple pounds ... There's nothin like di sweet sweet sensi ... While, di farmerman nuh beg whole heap a bligh, yo
Nothing No Go So.. Lyrics - Notch
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Nothing No Go So.." from "Notch": Nuttin no no, From yuh neva lie wid annada man inna bed, (Tell dem mi seh nuttin no go so), ...
If yuh buck a girl and she fat till eh split worse yuh ... return like nothing nuh gwaan. Cho: 2. ... no wonder man nah leave yuh alone yuh mek ... 5, Yuh Nuh Beg.
Mi lik a bwoi, move, U move too gwe suck yuh mumma mi a badman. Unnu nah nuh gun, ... Dem inna bulletproof vest, mi nuh shoot chest mi a shoot face, Di nozzle inna ... Bwoi a beg fi him life like kids beg money at di stoplight, Mi put di glock ...
Mavado - Can't Happen Lyrics
Apr 8, 2014 Stand up in a life loyal fi the ones who stand fi yuh 21 gun salute fi every ... weh the evil ways wah inside yuh Wake up this morning an, beg Jah protect ... from nothing to something Now man a live inna castle Ah dat dem nuh ...
SIZZLA LYRICS - Babylon Homework
Nothing inna Babylon nah work ... Babylon dry, them a beg Rasta dampy ... Yow, well Babylon them listen calamity. Yuh city [Chorus] [Verse 2:] So mi go hail ...
Vybz Kartel - Come Yah Nuh Mi Gal Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Come Yah Nuh Mi Gal' by Vybz Kartel. Yuh pussy good gal suh mi haffi / Say hello mi gal hello mi gal hello mi gal wol on nuh / Hey gal mi have supm.
KRANIUM LYRICS - Nobody Has To Know
(It's Kranium) Wohoo Baby... baby... (Mhmm) Set da way deh suh. Bend da way deh suh. You know mi have a fat cock fi yuh. I've being waiting. Nobody haffi ...
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Never See A Gyal Weh Mi Love So Much
Nuff gyal me fuck. But mi nah tell you no lie. A you mi seh. Mi never see a catty weh mi love so (a a woi) Mi love you my baby dis a weh mi love yuh fa
Masicka - Loyal Soldier Lyrics
Nov 15, 2015 ... man thug and we nuh lean We know fi hold it like a soldier through ... dem nuh see u from when Nothing don't change only change a weh wi ...
Nah fuck nuh batty, gal punanny a wi property ... Mi nuh go sea(noo)a beach mi deh ... Nothing nuh nice like when you have you woman and a style it. Any man ...
Thru mi love you so much an mi nuh want do nothing. I going put you under manners with sweet ... Baby love nuh make the lack of funds get to yuh head. What provide is enough don't have no reason fi beg. You ah my girl now let's move on ...
Bad Man A Bad Man Lyrics
We a bun bad mind, but we hypocrites can stay / (Yuh too bad mind, yuh too bad mind, yuh too bad mind) ... Dats why mi nuh beg fren and frenship mi nuh buy
Junglepussy - Country Boy Lyrics
Jan 21, 2016 Nuh badda come fi mi Unless mi send fi yuh Ya just ah country bwoy Ah ... di don dada With my fam and dem day one mans and them I don't beg no ... no spearmint Can't spare none nah not sharing it Can't hear nothing you ...
Call up di case fi mention. Den fling mi back inna detention. Fi love my modda mi guilty. Mi a beg yuh gimme ten life sentence. Don't even need nuh lawyer
Vybz Kartel - Mi In Love Lyrics
Yuh Pussy Tight It Hol' Mi Cocky And Strangle It Baby, Yuh Know ... Yuh Nuh See How Dem A Watch Yah, When You Come Around Mi Know Seh Dem Waan Beg U A Fuck Too How Mi ... You'll never hear them the same way again. Discuss ...
JAH CURE LYRICS - Dem Na Build Great Man
Can't let them get you down iniquity ... Mankind will take your crown cuz dem living shitty, a lucky ting seh rasta nuh licky licky, ... Millions vex, still dem couldn't do nothing, king Selassie mi sing yeah. ... Working dem tricks beg u water in ah basket, ... Fiya roots and yuh culture dem do not ask this Rasta come fi endorse this ...
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Louie V (Dont Worry 'Bout Dem)
Beg you tell mi bout Carren no bother tell mi bout Glen Mi enjoy mi ... Can yuh do the supn like a car horn. Gaza mi ... Mi never beg yo nothing fi cook in a my pot
Beenie Man - Ganja Farm Lyrics
Bowy mi nuh know what a gwan / Tru me is a legal voter inna di country / Mi can talk / Mr. prime minister, what is. ... So mi begging de police an di authority. Try nuh badda stop ... Yuh no bada try fi stop a youth, nuh try pressure him. Louw him  ...
Laden - Time To Shine Lyrics
... it inna Cause nothing more depressing than when poverty tekkin yuh Mom seh ... hand a beg mi for a five a suh mi know dem nah go tired a dah boy ya vibes.
Wayne Marshall - Overcome lyrics
... overcome Many are called but the chosen few Nothing in this world that you ... and they will come true Overcome, overcome Everyday yuh get up, living like a ... week done you nuh fi beg nobody none Time's well hard and they are today But ...
Murder dem, murder dem mi nuh competition I gwaan, murder dem ... (Uh!) Make 'em say whoa this pussy like dro ... (Mek yuh bawl and beg I run yuh red hot)
[Intro:] Si mi a seh up to di time yuh know it's vybz kartel* Dem gal or should I say these women liberator I ... And memba seh! yuh a goodas, she a nuh nothing
Vybz Kartel - Nah Lef Lyrics. [Intro:] Nuh man nuh deh ya weh love dem woman Eh? Baby. ... Nuhbaddy cya tell me nothing bout you. We nah go lef ... Nuh matta weh mi tell yuh seh you a mi huney [Hook:] ... 13, Beg You A Fuck. 14, Know Bout  ...
Little weed, when they on them pills. Little bit of E, little bit of shrooms. Little bit of deuce, what it do, hand on the wheels. And I keep the illest, trillest bitches while ...
JAY SEAN LYRICS - Work (Remix)
Nuh body touch me you nuh righteous. Nuh badda, text ... But I wake up and act like nothing's wrong. Just get ready fi ... When yuh ago learn learn learn learn learn learn! Before the tables turn turn turn turn turn turn! Beg you something please
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Children Are Our Future
But anybody dweet mi a beg unu fi listen. If mi ever hold ... Mi watch yo kids fi yuh, yuh watch mi kids fi mi. Call the police if yo hear nothing fishy. Big man wear ...
Mad Cobra - What Happened To Dat Lyrics
If mi waan drink liquor till mi frost Nah beg nuh bwoy head pay fi dat, yeah ... gal nuh stop pray fi see yuh flop Yeah woman neva hype or hot There's nothin that I ...
Party Next Door - Work Lyrics
Nuh body touch me you nuh righteous. Nuh touch me ... But I wake up and act like nothing's wrong. Just get ready ... When yuh ago learn learn learn learn learn learn! ... Beg you something please ... You'll never hear them the same way again .
Buju Banton - Girl U Know Lyrics
Mar 12, 2016 Laad a mercy Girl child, hear mi nuh Ay, girl I know you saw the ... this love is so true Some relationship a beg you thousand quick Hol on pon ...
Rihan feat. Dizzy - I Hate Work (feat. Dizzy) lyrics and translation ...
Apr 27, 2016 ...Me a desert him Nuh time to have you lurking Him ah go act like he ... Mmmmm! But I wake up and act like nothing's wrong Just get ready fi. ... When yuh ago learn learn learn learn learn learn! Before the tables turn turn turn turn turn turn! Beg you something please Baby don't you leave Don't leave me ...

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